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DIY: Creating Moon Water and Its 5 Benefits

DIY: Creating Moon Water and Its 5 Benefits

Many people don’t really notice the moon, while others let it dictate their life.

La Luna controls ocean tides, but that isn’t the only influence the moon has. There are also invisible effects on people’s lives and actions.

The ones before us knew the importance of the moon and what effects it has on earth, and many of the rituals would give special thanks to the moon.

These rituals included dancing around a fire, burning sage, singing, eating and celebrating.

One of these rituals included making Moon Water.

What Is Moon Water?

Water is a very versatile liquid. It easily changes temperature, shape and even taste.

You can infuse water with cucumber, strawberry, lemon, orange, etc. Practically with any type of fruit or vegetable!

But have you ever tried infusing it with the moon?

Charging water with the moon gives it entirely new benefits and properties. These properties depend on the phase of the moon you charged your water with.

En luna llena is generally considered the strongest for manifestation, so naturally, it’s best to charge your water then.

How Can I Make Moon Water?

Making moon water is easy-peasy!

You’ll only need some sort of jar or bottle and fill it with water.

Set your intentions and what you want to get from this ritual, preferably writing them down and leaving them close to the bottle.

Put the bottle on your windowsill during your chosen moon phase and let it charge!

The only time you shouldn’t be charging your water is during an eclipse.

You can charge water even when the moon is not fully visible, e.g. the clouds are blocking it.

You may add things like crystals, salts or herbs, in order to infuse it with more energy.

Don’t forget to keep it away from sun rays because the sun will draw out the moon’s energy.

The Benefits of Moon Water

Moon water doesn’t have to be drunk in order to be effective. Many people use it as facial toners or as a cleansing product.

And depending on the phase you charged it at, you can use moon water in a multitude of ways, e.g. cleansing and manifesting.

1. Healing

The lunar cycle and a woman’s cycle are 28 days each. Coincidence? I think not.

Moon water can be used to sync your menstrual cycle and get it back on track.

This is a great alternative for women who don’t want to use medication with unknown substances.

Drink moon water every morning on an empty stomach to achieve the best results!

2. Balancing Emotions

If you’ve heard people saying that their emotions run wild during the full moon, you better believe them!

It’s a common misconception that people become irritable, angry and even violent just because of the moon.

The moon only intensifies the emotions that are already there.

Using moon water can help calm and relax you during this turbulent time.

If you focus on meditación y autorreflexión while using moon water during the full moon, it will bring only positive energies from the moon.

3. Manifesting

Using moon water for manifestación can help make your dreams come true.

Since the moon can amplify our emotions, why can’t it amplify our desires and intentions?

Simply set the intention when charging the water, and afterward, drink the energy back into yourself.

Another way of manifesting with moon water is by taking a moon bath.

Simply pour your moon water into a bath and add herbs that correspond to what you are trying to attract, rose petals for example.

4. In Your Beauty Routine

Moon water is believed to be an effective cleanser, it can give an extra glow to the skin and get rid of impurities.

You may wash your face with moon-infused water or you can make a face mist.

Add a couple of drops of essential oil, lavender or rose are good options, and a tablespoon of carrier oil, like coconut oil or olive oil, to not irritate your skin.

Shake this potion up and use it in your next beauty routine!

5. Amplifying Your Spirituality

Our ancestors have used to moon in order to get answers to their questions.

Using moon water can deepen your connection with the moon and turn up your inner wisdom.

Drinking moon water regularly can have great spiritual benefits, like claridad mental and discovering your authentic self.

Enjoy The Next Cycle!

Whether you decide to put moon water in your tea or bath is none of my business, but you can’t deny that it has amazing physical and spiritual benefits.

I’ve tried the face mist with oils, and my skin has never been clearer!

Do be warned that moon water cannot fully heal you if you are sick, it only aids you in your endeavors.