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Tarot Reading Etiquette: 10 Things You Should Never Do

Tarot Reading Etiquette: 10 Things You Should Never Do

Tarot cards have always intrigued humanity. Ancient civilizations used tarot readings to navigate a severo e imprevisível mundo. 

Tarot served as a powerful form of divination and self-reflection for them.

That being said, it’s crucial to deal with tarot with respeito e cuidados. You might already know the basics of tarot reading and you take it seriously.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned tarot reader or you’ve just begun your journey, it’s good to know what you should and shouldn’t do with tarot!

What You Should Nunca Do With Tarot Cards

Tarot cards aren’t just pieces of paper with pictures on them. They are powerful tools you can use on your viagem espiritual, with which you can tap into your subconscious.

Let’s go over the things you should nunca fazer with these cards in order to secure a significativo e seguro tarot reading experience:

1. Don’t Share Your Deck

Your tarot deck is yours and yours alone. You have a meaningful relationship with it and in order to not have difficulties during your readings, avoid sharing it with others.

The same goes for using other people’s decks, I mean have you seen the movie ‘Tarô‘?

Keep your deck to yourself, because that’s seu magical companion.

If others shuffle your deck then they’re spreading their own energies all over it, and while diversity is awesome, sometimes you just need to listen to your own energy.

2. Don’t Use The Cards for Ill Intentions

Tarot isn’t a device meant to be used for evil. É um self-help guide that’s supposed to aid you on your journey toward self-discovery.

Ill intentions, such as harm and manipulation, should never be in your goals while doing a reading.

A reading isn’t supposed to bring on darkness, but light and brightness on an already dark path!

3. Don’t Become Dependant on Tarot

As I’ve said, tarot readings provide visão into your subconscious, but you should never become dependent on the readings and ask the cards every little thing!

It’s good when you need comfort and insight, but you should never use it as a substitute for something else. If you need professional help, then get professional help.

Stop using tarot readings as a backup plan!

4. Don’t Perform Readings Without Consent

You need to respect people’s autonomy and let them be. If they don’t want a reading then they don’t want a reading!

Se force them into a reading or you do one without their knowledge then that reading might experience disturbances and the reading won’t be accurate.

If the person isn’t open to the experience then you won’t be able to get a good read on them!

5. Nunca Rush a Reading

Se rush through a reading then your interpretations won’t be clear. Readings require time and patience if you want to fully understand what the cards are saying.

These cards convey important messages either to you or to the seeker and if you rush through the reading you might miss those important messages.

Just don’t rush through tarot readings and remember that they are your guides on this journey of self-discovery.

6. Don’t Ignore Your Intuition

The most important part about reading tarot cards is your intuição. Ignoring it is a major no-no!

Your intuition is your inner voice speaking to you and unveiling hidden messages that you might not notice at first glance. 

If you want to get better at tarot you need to listen to that inner voice and trust it fully!

7. Don’t Disrespect the Cards

Deve never disrespect the cards because then you disrespect their significance

The cards are powerful tools used in divination and if you disrespect them you’ll disrupt their energy, leading to inaccurate readings.

Treat your cards with the respect they deserve and show them that you commit to this journey!

8. Nunca Ignore the Importance of the Cards

Every card carries meaning e energia. Ignoring their meanings can lead to wrong interpretations.

Every puzzle has pieces that make it whole. Tarot cards serve the same purpose as the pieces of a puzzle. They work together to tell the full story.

When you start understanding each card’s meaning and role, that’s when you’ll start getting clear readings.

9. Nunca Do a Reading if You’re Not in the Right Mindset

If you do a reading while under the influence or if you’re mind just isn’t right at the time, the reading will end in confusion e unclear interpretations.

If you’re too ansioso, entusiasmado, triste ou feliz, o seu emotions cloud your judgment and you can’t objectively interpret the meanings. 

My advice would be to take a moment to clear your mind before you start shuffling!

10. Don’t Repeat the Same Questions

Repeating the same questions all over again is the same thing as asking your mom for an expensive toy and getting the same answer all over again.

Sure she might say ‘não‘ calmly the first couple of times, but when you start getting on her nerves, she’ll snap, and we don’t want that.

It’s the same thing with tarot cards. Avoid asking the same questions, unless a significant amount of time has passed or the circumstances have changed.

What are Some Things I Should Do?

I’ve talked about many things you shouldn’t do, but I’ll provide a couple of helpful tips that will aid you during your readings as well:

  • Positive Intention – before every reading, take a moment to set a positive intention, clear your mind e set a purpose.
  • Clear Questions – always ask clear e specific questions and in return, you’ll get clear e specific guidance.
  • Look at the bigger picture – every card has its own significado, but you shouldn’t forget to look at the cards around it as well, since they provide context.
  • Cleanse your deck – the cards accumulate energia over time, so it’s a good idea to cleanse them in order to keep negative energy at bay e keep the cards clean.

In the End

Tarot readings are no joke and shouldn’t be treated as such. Approach this practice with cuidados e respeito and don’t take it lightly.

Follow your intuition and trust yourself that you will catch what the cards are throwing!