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Ancient Ritual To Help You Leave a Toxic Relationship

Ancient Ritual To Help You Leave a Toxic Relationship

Toxic relationships are constantly discussed all over social media. 

It’s a relatively new term, which most of us associate with modern relationships.

This is likely because older generations didn’t have the luxury to leave their commitments, no matter how toxic.

Though we live in a different time, blessed with all sorts of luxuries, sometimes we are unable to leave a bad situation.

Something keeps us there, pinned in spot.

And when and if we manage to break free, more often than not, we go right back.

Do You Notice a Toxic Pattern In Your Relationships?

relación tóxica

Is every person you date somehow the same?

Bien, they’re not the same, clearly, but they do tend to exhibit similar relationship behavior.

You’d think this a ellos problem, but who’s the one choosing them all?


However, don’t beat yourself up.

We’ve all been subject to some bad choices, and we’ve all had to break some bad patterns.

Today We Have Therapy to Help Us Break Toxic Patterns, But What About Our Grandmothers?

Our grandparents and all the generations before them usually had no one to turn to in similar situations.

They could see a priest to seek advice, but he wouldn’t give them the prolonged guidance that therapists give us today.

It was all down to their own will.

And when strength of will wasn’t enough, they sought help from higher forces.

Introducing Knot Magic

Knots, as we know, are meant to bind things together.

There are two main ways to perform a knot ritual.

One is to indeed bind something or someone to you. Y the other is to unbind what you no longer want en tu vida.

Knots Can Be Tied In Various Ways

All the different types of knots that are used in daily life, can also be used for the purpose of a magic ritual.

Each one of them has a different purpose and a different meaning.

The Square Knot, the Reef Knot, the Blood Knot, the Granny Knot, the Fisherman’s Knot – they all vary in how complicated it is to tie them.

The most suitable one for releasing and purifying spells is the Granny Knot.

The Granny Knot

This is typically the knot you’d use if you need to purify your energy, release what no longer serves you or even manifest healing.

It can help protect and cleanse you.

To tie it, make a loop with your rope, then pass the end of the rope twice through the loop. Then tighten as much as you need to.

How Can You Unbind Something With Knot Magic?

It’s quite clear how knots are used in binding spells. But how do you unbind something with a knot? 

I’m aware it sounds backward, though it’s very simple.

Once you’ve made your knot, set your intentions straight, and cut it.

Untie the Knot With This Ritual

Like any other practical spell, this one requires peace and quiet.

So make sure you’re somewhere private and alone.

You don’t want anything messing up your concentration or forcing you to leave the ritual incomplete.

Also, have all the needed materials at hand, so that you don’t have to stop in the middle of the spell.

Step One: Meditation

Take a few minutes to meditate upon your intentions until you’re sure of what exactly you expect to get from this.

It could help to remember all the different things that make your relationship toxic and all the reasons you have to end it.

Step Two: Tying the Knot

Still focused on your intentions, slowly tie the Granny Knot. 

It’s best to use natural rope or linen for the spell.

Make sure it’s tied well. Tighten it as much as you feel is enough.

Step Three: Cut 

This is where you reach the sole point of the ritual. 

Never let your set intentions out of your mind, take your scissors and prepare to cut the rope.

You can use words or cut it in silence.

If you find it easier to put your manifestation into words, say the following as you cut: “I release you from my life” o “You’re no longer welcome in my life.”

Walk the Walk

The ritual will lift your spirits and help you feel more capable of ending your toxic situation.

However, a ritual can only do so much.

You will be tempted to go back, you’ll meet and talk to the person in the future, and you’ll need strong resolve not to falter.

May the ritual inspire you to do what’s in your best interest.