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13 Formas de nubes y sus significados

13 Cloud Shapes and Their Meanings

Head in clouds much?

No judging – me too.

Imagine the weather is between perfectly sunny and a little cloudy. You’re stuck in a long car drive. Earphones are blasting your favorite song and your eyes roam the sky.

The clouds are shifting.

One shaped like a bird slowly morphs into a dragon. Another resembles a praying mantis, and another a horse.

In idleness, you wonder: What do they all mean?

Pareidolia – Searching for Meaning in Objects, Clouds, and Patterns

The most common example of a mass case of Pareidolia is the Moon rabbit.

When the Moon is full, many people perceive the shadowy shape of a rabbit in its glow.

Mainly, the shapes perceived are indeed those of various animals.

Let’s look at 13 cloud shapes and their meanings.

1. Crocodile

Crocodiles, as frightening as they are, represent overall positive things.

In case you’ve glimpsed the shape of a crocodile in the clouds, motivación is what you can take from it.

Potencia, adaptabilidad, paciencia y armonía are all associated with this fearsome animal.

2. Dragon

I mean, head in the clouds and dragons are kind of inseparable, aren’t they?

Dragon is quite an ambivalent creature, it’s equal part awe-inspiring and frightening. This mythical being is connected to strength, wisdom, transformation and chaos.

So it’s up to your sensibilities whether it instills fear or fearlessness.

And if you’ve ever caught a wyrm-shaped cloud during a thunderstorm – you might have just witnessed the eternal battle of Thor and Loki.

3. Rabbit

cielo lleno de nubes

A rabbit carries a wholly suave y puro simbolismo. 

Mainly, seeing the shape of a rabbit in the clouds may predict abundance, agility y crecimiento.

Rabbit is, also, a symbol of fertilidad.

The fact that the masses have recognized this shape in the full Moon – one of the most potent fertility symbols – seems very appropriate.

On the other end of the scale, this soft being symbolizes vulnerability.

Depending on your circumstances, it could be that you either ought to protect yourself or open up more.

4. Human 

Seeing the shape of a fellow human in the clouds carries many messages.

It could be reflecting inner thoughts. It also represents creativity, transformation y manifestación.

Seeing a human in the clouds potentially alludes to the divine. The majority of the world’s religions present their deities in the likeness of people.

All in all, human-shaped clouds are a positive sign.

5. Mermaid

We’ve looked at animal and human shapes of clouds. Now, we’ll see what a combination of the two could represent.

Mermaids symbolize femininity, duality and our connection to nature.

They’re obviously tied to the sea and could hold meanings of libertad y exploración.

Seeing this cloud shape could also suggest you’re longing for something in life. It could be freedom, adventure, travel or even afecto

6. Bird

A bird carries various positive symbolisms.

Catching a bird-shaped cloud suggests freedom and communication.

Other meanings to be found in it are spirituality and wisdom.

It could serve to remind you of the qualities you have.

7. Horse

Since the dawn of time, a horse has been the most prized animal to humans.

A horse traveled, fought and died with its master.

Seeing a cloud shaped like this noble animal means a variety of good things. It symbolizes fuerza, lealtad y independencia.

This creature also has an ambivalent otherworldly side.

In certain folklore, horses are said to accompany their owners into the underworld.

To the spiritual among us, this could be reminding you not to forgo your shadow-work.

8. Flower

If you’re in love, a flower-cloud hints at your chosen person loving you back.

If you’re waiting for a good change in your life, it promises a new beginning.

Flowers carry overwhelmingly beneficial meanings.

9. Fish


A fish, in any form, is a very potent and powerful symbol.

It’s tied to fertilidad, sexualidad, renacimiento. It’s even famous for being used by the early Christians to represent Jesus Christ.

As an aquatic animal, it represents transición y cambiar.

Seeing a fish in the clouds overall means good things await in the future.

10. Hand

A cloud in the shape of a hand holds many meanings. Although those meanings don’t necessarily clash with one another, their interpretation depends upon specific circumstances.

A hand could symbolize our antepasados, serving to remind us of who we are and where we come from.

Seeing the shape of an open palm turned towards you is a sign to stop.

Otherwise, a hand speaks of ayuda. It could be the help you’re expecting, or that you must seek it.

Either way, the interpretation of this cloud shape is completely individual.

11. Bear

Recognizing the shape of a bear in the clouds calls for introspección.

You’re either in need of resto, or in need of coming to better know yourself.

Though a bear carries messages of great fuerza, resiliencia y valor, it could be that you’re not truly aware you possess any of these. It calls you to look within yourself.

Given that bears go into hibernation, this could be a sign you should make time for proper rest and autocuidado.

12. Hedgehog

If you’re dealing with any insecurities or discomfort, whether they come from within or an external influence, a cloud in the shape of a hedgehog should put your mind at ease.

This adorable animal, although small, has a unique way of repelling bad things.

Catching a glimpse of this cloud should be taken as solace. 

Whatever trouble is afoot, you will find a way to take care of it and come out stronger on the other side.

13. Dog

Although we know dogs to be loyal, sweet, cuddly and all things nice, this animal carries somber simbolismo.

Aside from all the above mentioned, a dog’s primary role is to protect.

Hence, seeing a cloud shaped like a dog could be a reminder you need to protect yourself.

This shape calls for you to trust your instincts, beware of danger and stay alert.

Are Clouds Just Clouds?

So, how much attention should you really give to the swarm of clouds above? Aren’t they constantly changing – literally – as the wind blows?

It would clearly be unreasonable to take all of these symbolic meanings as fact, but if pondering on them can cause some introspection, what’s the harm?

After all, in the everchanging clouds, the moment was just right for you to glimpse that specific shape.

If not useful, at least it’s a fun pastime.