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Eternal Connections – 5 Signs You’ve Met Someone From Your Past Life

Eternal Connections – 5 Signs You’ve Met Someone From Your Past Life

There are many people who believe in past lives, and many people who don’t But every person in this world felt drawn to someone or something without any reason. Sometimes the reason is your past life.

Some people believe that we go on living in another body after death, that we lived before. They call it reincarnation. That we all lived on the earth thousands of years ago or on some other planet. They say we have forgotten it. Some say they remember their past lives. – James Joyce

Don’t Be Scared Of Your Past Life

Since you probably don’t know anything about your past life, it’s normal to feel a bit scared. It’s normal to feel confused.

But, if you’re experiencing some things that keep reminding you of something you’ve already experienced, try to accept that.

Everything happens for a reason. The higher forces want you to remember. They want you to feel something inside you.

They want you to get in touch with someone you knew in your past life. There is no reason to be scared. Try to be curious. Try to reveal more about the situation.

Here are some signs that will help you clarify things.

1. Instant Connection

When you feel connected to someone as soon as you see them, you may know that person from your past life.

Some people call it chemistry, click, or love at first sight, but sometimes it’s just the feeling of knowing someone.

People usually don’t remember their past lives, but they can feel certain things. They can feel drawn to certain people.

When you feel that you and someone else connected on a deeper level without talking too much, you and that person were also connected in your past life.

2. Strong Emotions

Besides that instant connection, one of the signs that you’ve met someone from the past life is strong emotions.

You already feel like you love that person. Maybe you hate them for some reason.

You can’t stop thinking about them. You’re focused on them only. You’re focused on their looks, behavior, and attitude.

You feel strongly about them in every way possible. You feel overwhelmed and you can’t even sleep.

3. Telepathic Connection

When you meet someone new and it feels like you can understand each other without speaking, it’s possible that you two already met in the past life.

You feel that string, telepathic connection, and only a look is enough to understand that person.

Only a smile or a gesture is enough for the two of you to read each other’s thoughts.

This happens because you and the other person spent a lot of time together in the past life. You already know everything there is to know.

You already know each other’s emotions and opinions. Telepathic connection is one of the strongest indicators that you know a person from your past life.

4. Meaningful Dreams

When you meet someone you’ve never met before, and you feel some emotion between the two of you, it’s possible to overlook it and dismiss it.

But, when you keep having vivid dreams about that person, you should be convinced that you two met before.

You two shared a lot of moments, and now your subconscious mind is trying to tell you the truth.

If you can remember your dreams, try to explore their meaning. Try to focus on every detail if you wish to know more about your past-life relationship.

Your dreams will always tell you the truth. Your dreams will always give you a prediction about the future.

5. Spiritual Changes

When you can feel your spirit rising and your soul moving because of someone else, it’s possible that you two know each other from the past life.

People often forget that souls are eternal. Your soul remembers everything. Your spirit can sense another known spirit.

So, when you feel spiritual energy shifting inside you, think about every possibility.

Em conclusão

If you have to look for the signs that you know someone from your past life, you’re already aware of the truth.

It’s hard to find solid proof for these things, but your instincts are your strongest companion.

When you can feel it in your mind, body, and soul – then believe in it.