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Spiritual Parenting: 5 Signs You’re Raising a Fairy Child

Spiritual Parenting: 5 Signs You’re Raising a Fairy Child

Being a parent is a hard enough task.

You mustn’t hover above your child all the time, because that’s helicopter parenting. And you mustn’t leave them be, because that’s irresponsible.

Teaching young children life’s basics is no easy thing to do. Add espiritualidade into the mix, and you’ve got even more on your plate.

You never know how their creative little brains are going to intepret what you’re trying to teach them.

What Is a Fairy Child?

fairy child parent

If you were to Google the term, you’d get all sorts of tales and articles about changelings.

No entanto, that’s not the kind of fairy child I’m talking about.

Changeling is a specific being from Irish, Scottish and Scandinavian folklore. These stories entail a fairy or a troll who kidnaps a human child and leaves a fairy in its place.

As the child grows, it looks and behaves unusually. It can be uncommonly intelligent or too misbehaved.

If Not a Changeling Then What?

The fairy child I have in mind is not physically supernatural.

É not a substitute, it is your own flesh and blood who possesses espiritual fairy traits.

There are three main ways in which a human child can be born as a fairy.

Fairy Child Can be Born of Fairy Parents

If you as a parent possess a fairy type of spirituality, your child is likely to inherit ele.

And even if it’s not the kind of trait that can be inherited through bloodline, the child will learn from you.

It’s very well known that children absorb our behaviors – both conscious and unconscious.

Fairy Soul Can Go Astray

A particular group of people who believe in reincarnation, also believe that there are various kinds of souls.

It’s theorized that a soul may stray from the fairy realm and materialize itself in the form of a human child.

That way the child grows up as any human, but possesses specific sensibility and heightened spirituality.

Conception Time Matters

No Wheel of the Year, there are certain dates when veils between the worlds go thin.

Such as Samhain, Beltane or Imbolc.

Beltane is when we celebrate nature’s potency and the union of the Earth and the Sun. It’s said that a child conceived on Beltane will be able to speak to fairies.

A similar thing is believed about Imbolc.

It is a folk belief that a child born during Imbolc (January 31 – February 2) can see fairies and come in contact with them.

Look for These 5 Signs of a Fairy Child

1. Captivating eyes

2. Low body temperature

3. Strange sleeping habits

4. Attracting animals

5. Affinity for witchcraft

Captivating Eyes Is a Trait of Fairy Children

olhos azuis-iris

Captivating eyes entail any color of the spectrum but are usually vibrante.

If they’re blue, they’re piercing. If they’re brown, they’re incredibly warm. If they’re green, they’re misterioso as a forest.

Captivating eyes have a recognizable sparkle and life to them. They are soft and often unforgettable.

They’re the window to a fairy soul.

Se your child is often complimented on the depth of their eyes, there’s a chance you have a little fairy on your hands.

Slightly Lower Body Temperature Is Normal for a Fairy Child

At first, you might find it concerning to measure a lower temperature than usual in your child.

No entanto, if they’re not sick, then it’s perfectly normal.

What can be concerning is measuring their body temperature and assuming it’s okay because it matches yours.

O que é um regular temperature for the rest of us may be slightly high for a fairy child.

They may also feel cooler to the touch, though not uncomfortably cold.

Fairy Children Have Peculiar Sleeping Habits

cama para dormir

As a parent, you’re probably wondering which child doesn’t have peculiar sleeping habits!

Though, we all know babies and toddlers tend to have an all-over-the-place sleeping schedule, it’s slightly different for fairy children.

They may sleep for fewer hours, but they aren’t likely to get cranky or sleepy later on.

Or, quite the opposite, they might need to sleep for what to you seems unusually long.

If everything is alright with the child’s health, then it’s just their natural tendency.

Simply put, they sleep just as much as they need.

It’s also possible they’re a little more active and playful during the night than daytime.

Animals Love Fairy Children

Although we adore children, other animals usually avoid them in a wide circle.

Kids may easily get excited and bother animals or tug at their fur as they play. 

Their noise and eagerness may also scare animals away, especially cats and other small pets.

No entanto, if your child naturally attracts animals, they might be a fairy.

Se apesar de todos the childish playfulness and noise, animals still won’t part from them, it’s a very promising sign. 

Fairy Children Are Natural Witches

Is your child expressing early interest in witchcraft?

You may notice this in the way they play, as well as their interaction with nature.

Se a child is attracted to talismans, wands and otherwise witchy objects, it’s a good indicator.

Also, they may be especially drawn to cartoons, movies and toys that are related to magic, wizards, witches and the supernatural.

Love for nature, sitting in the grass and being curious about the natural world all hint at them being drawn to witchcraft.

What Can a Spiritual Parent Do?

Parents naturally aim to help their children make the most of their talents.

Much like with sports or art, a child needs parents’ encouragement and support if they’re to live in tune with their fairy nature.

There are a few things you can do to help your fairy child make the most of their incredible spiritual gifts.

Encourage Their Curiosity

Whenever you get a chance, speak to your child about the things that interest them.

This can mean a walk in nature, where you may let them safely interact with the flora. Make sure you’re decently familiar with the topic to avoid accidents or poisoning.

It can mean reading to them about spirituality or even reading them the kinds of tales they most enjoy.

Tell them about fairies, souls, and magic and organize playtime in accordance with their interests.

Explore Together

A wonderful thing about being a spiritual (or any) parent is that you must also evolve and learn new things.

In order to cater to your child’s interests, you naturally have to be familiar with a variety of topics.

And as a grown-up, you have the insight and the resources to discover new things for them to learn and to pass them down.

Help Them to Reach Their Potential

For example, if a fairy child shows a special affinity towards animals, encourage them to learn more.

Help them gain knowledge about animals, and if they show interest in working with animals in the future, cultivate that interest to the fullest.

They might be drawn to know more about ancient times, so make sure to find age-appropriate ways for them to learn about the topic.

Set Clear Boundaries

As with any other child, fairy children learn through testing our boundaries.

Certifique-se de que balance out their fairy tendencies with daily life and chores.

You still want them to grow up to be a functional member of society and to be loved and accepted.