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10 Fascinating Types of Witches You Should Know About

10 Fascinating Types of Witches You Should Know About

Witches have been all around us for a very long time, but they’ve only recently been getting the attention they deserve.

Of course, with the rising popularity of WitchTok, you’ll have many spells e práticas at the tip of your fingers, and many witchtokers telling you what you should and shouldn’t do.

Witchcraft and Wiccan practices have always been worlds away, isolated from everyone else.

But since technology evolved, so has witchcraft. It has become more diverse e accessible in these last few years.

Witches have a long and gruesome history (remember the Salem Witch Trials?), but nobody’s putting them into exile today! Witches are here to stay and they’re growing in numbers!

Find out more about the 10 types of witches below!

Types of Witches and Their Craft

1. Green Witch

A Green Witch, or also known as ‘Garden Witch‘ is someone who is all about the natural world and healing. 

The earth and the outdoors are what give these magickal practitioners strength.

Their primary source of spells and ingredients is nature! They use plants, flower and herbs collected in nature.

Seeing as they draw their power from nature, it’s obvious that they respect nature above all else.

So if you’re someone who enjoys gardening or spending time in nature, you might be a Green Witch!

2. Hedge Witch

Some might say that Green Witches e Hedge Witches are the one and the same. But don’t be fooled!

Enquanto Green Witches are more focused on the plants and animals that inhabit nature, Hedge Witches are focused on nature itself and its spiritual aspect.

They develop their own type of magic, whether it be connecting to the spirits of nature (e.g. fairies) or working with the elements.

They mostly work alone and they put great emphasis on spiritual and personal growth.

If you love living in your bubble and doing things your own way, you might be a Hedge Witch! 

3. Kitchen Witch

You can take one guess as to where these magickal practitioners operate.

And you guessed right! In the kitchen!

Kitchen Witches love incorporating magic into their cooking, cleaning, etc.

Basically all household tasks have a bit of magic in them.

Kitchen Witches prepare food for specific rituals and holidays for their witchy friends to enjoy.

If you’re someone who hates cooking and can’t stand being in the kitchen, then this life isn’t for you!

4. Crystal Witch

Crystal Witches use, well, cristais in their spell casting and rituals.

They believe that crystals and minerals have specific vibrations and energies that can be used in divination and healing.

As we said, they use crystals in their rituals and spells, and they usually have a couple of crystals on them, depending on what they need that day.

If you are able to see people’s auras or you just like shiny rocks, you are a Crystal Witch!

5. Cosmic Witch

These witches are stargazers! A Cosmic Witch is the type of witch who focuses on astronomy and astrologia, especially on the Moon and its cycle.

They believe that the movement of the celestial bodies has an impact on people’s lives. But their magic isn’t passive.

They don’t just sit there and tell you that Cancers are crybabies!

If you love the night sky and are fascinated by space, you just might be a Cosmic Witch!

6. Solitary Witch

These lone wolves love practicing magic on their own.

They enjoy their solitude and it allows them to branch out. They aren’t tied down to a specific type of magic, but most of them opt for just one or a combination.

If you love being alone and walking your own path, you could be a Solitary Witch!

7. Coven-Based Witch

Coven-Based Witches are the exact opposite of Solitary Witches. They operate in a group setting and they love it!

A coven is usually led by a High Priestess, someone who is skilled and has dedicated their life to their craft.

This is someone who leads and teaches other members of the coven.

Witches in covens perform rituals and practice magic all together.

If you’re someone who’s a team player, you’ll fit right in as a Coven-Based Witch!

8. Sea Witch

Sea Witches love the ocean and are deeply connected to it and everything inside it as well.

They practice magic using seawater in their rituals, they bring seashells to their altars, and they collect seaweed and other materials from the sea to use in their craft.

They are also a type of witch that pays respect to the Moon since it controls the tides after all!

They use ingredients from the sea and also may communicate with sea spirits, such as mermaids and other beings that lurk in the sea.

If you’re interested in the vast surface that is the ocean, you should consider becoming a Sea Witch!

9. Folk Witch (Traditional Witch)

Folk Witches ou Traditional Witches practice magic that has been passed down from generation to generation, either from família members ou local communities.

They usually concentrate on the história e origins of their magic, and they usually have access to many old spells, rituals and even talismans!

These witches know practically everything about the local land and its spirits, and they use its history in their practice.

I suggest going through your family tree, you might be a Folk Witch and not know it!

10. Ceremonial Witch

These witches focus on the ritual at hand and they usually practice a higher type of magic.

This magic is more complex and uses a blend of specific symbols and many other ‘props’ in order to help these magickal practitioners.

If you’re all about drama and performing, try out ceremonial magick!

To Conclude

There are many other types of witches out there and many different types of magick nowadays.

The witchy community is very diverse and welcoming, a space where you can practice your craft without being judged.

Many witches and magickal practices share some common denominators, but all spells, rituals and potions have a complexity in them, that you cannot understand unless you are a professional!