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What Are the 8 Best Crystals for Aries?

What Are the 8 Best Crystals for Aries?

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and it’s represented by a ram, which symbolizes strong will and determination.

Fire is the element of Aries, and this comes as no surprise since they are well-known for their fiery personalities.

They are known for their passion and confidence, which always makes them stand out from the crowd.

But these strong personalities can also be impulsive and impatient and even sometimes come off as também aggressive in conflicts.

Let’s see which crystals work best for the fiery Aries!

Aries Birthstones – The Diamond and the Aquamarine

Diamond is the main Aries birthstone. It symbolizes strength and courage, which Aries has an abundance of.

It’s no surprise that Aries has an affinity for this beautiful stone. It brings harmony and peace to this sometimes impulsive sign.

O Água-marinha is also considered an Aries birthstone, specifically for March Aries.

Aquamarine is one of the best communication crystals there is. It encourages the free flow of words, but in a way that won’t leave Aries’ loved ones mad at them!

The Best Crystals for Aries


It is believed that Aventurine brings good fortune and prosperity to the wearer. It also draws out creativity and intuition and enhances them.

But apart from bringing out good Aries qualities, it also has a calming effect on their stress and anxiety.

This stone is also associated with the Heart chakra, and it’s not a bad idea for Aries to open it up a bit, since they tend to struggle with their emotional needs.


Citrino is a very powerful cleanser. Since it holds the power of the Sun, it’s a very handy stone to have in your arsenal. It absorbs and transforms negative energy, therefore it’s good for protection.

Citrine also attracts prosperity so it’s good to wear it when you want to achieve success.

Aries are widely known for their fiery personalities and Citrine will help them intensify these qualities even more.

Jaspe vermelho

Jaspe vermelho can aid Aries in their daily lives. It’s a crystal that brings paz e cumprimento in periods of stress.

It also increases confidence e brings joy to the wearer. When an Aries wears Red Jasper they tap into their apaixonado lado.

Simboliza vital life energy and this encourages Aries to take risks in the field of amor and be more open to the world.


Hematite aids in estabilidade mental e calma, which Aries sometimes needs due to their fiery nature. But it’s also a stone that strengthens Aries’ willpower.

It channels the surplus of energy and it serves as a estabilizador for this energy, because an Aries sometimes needs to slow down and take a breather.


Ametista is the crystal of realeza, nobility and spirituality. It brings peace and harmony to the wearer and transforms negative into positive energy.

This peace greatly aids Aries when they need to manage that temper of theirs!


Este é um calming stone, which will bring peace to the mind that is overburdened. It may also help release anger and welcome in positive vibes.

Apart from the mental aid, it also helps the body by calming and relaxing it.

It’s a useful stone for an Aries who wants to live a peaceful life.


This stone is good for grounding which an Aries sometimes needs. Since they are impulsive personalities, they tend to get carried away and they need something that will bring them back to Earth.

Pyrite also emphasizes the confidence and courage that Aries already has, and brings them to their full potential.

Tiger’s Eye


Tiger’s Eye is a very powerful stone that will help Aries use their determination and drive. 

Tiger’s Eye is the best stone to take with you when you’re embarking on a nova viagem, since it gives you the strength to correr riscos e boosts confidence.

Crystals Aries Shouldn’t Wear

There aren’t exato rules that say you shouldn’t wear this crystal if you’re that sign. You can wear whatever you like!

These are only suggestions as to why these crystals aren’t as compatible with your sign as maybe some others are.

For example, crystals that promote cura emocional like Quartzo Rosa ou Pedra da Lua may not be the best fit for an Aries who concentrates more on acções e realizações.

But as we said there is no rulebook and even though you’re under the same sign as other Aries, you’re not all the same.

Each person is different and it’s up to you to determine which crystal works best for you.