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The Connection Between Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Life

The Connection Between Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Life

We live in three shapes: physical, mental, and spiritual. The material human body is transient and mortal, but the human soul is permanent and immortal. According to astrology, the leading opinion is that spirit and body are two different substances. 

Spirit and body act on each other, and together form a harmonious unit. As astrology finds, spirit and body are influenced by planets, stars, and other celestial bodies. It is considered that the planet that rules the spirit also rules the body.

Spirit, Soul, Body

We all want to be healthy because health is the foundation of physical health and mental health.

In doing so, we often forget the fact that our physical energy can’t be healthy without our spiritual energy.

For the soul, no one knows where it is. The soul always repairs the body, but the body can never repair the soul. The capacity to love belongs to the soul, so the body can neither love nor hate.

Every one of us is the spiritual essence of the world and the metaphysic reality of energy. The soul shapes our being, but to have a complete personality, the spirit is the main item for that.

Therefore, it is very important to possess a dose of espiritualidad.

It is not difficult to distinguish a man’s body from a man’s soul and spirit.

The body has cinco sentidos (smell, taste, sight, hearing, touch). These five senses man uses to interact with the outside world. In our inner world, it is difficult to distinguish between spirit and soul.

The spirit is man’s immaterial part, which includes his soul.

According to the theory of spirituality, the spirit is man’s vertical view of God, but the soul is man’s horizontal view of the world. The spirit is manifested in the soul. 

Both of them, the spirit and the soul point to the immaterial part of man. The soul is the body’s relation to the world, and the spirit is the body’s relation with a God. 

The soul covers our se, pensamientosy inclinations, but the spirit covers our fe, confíe eny respeto. The spirit and the soul are both in the body, but it is considered that the soul is in the heart and the spirit is in the mind. 

Spirit as the Key to Personality

The spirit is the totality of psychic processes, that signify human character and mentality. As already mentioned, the spirit identifies with the soul.

The spirit is also a fundamental trait in religion, culture, art, philosophy, and science. The spirit is the most sublime part of a man. 

With a positive spirit and optimism toward the future, we create preconditions for our mental and physical health. A positive spirit is already half of the personality.

When we add a combination of soul and body, we get a complete personality.


The spirituality and spiritual process take place in us, with the most sensitive part of our emotions, thoughts, feelings, and vibrations. Spirituality is our inner strength, our expression, something we think, feel, and become.

Spirituality leads to positive thoughts and kindness, prolongs us, and makes us feel better and calmer. It also removes negative and dangerous thoughts, takes us out of depression and anxiety, and helps us to be the best version of ourselves

Spiritual personalities show an innate kindness and energy to everyone and everything.

Healthy Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Life

Healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual life is quality of life. The biggest poison and barrier that threatens our physical, emotional, and spiritual health is resentimiento, pesimismoy negative habits.

People often make mistakes and they create situations in which they will be upset, restless, and hurt. To get rid of these negative feelings and thoughts, they have to make many changes and mental moves. 

All this requires enormous se, determinacióny perseverancia.

In order to improve your physical and mental health, first of all, you must improve your spiritual state. Everything is connected with the mind, and the spiritual resides in the mind.

In a Healthy Body a Healthy Mind

“In a healthy body a healthy mind” is a proverb that is very often pronounced today. From this proverb comes the understanding that if the body is healthy, and the spirit will be healthy.

But, does a healthy mind really live in a healthy body?

Although at first sight, this can be true. We all know how good a person feels when they leave the house, go for a walk, or do yoga or training. But, for acquiring a healthy body, a healthy spirit is the main point

Saldo is key. A person can be upset, depressed, and mentally burdened while she is walking or exercising. Spiritual health needs to be maintained, and it will be achieved by small goals, a realistic sight of the world, and achievable expectations.