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Miraculous Guidance: 7 Ways Your Guardian Angel Communicates With You

Miraculous Guidance: 7 Ways Your Guardian Angel Communicates With You

Have you ever heard about stories where someone heard a voz in their head telling them not to go somewhere, and it turned out it was their guardian angel saving them from a potentially nocivo situation?

There are several ways our ángeles guardianes speak to us, and some of them may be surprising to you.

Guardian Angels And Their Importance

Ever since we gained consciousness, we knew about potentially dangerous situations and to stay away from them. Even as children, we would stay away from a busy road, would not talk to strangers, or get in someone’s car without our parents.

But what happens when we are not aware that certain situations would daño us? What if these situations are masked as beautiful opportunities?

I was talking to my friend the other night and she wanted to go out for a few drinks with her friends.

She was just about to leave when her mother phoned her and told her that she had had a dream where my friend was driving to the local bar and had a terrible car accident.

She stayed home that night, believing it was her guardian angel talking to her mother in her sleep.

There are many situations similar to this one, where our ángeles guardianes use other people, sounds, animals, or feelings to protect us from harmful events.

This is their main purpose and they are a very important part of our spirituality.

Knowing how to listen to them and all the diferente ways they can talk to us is crucial to understanding them.

7 Ways Our Guardian Angels Communicate With Us

There are many different ways our guardian angels can try to comunicar with us, but here are some of the most common ones.

1. Dreams

There are several instances of people dreaming of someone telling them to go see a doctor about a certain problem in their body. They wake up, go to the doctor’s office, and find out there is an underlying problem that, if untreated, could lead to a serious disease.

Also, there are instances of people having weird sueños that show a terrible accident that could happen if they go on a planned trip.

All these are instances of our guardian angels communicating with us when our subconscious mind is more open – during our sleep.

They can also talk to you and tell you to accept a certain job, see a friend, or go to a certain location – as a form of orientación and advice.

2. Physical Sensations

If you are sad about a certain bad event that happened to you recently and you suddenly feel a warm feeling all over your body, or you feel a soft touch on your shoulder, it could mean that your guardian angel is talking to you through physical sensations.

They may be trying to confort you and tell you all will be well. They can also feel like a ray of light shining over your body or a shivering feeling you get late at night.

3. Verbal Communication

Sometimes, our guardian angels are very direct. They can hable to us, literally using words in our languages. If you are doing something ordinary, and you hear a clear voice that tells you to move, go somewhere, or wake up, it is advisable to listen to it.

This could be your guardian angel being very direct with you, in case you did not listen to other signs.

These are instances when you thought you heard someone calling your nombre so you had to stop and turn around. You never know what that second-long delay saved you from.

4. Sounds

You may hear suena that are out of place if your guardian angel is trying to speak to you. For example, you may hear a whisper or angels singing when you are walking through a mall.

This may be a sign that you are at the exact place where you should be and that you are safe. This can come during confusing times and times when you need to decide on great things.

They may be affirming that you made the right choice and that you can finally rest.

5. Visions

Visions are powerful ways of receiving messages from our guardian angels. You may experience them while meditating or while doing everyday things. They can be both positive and negative.

Positive visions may suggest that your manifestations are coming to fruition, while negative ones may warn you about something that is coming. Try to stay open to them and comprender them as warning or calming signs.

If there is a negative vision, try to do everything you can so it does not come to fruition.

For example, some people see their pet lying on the street, dead, and then realize they are just sleeping. This may be a warning vision to remove it from the street for a couple of days.

6. Human Or Animal Helpers

Our guardian angels can communicate with us through other humans and animals.

For example, I know a woman whose black cat came up to her in the middle of the night and started scratching her face in order to wake her up. Once she was awake, she smelt strong smoke coming out of her kitchen.

Turns out, her kitchen was on fire and she had to leave as fast as possible and call the fire department. She was saved by her cat, who had this strong urge to wake her up. This is proof that her guardian angel used her cat to save her life.

Also, some friends can call us at the right moment and help us with depression and save our lives.

Additionally, they can help us make the right decisiones. These can also be our guardian angels in disguise.

7. Symbols

If you see símbolos that resonate with you, it may be your guardian angel speaking to you.

For example, you may be feeling down all day, and the moment you enter your car, you see a huge commercial that says: ‘You are loved!’.

These signs may also be in music or on your phone. Symbols like 11:11 are also very powerful and may convey positivo messages that will help you when you are indecisive or sad.

Have you or someone you know ever had clear mensajes from your guardian angels? What form was it in and did it help you? Do you always listen to the messages that seem to resonate with you?