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10 Clear Signs You’re in Their Dreams Right Now

10 Clear Signs You’re in Their Dreams Right Now

Being in love is supposed to be easy, right? Apparently not if you don’t know whether or not the other person loves you.

One way to find out is through their sueños. You read that right! Our dreams are windows to our subconscious. They create images in our minds from our memories!

And if you made a lasting impact on that special person, then they’re definitely dreaming about you!

Here are 10 ways to know if you are living rent-free in their mind and their dreams!

1. They’re Staring

In the same way that dreams are windows to the subconscious mind, the eyes are windows to the soul.

Their eyes will be glued to you since they are so hipnotizado by you. Your appearance alone draws them in and they can’t concentrate on anything else.

They can try to look away but eventually, their eyes will wander back to you!

2. Their Behavior Changes

Now I don’t mean that their behavior changes drastically, it’s all about the subtle little hints that they don’t even realize they’re dropping.

It can be something small like their voice getting louder o laughing every time your eyes meet, hinting at their nervousness.

You’ll even be able to sense an uncomfortable feeling between you since they probably think that you know that they are dreaming about you! 

And if you read this article, you’ll definitely know!

3. Their Body Language Changes

Similar to their behavior, watch out for their body language.

Keep a close eye on their cheeks, see if they’re rojo and also watch out for the direction their body is turned, if they’re into you then their body will be turned toward you.

If they have feelings for you, they most probably believe that you know everything about their dreams, thoughts and feelings. This belief manifests in their body language.

It may seem weird at times, their awkward stance around you and the changes in their voice, but they are all signs that they are attracted to you!

4. Mirror Hours All Around You

Usted es constantly encountering the same numbers and it is believed that these mirror numbers relate to soul connections.

They can be numbers such as 1:01, 5:05, etc.

Some of their meanings are:

  • 1:01 AM – Someone wants a conexión contigo.
  • 5:05 AM – You have a secret admirer.
  • 10:10 AM – Get ready for amor a primera vista, just like in the movies!
  • 8:20 PM – Someone is constantly dreaming about you, and you plague their mind.

There are many more of these mirror numbers, but if you’re seeing some of them frequently, then someone is doing their best to make you come their way!

5. You Get Goose Bumps

First, assess if there are any external factors at play if you get chills, maybe it’s cold outside or you’re miedo of something.

If these things aren’t happening around you, then someone is probably thinking or dreaming about you.

Imagine you’re out with friends and suddenly your mind goes to that one specific person. As you’re thinking about them, chills run up your spine.

This is their way of connecting with you and letting you know that you hold a special place in their heart!

6. You Can’t Sleep

It might not be so fair of them to make you stay up all night while they get a good night’s rest!

But it’s not entirely their fault. Your essence or your dream-self travels to their dreams and inhabits them, leaving you dreamless.

You become restless and you toss and turn while your mind is racing.

Being preoccupied with them and their dreams causes you to lose your peace!

7. Random Memories Pop Up

Being around someone constantly means that you have many recuerdos together. It’s inevitable!

Spending your days together means that they’re definitely dreaming about you.

Our daily lives have a habit of spilling into our dreams.

Them dreaming about your day-to-day lives means that their subconscious is drawn to you, even if they don’t know it yet themselves!

8. They Talk to You Out of Nowhere

Being reached out to by the person you admire can be startling, especially if it’s out of nowhere.

You start chatting them up, topics ranging from ‘The weather is nice today‘ to meaningful discussions about life.

When the interaction ends, you feel weird for some reason. This happens because your person doesn’t reach out to you that often (out of fear or embarrassment) and definitely not without purpose.

They reached out just to hear your voice because they were so intensely touched by their dreams about you. 

Them contacting you is their way of controlling their feelings toward you!

9. They Mention You a Lot

Them speaking your name can range from talking about you to their friends to mentioning you in a reel on social media saying ‘This reminded me of you!’

En accumulated a lot of feelings for you and now they need to let them out somehow.

By mentioning you to basically everyone, they are looking to get your attention and possibly get a one-on-one talking sesh.

10. You’re Seeking Confirmation

You may have already experienced all of the things I’ve listed in this article and you’re thinking ‘I’m not crazy!

You’ve seen all the signs but didn’t want to believe them or you’re just too afraid to go and get what you want.

But if you need further confirmation I suggest seeing someone who is a professional dream interpreter.

You can even ask for help from a amigo! Go find a wingman or wingwoman and let them explore your special person’s mind a little bit.

They can ask them some not-so-obvious questions about you and report back to you!


The chances of someone dreaming about you right now are very high!

Don’t ignore these tell-tale signs of their affection, they just might be too scared to tell you in person.

If you feel the same way, or you’re not sure how they feel but you know you like them, go get them tiger!

You don’t have to rely on dreams to be together, but they certainly do help!

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