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Embrace the Witch Within: 13 Easy Tips for a Magical Lifestyle

Embrace the Witch Within: 13 Easy Tips for a Magical Lifestyle

After centuries of stigma, it was in the last few decades that the wider population began to understand true witchcraft.

Some more, some less, of course.

There are still theories about witches being the spawns of the devil, evildoers, and so on.

In modern times, we finally understand that witches don’t produce magic out of thin air.

Nature produces magic. We merely choose to acknowledge and make use of it.

Oh, to Be a Swamp Witch

Anyone who appreciates pagan and witchy aesthetics would probably love to live and breathe it more than anything.

We’d all rather be Misty Day より AHS: Coven than live our ordinary lives, doing our ordinary jobs.

We’d love to be the witches of old, living in spooky shacks, doing spooky stuff.

Minus the witch trials.

But, it is what it is. We are blessed to have been born in the modern age. We’re able to enjoy any and all comforts and luxuries.

And though our time lacks in esoterica and magic, there are simple ways to introduce them into our everyday lives.

It takes a little creativity and a lot of goodwill.

13 Easy Ways to Cultivate Your Inner Witch

witch magic

 You don’t need to go overboard in your practice.

There are very simple ways to incorporate witchcraft into the smallest parts of your day.

And if you can be persistently 献身的 to them, you are sure to see a change in the way you view yourself.

You’ll stop feeling like you’re merely playing pretend, and begin to live and breathe magic.

1. Caring for nature

2. Cleansing baths and showers

3. Cooking with herbs

4. Listening to witchy music

5. Using oils

6. Keeping a garden

7. Wearing a lucky charm

8. Being in tune with the Wheel of the Year

9. Wearing witchy clothes

10. Turning to your roots

11. Using sage in cleansing rituals

12. Learning through witchy guides, books, movies

13. Creating an altar

There Is But One Requirement for Every Witch: Love Nature

Having chosen the path of witchcraft, you most likely cherish nature by default.

You may take part in ecology-based activism, but you can just as well love nature by yourself.

Even if you can’t persuade others to care for the environment, you do it.

Awaken in yourself the deep love for greenery, hills, waters, and the sky.

They’re the source of your magic, so look upon them as such.

By doing this, not only will you feel like a witch, but you will become so effortlessly happy.

You’ll come to see the beauty, power and magic in every little thing around you.

There’s No Reason Why Your Daily Grooming Shouldn’t Be Magical

Every part of the human body is filled with magical potency.

In old folk rituals hair and nails were popularly used for both curses and blessings.

So, think witchy thoughts are you brush your hair. When I say this, all I mean is to stay aware of the magical value your hair possesses.

When preparing your baths, add tea bags, leaves and essential oils. With that, you may make yourself a proper little cleansing potion to bathe in.

As you take your daily shower, visualize that you’re washing negativity away and that it’s disappearing along with the used water.

Of course, you don’t have to make a chore out of this nor do you need to cleanse each and every day.

But, every once in a while, you may perform the simplest cleansing ritual of all.

Sprinkle Dried Herbs Into Your Cauldron

Whether you like cooking or not, you must admit it’s a witch’s errand.

Especially female witches were always presented with cooking by the fire, since the earlier days.

With the modern pace of life, we don’t always have the time nor the means to produce our own ingredients.

We rarely get the time to cook our own food every day of the week. 

But when you do get the chance, make sure to savor it. One way to make every meal witchy is to dry your herbs and use them as spice.

You can pick them yourself, or if you’re not too familiar with vegetation, simply buy them fresh at the market.

Hang them to dry and watch the magic unfold.

This way, you may also make your own tea, which not only tastes but フィーリング different when made by your own hand. 

Music Shapes Your State of Mind: Make It Witchy


There is a reason why teenagers often separate themselves into groups based on their music taste.

In each music genre, the lyrics and melodies awaken something different within us.

Music can affect our interests, moods and opinions.

If you’re looking to awaken the witch within yourself, there’s the perfect kind of music out there for you.

Look up witchy, pagan or folk music online.

It’s commonly unimposing, so you may play it in the background no matter what you’re doing.

It’s also perfect for walks and hikes. You’re sure to feel like Gandalf and fall in love with your practice even more thanks to the right tunes.

Ancient Witches Used Body and Essential Oils, Follow in Their Footsteps

You may buy or even make your own body oils, scrubs and lotions.

Don’t forget that the witches of old not only sold medicine and spells, but various beautifying products.

Self-care is a big part of modern witchcraft.

Oils are better for you as a witch because they are completely herbal and natural. They were used in ancient times.

Even in the Odyssey, Odysseus is said to apply aromatic oils to his skin after a bath.

Essential oils are great for your diffusers, or they can simply be warmed over a candle and will release a wonderful aroma.

それは not recommended to ingest essential oils, even though they are often used orally.

Get Your Hands Dirty and Interact With the Earth

がある。 four instances when a witch feels like one with the natural elements.

When your hands touch the ground, when you stand in a stormy wind, when you swim in the sea and when you light a fire.

Each one of these acts buzzes with magical power.

Gardening is a simple and fun way to connect with the element of Earth.

If you don’t have the means or time to grow food, then keep a small bed of flowers.

You’ll be in tune with nature, learn something new and even have plants to interact with.

Have a Lucky Charm on You At All Times

それは Moon pendant, a cross or a crystal, it’s good to have a lucky charm on you.

When you buy or make your lucky charm, sage and cleanse it.

You’re doing witchy work and protecting your energy at once.

Honor the Seasonal Sabbaths

I’m sure you’re already familiar with the Wheel of the Year, and its origin.

Although the Sabbaths themselves come from Western European pagan tradition, the seasonal celebrations are applicable all across the globe.

Celebrate the Sabbaths of the Wheel, or even find their equals in your own tradition.

Take a day to honor seasonal changes and live in tune with nature.

You can easily find information about recommended foods and activities for each Sabbath.

Look Like a Witch to Feel Like One


Your ability to look as witchy as you’d like depends on your work and your lifestyle overall.

If you work in an office, then you likely have to be very discreet with your personal style. 

The same goes for school, service and many other kinds of jobs.

But you can always incorporate little witchy details into your look, such as jewelry, hairpins, belts and so on.

Not to mention, in your private life, you may go crazy with witchy fashion.

Witchcraft Is a Part of Every Folk Heritage – Yours Too


Folk songs and oral traditions are brewing with witchcraft. And this is true for every part of the world.

At times, modern witchcraft may seem too Western, with the only popular alternative being African Voodoo.

If you belong to neither group, your practice could feel a little inauthentic.

So search for witchcraft in your own culture and practice in accordance with your ancestry.

Sage Your Home Every Once in a While

You may burn sage on specific dates, or when the Moon is in a certain phase.

Or, you may sage your home randomly, as you feel the need to.

I’d recommend saging when you bring something new into your house, like new furniture.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to cleanse your space after you’ve had visitors. You never know what kind of energy people carry around.

Learn From Everything at Your Disposal

Watch witchy movies, read books, Google, make your own Book of Shadows.

No matter how much you know, there’s always more.

存在 open to knowledge is a trademark of every witch.

Create Your Own Altar

Having a concrete corner in which you practice witchcraft can be beautiful.

Not only will it allow you to be more 組織的, but you’ll feel like a proper witch.

Decorate it as you like, with crystals, candles, branches and bones.

And, don’t forget to sage it!