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The Most Common Disadvantages of Zodiac Sign in a Love Relationship

The Most Common Disadvantages of Zodiac Sign in a Love Relationship

Psychologists very often emphasize the important role of accepting a partner’s weaknesses in achieving a healthy love relationship. No one is perfect and we all have our flaws. 

As long as these flaws do not threaten us and they are not a source of some kind of dissatisfaction, we should simply accept them.

We are usually annoyed by some partner’s personalities that are not so important. On the other side, our frustration then grows. We have to wonder if it is justified about how the partner’s flaws are really important.

If your partner is emotionally reliable and if he has all the other qualities that are much more important to you, then you simply ignore these little things.

The first step in accepting your partner’s flaws is knowing that you also have them. We also can irritate our partners with some of our characteristics or habits.

Below we will mention some of the the most common flaws of signs in a relationship.

1. Aries

Aries can be egocéntrico and not enough tolerant to a loved one. It is difficult for them to admit that partner is right, and this can hurt partner and make him feel unequal. 

Aries think that when they are interested in something, partner also has to be interested in that. If they want something badly, they think that partner must also want it so much.

Sometimes, people born under this sign are blind to the wishes of a partner or they don’t have patience.

Because of their sudden nature, they will rather fight than calmly listen to what their partner wants to tell them.

2. Taurus

Taurus gets too lazy in long relationship. Over time, without even realizing it, the relationship becomes monotonous. Once nestled in a routine, it is hard for him to move. 

Taurus expects this behavior from his partner. If the partner likes company and hanging out, Taurus’ egoísmo can undermine the relationship.

Because of the materialistic view on life, there is not much room for an emotional partner. Taurus makes mistake because he thinks that there is no more necessary to charm a partner anymore.

3. Gemini

Their fickle nature is a major obstacle to achieving a stable relationship. They are hasty and impatient, so they often don’t allow partner to finish what he want to say. They can be cold and calculating, so the other side can be deprived of tenderness.

Most of them are ironic and like to be mentally superior than their partner. They notice partner’s flaws, but don’t see their own.

4. Cancer

Emotional Cancers are constantly looking for evidence of love, so their partner can become bored very quickly. Because of enormous sensitivity, they perceive any criticism very personally.

Cancer can be angry for days and not talk to a partner while he needs to speculate what offended him with. If Cancers communicate more openly, their relationship will be more successful.

5. Leo

People born under this sign like to humiliate and command. They are suffered from the absence of self-criticism and every time when something goes wrong in a relationship, they always blame their partner. 

They can be arrogant. They expect their partners to support and admire them in everything. On the other side, they are not aware that they are not perfect.

6. Virgo

Because of the need to experience everything very rationally in life, they are very difficult and demanding partners. Thy can be critical and they observe all their partner’s mistakes and complain them.

Very often a complexed Virgo expects that the partner is perfect. So, this can become a real nightmare to the other side. Virgos are never satisfied with anything and they fall into dark moods.

7. Libra 

Libras don’t keep promises. They are not aware of how many headaches they can give their partner because of promises they don’t keep. Libras don’t do it on purpose, but they often don’t want to deliver on what they promised. 

8. Scorpio

Scorpios are suspicious and sarcastic. Possessive Scorpio expects total commitment, loyalty, and submission. Scorpio’s nature is such that he always suspects that something is brewing against him.

He becomes jealous and full of black thoughts. Sometimes he knows how to get back at his partner, especially if he doesn’t “dance” like Scorpio intended.

9. Sagittarius

People born under this sign think only of themselves. Optimistic Sagittarians can’t understand their partner’s bad moods and tiredness, so they often don’t understand their partner.

If the partner is not as know-it-all as they are, they can be rude and humiliate him in front of others.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns are too strict and cynical. Emotionally stiff Capricorns with too serious experience of life can suffocate their partner. They expect partner’s full loyalty.

They are suspicious, so it doesn’t take so much for them to start accusing their partner for infidelity. 

11. Aquarius

Aquarians are impermanent and capricious. Free-spirited Aquarians seem to be operated on from jealousy, so they give full freedom to partner. On the other side, it could confuse partner at all. 

Aquarius allows himself various caprice, so he doesn’t give an impression of a reliable and loyal person.

12. Pisces

Piscis drive spite and reach for lies. Offensive and prone to mood changing, they can make life miserable for partner. They will rarely admit that they made a mistake.