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Liberar el Divino Masculino: 10 Pasos hacia el Empoderamiento

Unleashing the Divine Masculine: 10 Steps to Empowerment

Our divine feminine has her perfect match right within us! Both the divine feminine y the divine masculine reside in us.

Regardless of whether you identify as male or female, you have both energies within you.

In order to achieve armonía in our lives we are supposed to tap into both of these archetypes, which represent el saldo in us.

Keep reading to see how you can unleash your divine masculine energy!

What Is The Divine Masculine?

The divine masculine is associated with action, movement y taking the lead

Opposite to the feminine energy, which is all about ‘I don’t chase, I attract,‘ the masculine energy is all about going after what you want.

When manifesting for example, the divine masculine urges you to take action and follow through the necessary steps needed to achieve the manifestation.

Don’t be fooled by today’s typical depiction of what a man should be, because that road just leads you to being a jerk.

Most men who conform to today’s picture of masculinity don’t have their divine masculine in the light. It is drowning in their shadow aspects.

The picture of masculinity we see today isn’t a true one. Tap into your divine masculine to reach the highest version of yourself!

How to Draw Out Your Divine Masculine

Working on yourself can be hard sometimes, but in the long run, it will pay off! Here are some suggestions on how to awaken your divine masculine energy:

1. Work on Your Daddy Issues

In order to have a healthy relationship with yourself y otros you need to work on your feelings for the masculine figure- your father– that hurt you.

If you don’t have a healthy relationship with your father, your divine masculine suffers.

This means that you have to heal this relationship. Now, I’m not saying you need to make amends or reconnect with your father, because for some this isn’t possible.

I’m saying that you need to disconnect from him in order to shake off his influence and ultimately free yourself from him.

When you put some distance between the two of you, only then will you be able to be an individual.

Once you’re free you can embody the divine masculine energy!

2. Forget Tradition

Take a second to reflect on the picture of masculinity you grew up with. Does this picture benefit you in any way? Or is it hurting you?

If it’s hurting you, then forget about the traditional depiction of masculinity!

Where I come from the man is the head of the house, his word is the most respected, he doesn’t show emotions, he stands up for himself and his family y he is headstrong.

Not all of the traits are bad, so sit down and connect with the aspects of that masculinity that are good and throw away the rotten.

Ask yourself which aspects of traditional masculinity resonate most with you and how will they benefit you on your journey to empowerment.

3. Take Action

The divine masculine is all about movimiento y hacerse cargo.

Take a moment to think about yourself and your life. Do you feel like you’re stuck in any aspect of life? Or are you moving forward?

If you’re stuck in the same place you were ages ago, it’s time to move! Think about what you can do to animate those parts of your life that are stagnating.

Divine masculinity gives you the ability to take charge and make changes in your life without regrets.

When you are afraid of making mistakes, you get stuck in an endless loop. To tap into your masculine energy you need to take that first step.

If you want to empower yourself you need to stop being afraid and face your fears!

4. Work on Your Confidence

Gaining confidence is another way to move forward. It changes your physical appearance but it also benefits your mental clarity.

Work on your posture, stand tall and walk like there’s nothing that can get in your way!

Hold eye contact, don’t look away, because masculinity is direct and forward.

Do anything you can to achieve confidence sin, it will let you tap into your masculinity!

5. Give, Give, Give

The divine masculine doesn’t just passively receive love, it gives it unconditionally.

Learn how to initiate contact and be generous. Don’t hold back when it comes to relationships.

Real masculinity provides security and love like never seen before!

6. Stop ‘Rescuing’ Others

If you are constantly putting yourself down, don’t believe in yourself or you convince yourself to not go through with something, you are suffocating your masculinity.

The same way you’re discouraging yourself, you’re discouraging others. Stop warning them about the paths they’re taking and start encouraging them!

Allow yourself and others to make mistakes, because you can learn from them!

You might think that you’re saving them, but in reality you’re not. You’re pulling them into stagnation as well. The divine masculine is all about progress and growth.

Encouraging others to be better is the purest form of the masculine energy!

7. Take Responsibility

Stop putting the blame on others y take responsibility for your actions!

The divine masculine owns its life, choices and feelings.

Learn what’s holding you back and start moving forward. You are the only one who can work on themselves and the masculine energy understands this.

Hold yourself accountable for your actions and the words that you speak.

A part of taking responsibility is knowing yourself, when you start noticing that you’re putting the blame on others, that’s when you’ll be able to grow.

When you’re avoiding yourself and your actions, you are avoiding the divine masculine!

8. Strive for Greatness

Pick a skill you love or something you might want to learn, and practice. Practice so much that you become an expert in that field! By doing this you’ll be growing and moving forward. 

It doesn’t matter what skill you choose, but if you’re struggling with masculinity it should be related to what you deem masculine!

9. Stop Resisting

I’m using the word ‘resist‘ to describe the negative emotions we feel toward certain things. For example, do you have resistance to your height? Or maybe your physique?

Do you have resistance toward fatherhood? Maybe toward being a husband?

This means that you are either unhappy about these things or afraid of them. And if that’s the case then you have something blocking your divine masculine.

These negative emotions are connected to your core beliefs, on how you should look, act and simply sea.

You need to work on healing these emotions and beliefs and transform them into something that connects with your essence!

10. Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries can be hard for a lot of people and sometimes we don’t even realize we need to do that! We mostly realize we need this when people push us to the limit.

Set boundaries that resonate with you and don’t tolerate anything you don’t want to!

Awaken The Masculinity Inside

As I’ve said, the divine masculine resides in all of us, male or female.

What is important is that we balance the two energies inside of us and fully utilize their benefits.

Note that we need both of them, you can’t pick or choose which one you want, because fortunately you’re stuck with both!