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9 maneras bonitas de hacer tu casa más espiritual

9 Cute Ways to Make Your Home More Spiritual

How do you make your home more espiritual?

Is it about the cosas you place around your home?

Or is it about what kind of energía you breathe into it?

It’s both. But, today, we’ll focus more on the physical – the tangible.

Here are 9 cute ways to make your home more spiritual.

1 • First Off – Keep It Clean and Tidy


A spiritual home is kept clean, tidyy organizado.

And, yes, it can be an organized mess, too, as long as it’s clean.

This way, you invite positivo y amante de la vida energies into your home.

Besides the physical benefits, a neat home is an oasis of buena energía.

It keeps the stress at bay and promotes calma y atención plena.

Cleaning your home means making room for crecimiento espiritual y el progreso.

2 • Plants to Soothe the Spirit

Every house needs plantas to feel like a home.

It’s a slice of nature inside your most sacred space.

But consider what plants you want inside your home. They’re all unique.

Some plants provide protección espiritual. And others cultivate prosperidad.

So, make sure to consider their spiritual properties, too.

And don’t forget to look after them – and they’ll look after you.

3 • Stones and Crystals

Stones y cristales are practically synonymous with spiritual homes.

And this is really a universe to get lost in.

There are so many stones and crystals to choose from – like plants.

And each crystal has different spiritual effects.

It takes a little research to find your perfect stone or crystal.

But it’s not just about the stone. It’s about cómo y donde you place them.

For example, placing a crystal on your nightstand can improve sleep.

So, make sure you do your homework to maximize efficiency.

4 • Books, Books, and More Books

Conocimientos is spiritual. Sabiduría is spiritual.

And reading books is the best way to enrich your mind.

So, we’re not talking just about decorating with books – although a cozy library goes a long way. Read whenever you have the time. And keep striving for more knowledge.

Place books where you can see them and always have one within arm’s reach.

There’s something awfully empty about a home without a bookshelf.

So, make sure your home is rich in books, and keep expanding your collection.

5 • Direct Energy With Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient practice of achieving saldo by organizing the things around you – decorations, furniture, and, sometimes, even buildings. Todo is Feng Shui.

How you arrange the things in your home dictates the natural flow of energy.

A good example of Feng Shui is placing the bed in a commanding position.

However, there’s a lot to absorb regarding this ancient practice.

But if you want to make your home spiritual, make sure it’s Feng Shui.

Do this and you’ll create and cultivate saldo y armonía.

6 • Go Big With Candles

Candles are associated with spirituality because they embody light – iluminación.

They relax, soothe, and promote crecimiento espiritual.

Placing a few candles around your home makes it a sacred space for spirituality.

They make you feel pleasant even when they’re not lit.

Just make sure to go for seguro, non-toxic candles.

7 • Have a Dedicated Space for Spirituality

A dedicated space for prácticas espirituales llega muy lejos.

And it’s up to you how you want to decorate it.

You can add cristales, bowls, plantas – whatever you prefer.

But seeing it should inspire you to practice spirituality.

There, you can meditar, do yogao simplemente sit down y relajarse. It’s your call.

Either way, a dedicated space for spirituality can make a huge difference in improving your day-to-day. It’s a constant reminder to nourish your connection with the universe.

8 • Pray and Count Your Blessings

Lo que usted do inside your home controls the flow of energy.

And you don’t need to be religious to practice gratitude.

A través de oración o gratitud, you can enrich your home with vibraciones positivas.

Be grateful for your home, cherish it, and treat it as your spiritual sanctuary.

It takes but a few minutes every day to reflect on your bendiciones.

Be grateful for your friends and family. But don’t forget the pequeñas cosasTambién.

It’s the little things that add up in the end to make a home feel like a home.

9 • Practice Aromatherapy

What’s the first thing you notice when walking into someone’s home? It’s how it smells.

Aromatherapy implies using essential oils to better your salud y bienestar.

In a home, you can burn incense to create an inviting environment.

Plus, there are many benefits to consider like alivio del estrés.

Aromatherapy can boost enfoque y concentraciónTambién.

Just don’t overdo it, though. You don’t want your guests (or yourself) to pass out.

Wrapping Up

So, there are plenty of cute little ways to make your home more espiritual.

Some are in-depth, and others are easy to do.

And you’d be surprised how quickly small changes add up to make a big difference.


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