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9 Simple Signs That You Are a White Witch – Earth Angels

9 Simple Signs That You Are a White Witch – Earth Angels

Witches were almost always shown as terrifying creatures, who through the ages were convicted of cruelty, hate, and disrespect. But no one has ever noticed that magic exists in both good and bad forms.

It is believed that witches are usually extraordinary women with deep intuitive abilities and soul-healing skills.

The White Witches

The white witches or very skilled women are actually good witches and they are often considered earth angels. These witches have a deep connection to nature, while angels are beings of air.

White witches are earth beings and mediators between humans and elementary beings. Both serve the greater good in everything they do. 

White witches deal with white magic. White magic is one whose intention is not to harm anyone or in any way hurt and manipulate another living being.

That is a reason why white witches are focused on achieving effects like gaining insight, knowledge, and spiritual wisdom. They also deal with proteção, spiritual cleansing, and the like.

Here are 9 signs that you are also a good witch with the power of love.

1. Your Strong Connection With Nature

Nature is your playground because it is harmless and clean. You and nature form a whole, together with nature elements, with earth, and with the seasons.

So, in autumn and winter, you drive away old beliefs, toxic relationships, and destructive patterns. On the other side, in the spring, you come to life again and feel the rebirth of your psyche.

You care deeply about nature and the environment. You also try to protect the Earth whenever you can. You love the seasons and the changes in nature they bring.

In addition, you like to be outside, no matter the weather. You might want to be outside at different times of the day and night. Actually, you even feel more alive at night. You adore the smell of nature.

This sign indicates that you may be a white witch because witches are children of nature.

2. You Feel the Energy of Space and People

Many witches have an extremely strong intuition and ability to feel everything. They feel all the energies and emotions that space and people have.

If you immediately feel the space is full of friends or enemies, it is a good sign. That can mean that you have witchy skills and you can feel if something is simply wrong with space or people.

There is also the possibility to feel someone else’s discomfort, stress, or pain. In the past, many witches especially white witches, acted like local advisors. 

People want to talk to you and ask for advice? Maybe they see something special in you. So, think about it.

3. Your Intentions and Rituals Have Powerful Effects

You have the ability of mass manifestation. Whether you practice prayer, meditation, or some other unique form of magic, you have the power to create new opportunities for you wherever you go.

If you want something, it usually comes true. You attract loving relationships, a career that rises quickly, financial prosperity, and endless happiness.

You can achieve your goals and your dreams very quickly. This is because you are connected to yourself, to your inner sense of divine power, inner magic, and value.

4. Your Self-Confidence Is Gorgeous

For you, the world is spinning differently because your confidence is stronger than any trial, any enemy, and any situation that life throws in your way. But don’t even worry about it, you are pure magic.

On the other side, because of your self-confidence, others are often afraid of you. Even if you are the cutest woman around, the people around you will be a little bit nervous.

Because you are so grounded in your abilities to change the world around you, you challenge everyone around you to pay attention and look at you.

5. Your Energy Makes the Changes

Your energy is so strong that it is a little bit dangerous. Your positive and negative emotions can affect everyone around you. You can create changes in the lives of individuals as well as huge social changes.

You can make someone’s day better or greet them with words and actions. People can feel it when you send them positive energy.

Also, you can bring down evil people with the destructive power of your wrath, but be careful and don’t hurt others.

6. You Have Prophetic Dreams

Some people have dreams that come true in the end. Some people can even dream the various shapes like blackbirds, triangles, or five-pointed stars

These shapes can occur in nature through our dreams like a five-petal flower or in the form of a triangular leaf. The circle is also a symbol of witches because it symbolizes the integrity of the world and eternity.

The circle also symbolizes the Moon. So, witches are usually considered to as children of the Moon because of the goddess Diana.

7. You Believe in a Higher Goal

In all your beliefs and in all that you feel, there is a powerful force of good and you are a part of it. Everything you do, you do with kindness in your heart.

First of all, you give your best in everything you do. You also believe in magic and everything it involves, such as fairies, angels, and other elements of the earth. 

However, you also may believe in ghosts.

8. You Like to Make Preparations

 If someone likes to spend time making homemade preparations and herbal remedies, many people believe that person has witchy skills. 

You may use lavender to help you fall asleep or peppermint tea to calm you. Witches were popular healers and herbal medicine lovers.

9. You Feel an Attachment to a Certain Animal

The witches can exploit animals for their purposes. In that way, it creates a special kind of attachment to a certain animal, because animals are possessed by the spirit.

In ancient tradition, witches who did spells with white magic often used animals for their work, especially cats. Because of that, so many witches were attached to cats.

Those animals were looking for witches because they needed them too. They were gifts from the spirit that kept them safe and cared for them.