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Are You Wise Beyond Your Years? 10 Signs of an Old Soul

Are You Wise Beyond Your Years? 10 Signs of an Old Soul

Have you ever been called an old soul? 

Perhaps you have a suspicion that you might be.

Or have you met someone whose emotional intelligence surpasses seus age and a tempo they live in?

Although effortless wisdom is commonly noted as the main trait of a person with an old soul, there is a lot more to it.

Where Does the Idea of an Old Soul Come From?


First and foremost, this concept stems from the idea that our physical bodies are temporary containers of our spirits.

This is what many religions have in common, however, the idea of an old soul assumes reincarnation.

It proposes that some souls are young. The young souls came about only recently and have little knowledge beyond what the physical body can experience.

That’s why some people may have rash reactions. They may be making silly choices and may be easily giving in to outside influences.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, an old soul has been reincarnated many times. An old soul can be hundreds or thousands years old, or more!

How Can an Old Soul Know It’s an Old Soul?

Of course, we come into our new bodies unaware of our previous lives.

Through dreams, visions and some kind of vague sense we can feel the age of our souls.

Some of us have to learn all our lessons in this lifetime, and others are seemingly born with the knowledge.

In conclusion, an old soul can’t know it’s ancient, but it can feel. It can have a telling hunch and inner understanding of the fact.

These are the 10 Telltale Signs of an Old Soul

1. You see the big picture

2. You don’t really fit in

3. You’re rebellious

4. You possess sharp intuition

5. You often seek solitude

6. You feel a strong connection to nature

7. You value immaterial over material

8. You’re wise beyond your years

9. You were mature even in childhood

10. You have an exceptional talent

The Big Picture: You See Beyond the Here and Now

Whether it’s in emotional arguments or when dealing with issues at work, you’re able to stay rational.

You don’t get easily triggered because you’re able to assume more than one point of view.

This doesn’t mean you are above negative human emotion. Anger, sadness, and even envy are very possible.

But they don’t consume you, because you are able to understand the view of your interlocutor.

Este tipo de calm reason usually comes to older people, it takes decades to develop such insight.

At times, even older people may surprise you with their immaturity.

No entanto, an old soul doesn’t depend upon physical age. You’ve likely been the calm and understanding one from the very beginning.

You’re an Outsider Among Your Peers

imagem de uma mulher bonita

Have you often felt like everyone can get along effortlessly but you?

This is a sign that manifests in childhood. Especially once a child is enrolled in school. 

Everyone likes a certain type of music or a sport, or they partake in their own kind of humor.

And you are drawn to something entirely different. You can’t understand them and they can’t understand you.

It’s a lonesome thing, which often makes you unable to make easy friends.

Por outro lado, older people are your cup of tea?

You’re able to have a nice conversation and laugh with them?

This is a strong indicator of an old soul.

Your Soul Has Been Through Too Much to Take the Status Quo Quietly

mulher ambiciosa

Every generation has its own reasons for rebellion.

Some may take the path of least resistance for the sake of a peaceful life. And old souls could easily be the people who make this type of decision.

No entanto, old souls often think out of the box.

They’re able to sense when something is wrong, and quickly conclude what that is.

More often than not, they’ll be at the forefront of various movements for the betterment of the world and society.

If you’re able to see through the status quo that has been served to you, you likely possess the insight of an old soul.

You’re Almost Able to Predict the Future

 I don’t mean you’re a psychic, but that you have the ability to sense the outcomes of words and actions.

Yours and others alike. 

Having a deep sense of intuition makes you capable of bettering yourself by yourself.

When you easily understand how the things you do and say affect yourself and other people, it’s a simple thing to correct them.

This is the advantage of being an old soul.

It makes you cleverer, more careful, more empathetic and better at conversation.

Your Social Battery Isn’t All That

I’m sure you love your nights out as much as the next person. Brunches with friends, occasional drinks and fun dates.

But do you often find yourself having to organize them so you’re left with a lot of tempo a sós in between?

Do you enjoy socializing, but you also need a frequent break from it?

Old souls are deeply contemplative, they value their mundo interior and are content being alone.

As an old soul, you likely don’t enjoy the idea of your self-time being constantly disrupted by others.

You Feel Immense Love for the Natural World

Old souls are commonly drawn to protecting the environment.

They possess an understanding of nature’s endless value. They see beyond their own lifetime, and into the eons ahead.

Nature still has to sustain generations upon generations of our descendants.

At the same time, they’re able to appreciate the immense beauty of the natural world.

Every walk in the woods and swim in the sea is a experiência espiritual para eles.

If you’re an old soul, you probably feel a deep connection to nature and the Universe itself.

Money Isn’t Too Important to You


Money is important, let’s not lie to ourselves. But it’s not the whole point of our lives.

An old soul views money as a necessary evil. It’s very unlikely for an old soul to devote all of themselves to accumulating wealth.

They know there are greater things to strive for, that are far beyond anything material.

At the same time, an old soul isn’t stingy with their money. They see it as a way to buy necessities and ajudar os outros.

You’re a Maiden With the Wisdom of a Crone

If you suspect you might be an old soul, this was probably the first thing that caused your introspection.

Have you been complimented on your maturity and calmness since a young age?

Are you able to effortlessly make good decisions and not overcomplicate your life?

You never learned wisdom, or even had to try to be wise?

You were likely born with it.

Your sense of what’s right has been growing through lifetimes, allowing you to be outstandingly wise at any age.

You’re a Parent to Your Parents

It’s a sad thing to see immature parents.

But when two immature parents with young, confused souls have an old soul child, it can be particularly tough.

Were you often forced to mediate between your mom and dad in their arguments?

They came to you for advice, when it should have been the very opposite.

They provided the food and the money, but all the emotional labor fell on you because they couldn’t handle it?

Assuming the role of a caretaker at a young age is a clear indicator of an old soul.

You’re Inexplicably Drawn to Certain Hobbies

Commonly, people are able to explain what made them interested in sports, painting, music or whatever else.

Either they were impressed by a celebrity, or they learned it from someone in their family. They could have been influenced by their teachers at school.

But sometimes, people are completely devoted to art, cooking, or sports without any knowledge as to why.

Simply, in their earliest years, they showed a talent for that particular path and went on to devote their life to it.

Também, surprising talent at a very early age can indicate an old soul.

It’s as if your talent endured through lifetimes.

So, You’re an Old Soul. Is It Nice?


It is a beautiful thing to be an old soul.

There’s so much you can offer the world.

E there’s so much in the world for you because you understand things on a deeper level.

But you’ve surely experienced misunderstanding and judgment. It can sure be lonely and tedious.

Try to seek out fellow old souls among your family and friends. There definitely are some.