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5 Best Ways to Manifest With Bay Leaf

5 Best Ways to Manifest With Bay Leaf

Manifestación can be done in a myriad of ways: with crystals, herbs, candles, and even blood.

Burning bay leaf is one of the herb manifestations and it’s a very old practice. People throughout history would chew bay leaves and burn them.

Green witches use bay leaves for healing and in many rituals.

When manifesting with bay leaves, you need to know exactly what you want and you believe that you deserve it.

Use your strong intentions to draw into your life the things that you deserve.

Do Bay Leaves Have Spiritual Properties?

As we’ve said, bay leaves have been used for healing and manifestation throughout history, and for good reason.

Bay leaves are symbols of protection and spirituality and are believed to repel evil spirits and negative energy. At the same time, they attract positive energy.

Does Manifesting With Bay Leaf Really Work?

The simple answer is YES! But only if you wholeheartedly cree in manifestation.

If you’re someone who laughs at others for believing in manifestation and magic in general, then you probably won’t succeed.

You have to step into this with an mente abierta y corazón abierto. Believe that your manifestations will bring your hopes and dreams to life.

The more energy you invest in your intentions (and actions!), the bigger the chances for success.

As long as your intentions come from a puro y authentic place, you will always get the support you need.

Ways to Manifest with Bay Leaf

These are just some tips you might use in order to achieve what you deseo. Of course, you absolutely no need to try all of them!

It would be good to try most of them though, just to see what you enjoy and what works for you and your practice!

Burning Bay Leaf

Burning bay leaves is one of the most common ways of using this herb for manifestation. 

You’ll need tweezers in order to not burn yourself, and of course, a heat source, a candle or a lighter. You might need a fireproof dish in order to catch the ashes.

You may even write things down on your bay leaves or just think about your wish.

After the bay leaf has burned completely, collect the ash from the bay leaf and scatter it outside.

Manifesting During the Moon Cycle


Depending on the phase, the moon may aid you in your manifestation. Your results will be better and you’ll manifest things easier.

For example, during the New Moon you could write down your intentions and burn the bay leaf.

On the contrary, if you’re manifesting during a Full Moon you should write down things you want to get rid of, and again perform the same burning ritual.

Keep Your Bay Leaves on You

Write your wish on a bay leaf and keep it on you. For example, if your goal is to attract money, you might put the bay leaf in your wallet.

You can also keep it in your pocket or put it in a locket around your neck. You can even keep it under your pillow!

Just be sure to remember to bring attention to your wish throughout the day. You can even hold it to better focus on your desires.

Drinking Bay Leaf Tea

Bay leaf tea is also one of the stronger practices. Especially if you’re a bit lazy like me!

Boil some water, add fresh bay leaves to your simmering pot and drink the whole thing!

Not only does it bring you closer to your goals, it also contributes to your physical well-being.

Add Bay Leaves to Your Cleansing Routine

Everyone who cleanses their home regularly has gone through Salvia y Palo Santo like soap.

But burning bay leaves or just adding them to your cleaning water can do wonders.

Bay Leaves aid in maintaining high-vibration surroundings, which are crucial in successful manifesting.

Good Luck!

If you decide to try out manifesting with bay leaves, you still need to keep in mind the intenciones you’ve set and try your best to visualice your wishes.

These tips can help you focus on your goals and desires, doesn’t matter which way you choose!

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