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5 Side Effects of Crystals And How to Avoid Them

5 Side Effects of Crystals And How to Avoid Them

Crystals exude real energy, which is why they are popularly used in modern technology and medicine.

Specifically, quartz crystals (SiO2) are considered to be quite strong.

These mineral formations can help against radiation, and even low energy levels or lack of motivation.

But much like anything else, they must be used moderately.

Crystals Are an Ancient Heritage

We live in a time when society is beginning to look back to ancient wisdom and practices.

After centuries of shooing them aside like unevolved hokum, we are finally able to see their value.

One such practice, especially concerning spirituality, was the use of crystals.

Ancient peoples, such as Egyptians, Sumerians, Mayan ou Chinese, all used crystals for various purposes.

They were used as ornaments, in healing, in magic and in meditation.

Crystals, Crystals for All


In our day, tudo é completely accessible.

What can’t be bought at the local market – can swiftly be ordered online, from the other end of the world.

In witchcraft, pagan and spiritual communities overall, crystals have been all the rage for quite a while now.

Either because of their ethereal beauty or the properties we’re vaguely aware of, many of us rush to create our own crystal collection.

In doing this, we are exposing ourselves to their energy at all times. 

And aside from that, we’re cramping many different crystals, with vastly different properties into one drawer or room.

Be Prepared For Possible Side Effects

Overexposure or even simple use of crystals can lead to several side effects.

Some of them are concrete and físico, while others are emocional na natureza.

Upset Stomach

This is, in any case, the most common way our body communicates that something is wrong.

An abrupt change in stool or even feeling sick to your stomach may suggest that you need to step away from crystals for a time.

It simply means you are not ready or used to the amount of crystal energy you have been exposed to.

The crystals could also contain certain metals, and it’s even possible for the culprit to be the size of the crystal.

You could try working with smaller ones in the beginning, and gradually move towards the larger ones.

Energy Tingles

Tingling sensations or even abrupt changes in body temperature are common side effects of working with crystals.

Energy tingles are often described as feeling prickly in certain parts of the body.

It’s quite similar to the aftermath of sitting on your legs for too long and limiting blood flow for a little while.

This could mean the crystal’s energy could have left ‘holes‘ in your own.

The tingles and the rapid change in body temperature are due to sudden energy flow meant to bring everything back to normal.

If this happens, take a break from crystals for at least a few days.


An occasional headache isn’t something to worry about.

Everyone experiences those, either because of weather, dehydration or stress.

However, exposing yourself to crystal energy you aren’t prepared for could lead to frequent headaches.

It’s believed that crystal energy affects the pineal gland inside the brain.

The pineal gland is associated with the Third Eye, which is likely being stimulated by the crystal.

This could, surprisingly, be a good sign. Headaches could mean that your crystal healing is starting to work, but be careful regardless.

Reduce the amount of time you spend working with crystals, and gradually build immunity.

Mood Swings

Though not dangerous, mood swings can be quite uncomfortable and confusing.

When embarking on a healing journey with crystals, this is a very common side effect.

You’ll catch yourself feeling like you’re experiencing PMS or even depression. In a matter of one day, you can go from ecstatic to miserable.

However, this only means that the healing is beginning to work.

Crystal energy targets your negative emotions, suppressed memories and traumas. This naturally causes your mood to be all over the place.

Feeling Dizzy

If you went into deep meditation while using crystals, or you booked a session with a holistic healer, be careful when standing up.

Crystal energy, as well as lying down for a while, can cause you to feel lightheaded.

Make sure to take some time to adjust before going about your day.