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Top 5 Most Successful Zodiac Signs In Love

Top 5 Most Successful Zodiac Signs In Love

Love and relationships are not easy for most of us. I remember my friend telling me how she never seems to find her match, no matter how hard she tries. She is successful, beautiful, and funny, but there is something in the ‘stars’ that makes it harder for her.

Which zodiac signs are the most successful when it comes to love and relationships?

Astrology And Love

Have you ever experienced a turbulent love story that ended badly and you realized that it made you not like a certain zodiac sign? It would repeat with a different person of the same sign and you were left convinced that astrology was at fault.

You were not wrong because certain signs perfectly match each other while others do not.

However, there are signs that usually match with most people and they simply love to love! Their naturaleza makes them perfect partners and it is easy for them to find someone who will take care of them and be with them forever.

These signs are usually ruled by Venus – the planet of love. However, if your sign is not on the list below, it does not mean that you do not know how to love or cannot be loved – it is all possible with the right partner.

Top 5 The Most Successful Signs in Love

Here are the top 5 most successful signs in love and relaciones:

5. Leo (Success in love 75%)

Leo is a very energetic partner who is full of fire and pasión. Leo loves a partner who will see them for who they are and support their ‘main character’ persona.

They are liked by many and they will always be the star of the show. However, this may be tiring for some and their energetic nature may be too much for their partners to keep up.

This may cause unnecessary drama that can end relationships. Capricornio is the ideal match for a- Leo because they bring stability and grounding, but do not lack fierceness and passion, which excites Leos.

4. Cancer (Success in love 80%)

Cancers are very emotional and seguro partners when it comes to love. They would love to have their partners around all the time – even carry them in their pockets if possible!

Their warm and nurturing nature makes them one of the most leal and loved partners. However, they may become possessive from time to time and it may feel like a burden to many. This may be due to insecurity or fear of abandono.

Piscis is usually the perfect partner for Cancers as their emotionally deep feelings create unique love stories.

3. Virgo (Success in love 85%)

Virgos are giving and attentive and most of the signs will find a perfect partner in a Virgo. Their tidy life loves to have someone to fulfill it and they rarely want turbulence in relationships.

They can be extremely hurt if their loved one becomes unfaithful because they are very loyal and they love to devote their time to their partners.

Virgos are very organized, and their perfect match is usually Acuario which is also a tidy and helpful sign. 

2. Libra (Success in love 90%)

Libra is rarely solo. They love being coupled up and always having someone by their side. Their intelligence and elegance make them loved by many and they are also attracted to inteligente socios.

They are very loyal and they are often very sad if they are single. This makes them one of the most desirable and successful signs in relationships. Libras also love elegant and hermoso partners as they also often take extra measures to look good.

Their perfect match is mostly Taurus because it is a steady sign that fulfills Libra’s nature perfectly.

1. Taurus (Success in love 95%)

Taurus is a steady sign that loves being reliable and organized. They are always there for their partners and they love to support them in all ways possible. This makes them the most loved and the most successful zodiac sign in relationships.

Who does not love a reliable and firm partner? Taurus values estabilidad and they take care of their relationships by always being ready to do things together, cook something new or build a new furniture piece together.

Also, have you ever received a hug from Taurus? They are the best huggers out there.

Their perfect match is a Libra, who also values stability and reliability.