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7 Signs of the Zodiac That Don’t Show Emotions

7 Signs of the Zodiac That Don’t Show Emotions

According to astrology, there are some zodiac signs that find it harder than others to express their feelings. Some of them are afraid to express their feelings about betrayal, while others don’t want to let go of control. 

For each person, there are some emotions that make us real – love, fear, happiness, trust, sadness, anger. Our emotions are triggered when a person or situation forces us to laugh, cry, and lose control for a while. 

While it is necessary to show someone your feelings to help them understand you better, some people find it difficult to open up at all. 

Each zodiac sign has its own unique way of expressing emotions, but some of them are true masters in keeping their feelings to themselves. Their heart is like a secret chest, but the key is usually well hidden.

Some zodiac signs are known to be cold and do not show too much emotions. Here are those signs.  

1 • Cancer

Although Cancers are known for their emotional nature, there is one type of cancer that keeps itself squeezed and doesn’t show its feelings. They are usually very sensitive and emotional.

On the other side, when they are faced with difficult situations, they tend to close down. In this period they don’t let anyone see their feelings. 

If you are wondering why they do that, the answer is that they are too sensitive and afraid. They think that others will hurt them if they see that they are vulnerable. 

2 • Virgo 

Virgos are rational, so they are often focused on solving problems rather than on the emotional aspects of the situation. People born in this sign can be cold and distant.

They are usually so critical of themselves and others. Because of that, this can mean that they have difficulty when it comes to expressing emotions.

However, it doesn’t mean they don’t have emotions. They are just more focused on solving problems than expressing their feelings.

3 • Scorpio

Scorpios are the most mysterious sign of the zodiac that is hard to fathom. But under their cold face hides a great amount of emotions. Scorpios have intense emotions and an extremely rich inner world so they don’t want to risk being hurt.

They never show their feelings. Sometimes people who are closest to them don’t know what they are experiencing. As already said, they do not want to risk being hurt, so it is easier for them to pretend they are cold and nothing touches them.

4 • Capricorn

Capricorns are known for their dedication to work and goals, but it doesn’t mean that they are cold. They often keep their emotions under control and do not allow them to overwhelm them.

This is not to say they don’t feel emotions, they are just good at suppressing their feelings. This is because Capricorns think it is important to stay focused on their goals. On the other side, they think that emotions can be a nuisance.

Capricorns set high goals they must achieve for their own satisfaction. Therefore, they try to bring less emotion into business cooperation, because they know what they have to do to succeed.

On the other side, if you get some wonder their trust, it remains for the rest of your life.

5 • Aquarius

Aquarians are usually very sociable and open, but they can be very cold when it comes to emotions. This happens because Aquarians are very analytical, so they often approach their feelings in a very rational way.

That means that they can talk about feelings in a very logical way, but they will not always show the emotional side.

Aquarians are charming and funny people who have a large circle of friends around them. On the other side, their friendships are often superficial, because they like to keep their privacy to themselves.

6 • Taurus

People born under this sign of the Zodiac are very practical. They often don’t want to waste time on emotional outbursts that lead nowhere. They are usually very relaxed and calm, but they can be so cold when it comes to emotions.

Just because they don’t show their emotions in an open way, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel them. They simply choose a different path of expression.

Because of that, it is important to approach Taurus with understanding and patience when it comes to emotions. Taurus keeps its feelings, waiting for the right moment to share them with someone special.

7. Gemini

No one fears of attachment more than Gemini. When they notice that their relationship with their partner is intensifying, they become confused. Gemini is an air sign and their comfort zone is the mind, but expressing emotions is not their strong suit.

They are a sign of communicativeness and if they learn to express their emotions, it could keep them from major struggles and conflicts.