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Magic Of Love: 4 Major Relationships That Shape Your Spirit

Magic Of Love: 4 Major Relationships That Shape Your Spirit

During our lives, we will meet many people who we thought were ‘the one’ for us and end up disappointed.

De high school sweethearts para summer romances, we will connect to people who seem perfect at first, but their role is not to stay with us but rather to teach us lessons about ourselves.

There are four major relationships most people have in their lives that shape them and the way they love.

Why Soul Mates Come To Our Lives?

Soulmates are people who come into our lives to either accompany us during life, ensinar us valuable lessons, or ser there when we most need them.

You will feel an instantâneo connection to them when you meet them and you will feel like you have known them forever.

These people will always feel like a casa to you and you will be at peace when surrounded by them. Some of them will come into our lives to be there forever.

These are the people we usually marry and respect during our lifetime. They have the same interests as us, they are what we call ‘our other half’.

These people usually love us incondicionalmente and love to selflessly help us. Some soulmates are there to teach us valuable life lessons. They love to be close to us and can appear in the times we most need them.

Usually, we are connected to them instantly during our battles and they will be true friends who show us how to love ourselves and choose the correct paths in life.

4 Types Of Soulmate Relationships That Shape Us

Existem four big relationships everyone will experience during their lifetime.

Even though soulmates can be our friends or family when we are in a relationship with a soulmate, there are 4 major roles they may be fulfilling and you have to be careful about how you approach each of them.

Some may appear as your soul companion for example, but that may only be their disguise at first, and their true role could be that of a soul teacher. Let us examine all four types and how they affect our lives.

Soul Friend

A soul friend is the most comum type of relationship. This is a person you choose because they love the same things as you, they are into the same hobbies and they have similar interests like you.

This type of relationship is defined by calmness, love, no drama, and respect. You can build a secure future with this person so they are usually the people we marry and have families with.

However, this person can usually be chosen because of your ego. They may look a certain way or behave the way you want them to behave and they are everything we wanted.

Some couples describe this connection as an íntimo amizade that also includes physical attraction.

Soul Mirror

Soulmates can feel like ‘coming home‘ to many people who experience the soul mirror relationship. This is a connection that is very deep and they feel like they are one soul split into two bodies.

These relationships are even deeper than soul friends because they feel each other deeply and they are confortável with each other in everything.

Also, these people have pros and cons and their strengths and weaknesses complement each other’s. This type of love can also result in marriage and peaceful harmony.

It causes little to no friction between soulmates and is in general very successful. A soul mirror relationship usually comes later in life, when both partners are old and sábio enough to respect themselves and each other.

Soul Teacher

If you meet someone who seems like they are your soul mirror or someone you will marry but you never end up together, it means this person was your soul teacher.

These people come into our lives to teach us valioso life lessons about love, pain, spirituality, and self-love. They can be someone who guides you into a spiritual realm, both directly and indirectly.

We grow with or after this relationship and we learn a lot about nós próprios. We may even heal parts of our soul when we are with them, or after them.

However, these people are the ones we love a lot but hardly marry as they are not the ones who offer peace and calmness. They will provoke our minds and make us aprender coisas.

There can be friction with them until we learn a lot about ourselves and start valuing our soul.

Soul Companion

This person is what we usually see as a “soul mate,” but without the romantic aspect. Soul companions can be either men or women, friends or family members.

While soul friends connect with us through shared hobbies, interests, and personalities, soul companions resonate with us on a deeper, soulful level, making these relationships much mais forte and stable.

Often, it feels like you’ve known these people for centuries, maybe even in your past lives. With a soul companion, there’s a deeper understanding and a sense that you’re on the same wavelength, sharing similar thoughts and emotions.

These bonds often last a lifetime. Soul companions blend the qualities and roles of soul friends and soul teachers. They harmonize with our egos, helping us learn and grow without the friction that is often found with soul teachers.

One reason for this deep harmony is that they usually share the same soul age as us too, making the connection even more special and understanding each other even deeper.