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Embracing The Darkness: Shocking Benefits Of Your Negative Self

Embracing The Darkness: Shocking Benefits Of Your Negative Self

Have you ever wondered how some people may be negativo and sad from time to time, yet they get everything they want and are successful in their espiritualidade?

This is because learning how to abraçar your negative side can be a beneficial step towards enlightenment.

Why Do We Fear Negativity?

Many spiritual gurus always talk about positividade and how we need to stay happy in order to attract better things in life. We have a feeling that if we are sad, mau things will continue to happen to us.

This is why some people are assustado to feel bad and immediately start reciting their positive mantras so they do not attract negativity.

However, they forget that negative feelings can also ajuda us enormously in our spiritual journeys.

If you feel like you are always trying to push negative feelings away and you are scared of feeling bad, I hope the positive sides of negativity listed below will help you realize how to embrace it.

If we do not deal with negative emotions, we will suprimir them, and they will come out at the most vulnerable time, accumulated and stronger than ever. Sooner or later, we will need to deal with them.

Positive Sides Of Negativity That May Surprise You

There are many positive sides to negativity. Although this statement may sound contradictive, it is a powerful notion that is not talked about enough.

We are all humans and we need to know the escuridão before we get to know the luz.

1. Self-Awareness

Negativity can help us realize who we are, what triggers us, and how we deal with problemas.

Once we get to know who we are deep inside, how we deal with trauma, and how we can overcome it and grow from it – we are imparável.

But it takes one to face their dark side and sit with it, eat with it, and deal with it.

2. Balance

happy-sad-womanEven the most spiritual individuals out there are humans and they encounter terrible eventos in life constantly. Their car may get stolen, they might make a huge mistake at work, or they simply get sick.

This is a normal part of life, and we need to see negative occurrences in our life as a equilíbrio force that makes our life – life. We cannot live isolated in a box where everything is perfect.

We are not perfect and accepting that means we accept our equilibrado natureza.

3. Motivation To Change

Once we face our dark sides, we are ready to change them. For example, you may always be in toxic relationships and you decide to heal that part of you that attracts them.

You face that part of you, work on it and it motivates you to mudança. This is a shockingly perfect example of how our darkness may lead us to light.

Mistakes We Make To Ignore Our Negative Side

There are several mistakes we make during our spiritual journeys that push negative feelings away.

These can be heard from ‘fake gurus’ and ‘spiritual narcissists’ (people who do not fully understand spirituality and only pretend they do).

1. Losing Ego As Fast As Possible

It is usually said that we need to lose our ego completely in order to despertar spiritually and become enlightened. This notion can be quite unhealthy, as our ego serves to protect us and give us character.

What they want to say is that our ego should not be in our focus and we should not live our lives according to it.

2. Toxic Positivity

Toxic positivity is another example of not embracing negative emotions. It is a notion that we need to be positive ALL THE TIME in order to attract good things.

Imagine this: you are broken up with and you immediately begin to panic. You are in a terrible mood and you would like to start with positive affirmations to try to save the relationship and win them back.

For days, you disregard your pain and you want to stay positive. You try to manifest them and send positive energy toward them. However, your gut is in pain and your heart is broken.

Not dealing with pain can cause more dano than good. You need to cry and let the pain consume you before you start healing, feeling better and potentially manifesting them back.

You cannot manifest from the state of fake positivity.

3. ‘Being Rational Is Not Spiritual’

Another mistake people who are new to spirituality make is that they think being rational and logical is not aligned with spirituality.

They think that if they are sad, they can transform it by saying a bunch of mantras and forcefully feeling good. This is not true, as you need to accept things for what they are, not what they want them to be.

Sure, you can work on becoming better and fixing things using your spirituality, but ignoring the reality is delusional.

Do not let your spirituality be food for your delusions, rather than food for your eu interior which needs healing, love, and care. Take time and feel all the emotions you want, and you will be ready to take the next steps towards growth.