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6 Hidden Signs That Show That You Are a Very Spiritual Person

6 Hidden Signs That Show That You Are a Very Spiritual Person

Espiritualidade means discovering or knowing yourself. In fact, it means finding peace within yourself. That is in your mundo interior, in your thoughts, in your brain, and in your vibrations.

Your spirituality is your awareness of what you currently are. Your spirituality is also your focus on what you will become, without focusing on what was before.

Spiritual persons have some character qualities that make them special. Someone can discover spirituality in oneself at any age and at any time.

Being a spiritual person doesn’t mean giving spiritual or motivational speeches, or being a guru or a meditation practitioner.


We often hear that someone is a spiritual person. But, what exactly is spirituality? How do you recognize such a person or how do you know if you are a spiritual person? 

Many people often make the mistake of identifying religion and spirituality. But one is sure, that being a religious person is not the same coisa as being a spiritual person.

Spirituality is simply a process by which we learn who we are personally, and what we want to be. In this way, we can create direction in our lives, with our feelings. 

One interesting fact is that science and spirituality have increasingly coincided in their theories in recent years. Science investigates the tangible world, but spirituality investigates the invisible world. 

Recently, peace and quiet have become a luxury, because we are consciously or unconsciously connected with the outside world all the time.

If we want to be spiritual, it all comes down to contacting ourselves with our souls. Spiritual development is a process where we become conscious of what we have, good and bad.

The core of spirituality is that all of us have to learn some lessons in our lives. Spirituality represents different things para different people.

Some people can find out that their spiritual life is intricately linked to their connection with a mosque, church, or some other religious building. Others may find comfort in a personal relationship with God or a higher power. 

Some people seek meaning through their connection with nature. Some people also connect spirituality with art. So many people pray and they think that is the only way to be a spiritual person.

Like every person is diferente, every personal definition of spirituality will be diferente and it will change from person to person.

Spirituality involves recognizing feelings or beliefs that there is something greater and higher than ourselves. The human experience is something more than we can experience with our senses, to see, to hear, or to touch.

It is up to us to define our version of spirituality, and we can do it by simply looking for that.

Signs that show that you are spiritual

Spirituality is manifested through the aspect of humanity and the way that individuals seek and express meaning and purpose.

Spirituality is also manifested through the way that individuals experience their connection with themselves, with others, with the moment, with nature, with what is sacred, and in the end, with what is significant for them.

Through this article, we will mention 6 signs that could be a mirror of spirituality. In the end, maybe you recognize some of these signs in yourself. In case that you are suspicious about your spirituality, here are 6 signs, so you can check if you are a spiritual person.

1.Faith in yourself and self-confidence

As a spiritual person, you believe in yourself. If you are a spiritual person, you also believe in your instinct or your feeling more than anything else.

Besides, you believe in the whole Cosmos, and you believe that the Cosmos and your life always lead you in the right way. Strong self-confidence and faith in yourself are very important for achieving success in your life.

Some people are self-confident from their birth, while other people have to work on self-confidence. However, the best thing is that everyone can build self-confidence, with a lot of effort and work on itself.

To build self-confidence, you must believe in your abilities. Once you start believing in your abilities, you won’t stop later.

2.Learn from your own mistakes

Nobody’s life is perfect, so do not even worry about it. It’s OK to have an imperfect life. A lot of people, even they know that, get mad at all kinds of things and tend to achieve a perfection.

Every person, who believes in spirituality, doesn’t criticize e doesn’t blame anyone for obstacles on its way. That person simply accepts everything, while at the same time learning from its own mistakes and moves.

3.You are an optimist and you always find a reason for happiness

Optimism is the most sublime property of a spiritual person. A spiritual person hates negative thoughts and vibrations. As an optimist, a spiritual person always notices something good, in todos e tudo.

Even if a spiritual person experiences a lot of pain, she looks at everything positivamente. To sum up, this is one of the main signs of spirituality.

4.Live in this moment

The key to a happy and fulfilled life is to always live in this moment and not think about history and the future too much. But it is not that easy. Our brain is less focused on the present and more focused on thinking about history and the future. 

Once when you decide to focus on the present, you can notice only things that are important for this moment. You don’t have to burden your brain with bad thoughts.

5.You love selflessly and expect nothing in return

A spiritual person doesn’t love or doesn’t give something to somebody, expecting to get the same too. A spiritual person does it because that makes her happy and glad. This is the reason why you love a spiritual person the most – because she loves the most too.

6.You feel a connection with nature


Every spiritual person is close to nature and feels a special connection with nature. One of the essential characteristics of a spiritual person is admiring nature and its beauty. In conclusion, every spiritual person is so attached to nature.