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5 Zodiac Signs That Aren’t Likely to Cheat

5 Zodiac Signs That Aren’t Likely to Cheat

“Cheating can happen to anyone!”

                         – A cheater, probably

The Act of Cheating Assumes Agency


Betraying our partner’s trust for a moment of fleeting excitement is not a happening. It’s a deed.

Many choices are to be made before one cheats. 

They choose to place themselves near temptation. They choose to stay. They choose to give in to it.

Sadly, this honorless act is often overlooked and forgiven. The common excuses offered include drunkness, estrés or any issue present in the relationship.

What’s Astrology Got to Do With Cheating?


Astrology assumes that our personalities are at least in part shaped by planetary and star placements during the time of our birth.

This is visible in our carta natal, together with the placements of zodiac signs, the meanings behind their natural elements and much more.

Some Zodiac Signs Possess Qualities That Suggest Faithfulness, Others Not So Much

Anyone really has the ability to cheat. 

Though, some zodiac signs possess traits that make them more open to unfaithfulness

Por ejemplo, Libra is often named as one such sign. Their flirty, indecisive and extroverted nature leaves them open to the temptation to cheat.

But which zodiac signs aren’t so likely to betray your trust?

I’ve picked out these five: Taurus, Cáncer, Piscis, Escorpio and Aries.

Taurus Values Stability Too Much to Risk Losing It

Though the subtitle made a Taurian’s choice to cherish your trust completely pragmatic, there is more to it.

When in a loving relationship, Taurus builds it up. They create routines in accordance with their partner, and soon, all of them belong to their lover and vice versa.

They value peace and familiarity. They’re dependable, and down to earth, and likely won’t want to betray you for a little novelty.

Besides, they are known for being set in their ways. If a Taurian made up their mind to be with you, it’s said and done.

On the funny side, they are known to be lazy bums. 

They’ve already invested so much of themselves into your relationship. Who’s got the time and energy for a parallel one?

Cancerians Love Way Too Earnestly To See Anyone Else 

These people are known to pour their heart and soul into their romantic relationships.

Even if there are issues, even if they’re tempted, their priority number one is the person they love.

They feel too deeply and possess decent empatía to not hurt anyone on purpose.

Naturally introverted, they prefer the familiarity and warmth of a long-term, committed relationship over a fleeting moment of excitement.

Being family-oriented as they are, they’re much more likely to nourish their already established commitment.

Pisces Couldn’t Bring Themselves To Hurt You

Every Pisces’ middle name is Empatía.

Romantic beyond words, they place huge value on traditional, long-term and loving relationships.

Their emotions run deep, and they have the tendency to overthink other people’s feelings – to their own detriment at times.

Pisces often get their feelings hurt, so they know exactly how bad it can be.

These gentle souls are very unlikely to stray. They wouldn’t be able to live with themselves knowing they’d broken someone’s heart.

Scorpios Are Too Possessive of Their Lover to Care For Anyone New

mujer de ojos azules

When they’re with you, they’re with you.

And they expect a similar attitude in return.

Scorpio loves like a fire sign. They’re obsessed, possessed, infatuated. They’ll go to any lengths for you, no matter what.

When in love, this sign is known for their undivided devotion. Remember – their world will revolve around you.

Their passion for life and mysteriousness may attract some looks, but it won’t matter. They’re loyal to boot as long as you are too

Aries Gets What Aries Wants – And They Wanted You

en la playa

Personally, it’s hard to imagine someone as passionate and proactive as an Aries being stuck in an unfulfilling commitment.

They are confident, strong-willed and all in. Not to mention, they’re transparent to a fault.

Whether you’re doing something that bothers them or they simply want out of the relationship – they’ll let you know.

Arians aren’t scared to claim what they want – and tell off what they don’t.

In conclusion, they’re too passionate to spend their time with someone they don’t love enough to stay faithful.

The Sun Sign Isn’t All We Must Consider

Though our Sun sign has a lot of influence on the person we are, there’s the rest of our birth chart to consider.

Specifically in relation to cheating in romantic relationships, we must take the placements of the Moon, of Venus and Mercury into account.

So if you get the chance, look up the positions of these astrological bodies in your partner’s chart. In the meantime, let’s take a quick look at their meaning.

La Luna

Astrologically, the Moon marks that which is en us. All our inner feelings, needs and thoughts are related to its placement.

In this context, it governs your inner attitude towards infidelity, or even how likely you are to engage in introspection.


Named after the Love goddess, this planet is mainly known for affecting our attitudes towards romantic love. However, it’s also tied to our creativity and interest in culture.

In the context of cheating, it may greatly affect our chances of wanting to stray.

For example, Venus in the 9th house reflects the need for romantic exploración and adventure, and in the 10th responsibility and commitment


This planet, named after the messenger of the gods, appropriately affects comunicación.

Hence, Mercury in Taurus isn’t likely to cheat. Wherein, Mercury in Aquarius reflects the need for freedom and independence and suggests there is a chance of infidelity.