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8 Zodiac Signs That Will Most Definitely Ghost You

8 Zodiac Signs That Will Most Definitely Ghost You

One day you’re sitting there giggling at their texts with your feet swinging up in the air and the next thing you know, poof – they ghosted you.

We’ve all been there, lost and confused, but let’s not kid ourselves. We’ve ghosted people once or twice before.

Love is like gambling, you need to be real careful when betting on a horse. And even if you choose the ‘best’ one, you still might lose!

But I digress, nobody is perfect, we all have our little quirks and habits, and for some, ghosting is just that. A habit.

Desde the stars largely influence our personalities, it’s no surprise that some signs are more likely to ghost than others.

Stay tuned to find out which Zodiac signs love to ghost, so you can steer clear from them!

What Is Ghosting?

To some, ghosting is an art form. They love doing it and they’ll go to great lengths to ghost you.

And I don’t mean your regular, not-answering-texts ghosting. I’m talking about full on changing-your-gym-membership ghosting.

This is the nasty part of dating.

You might think that everything went smoothly on that first date. You can’t wait to see them again.

You text them ‘When will I see you again? 🙂‘ and the next morning, nada.

So you text them some more. Things like:

  • ‘Hey’
  • ‘Is everything okay?’
  • ‘Hellooooo’
  • ‘???????????????????????’

If you’ve been on the receiving end of ghosting, don’t worry. That’s not a reflection of you. But you’ve been hurt and now you want to be prepared.

Knowing someone’s Zodiac sign can help you in distinguishing the good ones from the ghosters.

Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Ghost You

1. Aries

Aries is a sign driven by passion, but the moment that passion fades and you start getting comfortable.

Oh boy. 

They don’t have a problem jumping from one person to the other, like a bee with flowers.

There’s no doubt that they will treat you like royalty and shower you with love and affection in the beginning.

But the moment you show attachment, all the alarms go off in their head.

You’ll go from royalty to peasant in no time.

2. Scorpio

Escorpio is probably the most mysterious of them all. Getting their attention is hard enough, but maintaining it on you? That’s a whole other level.

This sign will show you love and affection you’ve never seen or felt before. You’ll feel like you’re in a fairytale.

If they feel like they’re getting into the relationship too fast though, they will ghost you.

They don’t show their emotions, better yet they don’t want to siente their emotions. And if they get overwhelmed, they’ll bail.

There’s no in-between with Scorpios. They’re either there for the long run or they’ll just disappear.

3. Gemini

Geminis always have a hard time making up their mind. Choosing between the head y the heart is a real struggle for them!

People under this sign are deemed ‘players,’ and rightfully so.

They’re very flirtatious and they’re always looking around for something new and shiny that will give them an adrenaline rush.

And even though their mind is sometimes telling them to settle, they would much rather have their options open, just in case. 

Even though they are great at communicating, Geminis will avoid confrontation.

They will simply not face you if the situation will be uncomfortable!

4. Aquarius

Aquarians are very unique and always themselves.

While this is very infatuating, they live in their own world and they won’t pursue the relationship if it’s not going the way they want it to.

If they feel you’re getting too attached and emotional too soon, they’ll bail.

The idea of a new relationship excites them, but if it gets too serious they run for the hills!

5. Sagittarius

Out of all of these signs that are most likely to skedaddle, Sagittarius takes the cake.

They love their freedom and if they feel like you’re even trying to tie them down, you’ll never see them again.

But they’re cruel. They’ll coax you into believing they love you, they’ll shower you with gifts and compliments.

Basically they’ll go out of their way to show you they care, and then, without any remorse on their part, they’ll disappear.

6. Leo

Being a very prideful sign, Leos always put themselves first. They don’t like thinking or focusing on others. And well, relationships require that sort of thing.

If they feel like the world isn’t focusing on them anymore, you’re done.

It’s not like they don’t care about other people, they just care about themselves more!

7. Virgo

This may come as a surprise to many of you, with Virgos being the meticulous go-getters they are.

For someone who is so stable and secure, Virgo is surprisingly afraid of commitment, or better yet, emotions.

They sometimes come off as robot-like, so it kind of checks out that they don’t like showing affection. They’d much rather you stay at arm’s length.

They like focusing on their goals, and they would like to avoid a dramatic breakup, so they ghost! 

En conclusión

These signs love to ghost, whether it be for fun or for fear of getting too attached.

Not everyone is a carbon copy of their Zodiac sign, so you still might be careful when wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Or maybe you’re just better off alone!

Be careful out there on the dating scene, but don’t let one mishap take away your lust for life!