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Evil Eye: How Others Can Ruin Your Happines & How To Protect Yourself

Evil Eye: How Others Can Ruin Your Happines & How To Protect Yourself

Have you ever felt like the moment someone praises something about you, it turns mau?

Many believe that others can ruin things for us, just by looking at us and being jealous. What is evil eye and how can we protect ourselves from it?

The Meaning And Background

An evil eye is a belief that someone can look at you and cause harm with a glance that carries bad intentions.

It usually happens when people are jealous of you or they cannot stand someone being in a better position than themselves.

This notion has been around for centuries and can be found in many cultures – from Europe to South America.

In the same way, someone can pray for you and send you intenções positivas, there are people who are so dissatisfied with themselves that they want everyone else to suffer too.

They send them ill intentions and do not want others to succeed or be happy.

It is important to note that people who send bad intentions to others are never happy, and nunca will be, as what they send out to the universe, comes back to them.

Evil Eye Examples

mulher de olhos azuisThere are many exemplos that prove the evil eye can harm others. You may have witnessed some yourself, or they happened to you.

1. A young couple decides to get married and they invite many people to their celebration. Everyone is excited as they are both stunning, healthy, and happy individuals.

They will have a big house waiting for them, vacations two times a year, and probably the most adorable children. It all looks perfect and sounds perfect.

After the ceremony, many single people envied them and some may have been a bit more jealous than others. After a month, this couple starts fighting, they are always irritated and they think about divorce.

This could be due to an evil eye that was jealous and ruined their happiness.

2. You are excited about a novo emprego you got. You start praising it to everyone, you cannot believe how wonderful it is, and you talk about it to all your friends and family.

Soon, this job becomes horrendous, you are more anxious every day and you cannot seem to believe it is the same job.

One of your friends or family members might have been a bit too envious of your success and set ill intentions toward you.

3. A girl you know has the most bonito hair and everyone praises it. It is shiny, long and the most beautiful color.

But, after some time, her hair starts tangling, breaking off, and falling out. This may be due to an evil eye that saw her hair and was a bit too jealous of it.

How To Protect Yourself From An Evil Eye

If you feel that someone in your arredores is sending ill intentions towards you and the moment you achieve something good, it is followed by something bad, you need to read this part.

An evil eye can be harmful if people who are jealous of us are always near us. Protecting yourself from it is a MUST if you feel someone around you is jealous of you. These are the most powerful ways to protect yourself.

1. Wearing An Evil Eye Talisman

The evil eye talisman is a popular way to proteger yourself from an evil eye or any ill intentions directed towards you.

It is a beautiful talisman that can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, earring, or simply put in your home for protection. Some cultures use it as an everyday jewelry piece, while others use it when traveling.

You can get one and put it in your living room so you can proteger your house from bad energies.

2. Prayer / Meditation / Positive Mantras

You can always reject bad intentions with intenções positivas. If you meditate and envision yourself as healthy and happy, you will attract that.

Positive energies are always mais forte than negative ones and you may encounter negative people, but they will not affect you.

If you see someone giving you a suspeito look, or their praises seem fake, you can recite positive mantras to yourself and protect yourself from potential harm.

For example, these mantras can be: ‘I am healthy; I am happy; Only good things happen to me; I am protected.’.

These will protect your soul from any possible dano and you will feel much better. Also, these mantras are a way to manifest and attract positivity to your life.

3. Salt Cleansing

If you feel like someone who was in your house was either invejoso or sad, and they were spreading negative energy, you can use a salt cleanse to get rid of any negatividade.

Take salt, and sprinkle it around your house, reciting positive intentions. You can also do a salt bath. Both these ways are powerful as salt is a good purifier of energy.

It will heal your home and your soul. After that, you can use lavender oil mists to add freshness to your home.