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Guardian Angels: 10 Things They Do For Us

Guardian Angels: 10 Things They Do For Us

We often hear and talk about guardian angels.

The spiritual community overall looks upon them as a lovingly protective force.

We can’t see them and we can’t hear them, but they are near. More often than not, we can feel it.

And they make themselves known via angel numbers, specific animals, or they might even send us particular sueños.

But, why?

They are not physically present, so what is it they can protect us against?

Are Guardian Angels Real?


Well, not if we project a strict image upon them and view them only as the sweet cherubims dressed in white.

Besides, it’s long been explained that angels in the Scripture look nothing like the winged babies we tend to associate them with.

They are incomprehensible to mortal minds, which is one of many reasons they can’t show themselves.

But is their activity real?

As it entails encouraging, guarding, enlightening and inspiring us – I’d say so.

How to Know You’re In the Presence of Your Guardian Angel Right Now

Aside from angel numbers, mediators and dreams, they make themselves known through divine activity.


You’re crossing the street, and a truck whizzes by exactamente as you step off the road and into safety.

You’re wrecking your mind searching for inspiration, and at once, with no effort or explanation – Eureka! You have it.

How many times have you randomly given up on something, only to soon realize it would have been a huge mistake had you not?

Do things often go your way, even though you aren’t doing anything different than usual?

Those are clear signs you’re being guarded and divinely led.

Let’s take a look at some more concrete things your guardian angel does for you.

1. They Give Us Courage

Whether they whisper quietly or send subliminal messages, guardian angels slowly guide us toward courage.

A través de dreams, visions, divine timing or what we call ‘the inner voice’, they help us understand we are not alone.

As they influence good things to happen for us over and over again, we begin to naturally build courage and live more confidently.

Especially when we notice we’re being guarded and strengthen our belief.

We’re able to live boldly and fearlessly, knowing we are worthy of divine protection.

2. They Guard Us From the Moment We’re Born

It’s a common belief that we are assigned our own guardian angel right from birth.

Various spiritual schools of thought preach small differences in this timing.

It’s discussed whether we’re assigned a divine guardian at conception, birth or only upon passing a religious initiation such as baptism.

The world’s biggest monotheistic religions of today todos speak of guardian angels as a fact. Some claim there’s one, others that there are two.

Whether they’re called mal’achs, malaks, spirits or angels – one thing we can agree upon is that they’re by our side from the very beginning.

3. They Are Divine Mediators

Meditation, manifestation and prayer are all meant to bring us peace and speak our will to the Divine or the Universe.

Since angels are neither humans nor gods – but the in-between – they are mediators between us and the Creator.

Surely, you’ve been in a situation where too many things burden you to be able to focus on your goals.

Somehow, though, you still reached them. 

At times, we can be blinded by our problems, negativity can cloud our ability to manifest our intentions.

It’s believed that guardian angels help in such instances.

They bring our will to the Divine when we’re unable to.

4. They Inspire Us to Do Good

We can call it gentility, kindness or consciousness.

Sooner or later, we all encounter times when doing wrong would be más fácil and perhaps even beneficial to us short term.

Whether it’s taking money that doesn’t belong to us, telling a lie or doing our job halfheartedly.

Pero algo, somehow forces us to reconsider.

It could make the immediate situation more difficult, but our hearts feel at ease.

Much like Pinocchio’s cricket, our guardians do everything in their power to help us stay kind and worthy of divine protection.

5. They Strengthen and Enlighten Our Minds

Through interpreting our guardians’ divine messages, we’re able to strengthen our intuition and intellect.

With their divine influence, over time they may get us to expand our views.

This can lead us to greater self-awareness, wiser decision-makinge incluso stronger connection to the Divine.

They may whisper ideas to us, or offer suggestions through angel numbers, introspection or visions.

In time, this could inspire us to effortless pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment.

6. They Keep Us on the Right Path

Among many other names, angels are called ‘God’s instructors’.

They deter us from the wrong and help us live in harmony.

Se trata de un spiritual concept which offers solace to many people. It suggests we don’t have to try so hard and that we are not alone.

It certainly feels like that sometimes, as we find ourselves straying from the right path despite our best intentions.

However, we can rest easy and be gentle with ourselves.

A little effort on our part, a little guidance on our guardian’s, and we’re back to righteousness.

7. They Save Us Miraculously

Our guardians may save us in the most unexpected of ways. Their miraculous activity often gets us out of minor trouble as well as serious danger.

How many times have you been late for work, only to realize that your higher-ups are late as well?

You’re out of breath, trying to catch a bus, and when you reach the station it’s late exactamente as much as you needed it to be?

These daily fortunes shouldn’t be overlooked, though guardian angels may save us from truly terrible fates.

Be it enfermedad, traffic accidents, serious injury or even muerte, there have been many reports of individuals escaping them in mere moments.

It’s a common belief that it was thanks to guardian angels’ miraculous deeds.

8. They Keep Demons Away

Whether you see demons as malevolent spirits that can indeed attack or possess you, or simply as energía negativa, your guardian angel protects you against them.

When negativity overwhelms you, your guardian is likely to send subliminal messages and dreams to remind you of your own power.

Subtly, guardian angels help us remember goodness and invite energía positiva back to ourselves.

Their activity helps us overcome trouble and challenges.

It strengthens our spirits and helps us build confidence, so we’re more resistant to negativity in the future. 

9. They Help Us Resist Temptation

Temptation is all around us, all the time.

Now, it’s up to each of us to view it in the confines of our own spiritual path or wider. 

Personally, I see temptation as anything that’s harmful to ourselves of others.

We’re constantly tempted to go overboard in drinking, eating, hooking up, pursuing monetary gains, and so on.

Our guardian angels use their subtle influence to help us stay moderate and dignified.

Though we primarily hold the power over our own temptation, the idea of being divinely guarded against it is inherently tranquilizador.

In the kind of world we live in, every aid against harmful temptation is necessary.

10. They Never Leave Our Side

Our guardian angels never forsake us even though it can seem like that in darker times.

They can only do so much to warn and help us resist evil.

When we fail and bring harm to ourselves or someone else, everything feels bleak.

It may seem like we’ll never return to the right path and that even the Divine has given up on us.

But our guardian angels never leave. 

We may lose sight of their messages every once in a while. But when we look for the signs of their guidance, we’re sure to find them.

They remain with us from the beginning to the ultimate end.

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Thursday 30th of May 2024

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