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9 Fascinating Guardian Angel Beliefs from Around the World

9 Fascinating Guardian Angel Beliefs from Around the World

The concept of 守护天使 is as old as time. It exists in various cultures and traditions, creating a beautiful mosaic of different forms and interpretations.

These interpretations can vary depending on the country, religion and tradition.

We may be used to the Western interpretation of guardian angels, with their beautiful wings and flowy robes, but every culture throughout history has had its own depictions of guardian angels.

Each of these interpretations embodies the beliefs and values of their respective countries.

Guardian Angels in the West

Western society, guardian angels are seen as messengers of God, sent by Him to 保护指南 us in our endeavors.

Sometimes, if things get out of hand, they even get their hands dirty and directly intervene in decisive moments!

The concept of these celestial beings watching over us is largely influenced by Christian, JewishIslamic cultures and traditions.

1. Christianity

Christianity, guardian angels are beings sent to watch over usguide us through life. They have been subjects of research, but also recipients of great devotion for centuries.

While the 圣经 doesn’t provide any specific information about guardian angels as such, there are several passages that basically confirm their existence. Like Psalm 91:11-12:

”For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone.”

We can interpret this as God sending angels to protect and watch over people to ensure their safety.

All in all, guardian angels hold a special place in Christianity.

They are a symbol of God’s care and love for His people.

Whether you believe in guardian angels as physical beings or symbolical providence, the belief in something watching over you and protecting you inspires faith!

2. Judaism

The concept of guardian angels doesn’t exactly exist in Judaism, but it does acknowledge the existence of angels and their role in our lives.

In Judaism, angels are spiritual beings who God created to deliver messages, carry out missions and provide protection.

While angels are mentioned in various texts the specific branch of guardian angels isn’t as developed as in some other religions and/or cultures.

3. Islam

伊斯兰教 it is believed that we all have two guardian angels at our sides, one that takes note of our good deeds and the other to take note of our bad deeds.

These angels accompany you from the moment you are born till your last breath.

But these aren’t the only ones, it is believed that there are other guardian angels that protect you from harm and guide you on the right path.

Devotion to guardian angels is very prominent in the Islamic culture, where people even recite prayers asking the angles for protection and guidance.

Guardian Angels in the East

当涉及到 Eastern cultures, the term ‘守护天使‘ isn’t used as often as in Western culture. Instead, they address them as protective spirits神明.

Hinduism佛教, we have these protective spirits and deities that provide guidance and protection.

The same goes for the territory of Japan, where they have a rich variety of beliefs in protective spirits and they are often deeply intertwined with Shintoism, the indigenous religion of Japan.

4. Hinduism

As one of the oldest religions in the world, Hinduism has a large variety of beliefs and different practices.

They have deep respect for numerous deities烈酒 that they ask for protection and guidance.

These deities include Ganesha, Shiva Vishnu, and many more!

The diversity in Hinduism and their beliefs and practices allow them to express their devotion to these spiritual protectors in many different ways.

5. Buddhism

The concept of protective spirits does exist in Buddhism but it depends on the specific tradition and school of Buddhism.

Since it generally focuses on individual growth and liberation, rather than worshipping a god, Buddhism still does hold beliefs in protective guides and spirits.

Dharmapalas, for example, are wrathful deities in Tibetan Buddhism who are tasked with defending the teachings of the Buddha and assisting practitioners on the path to enlightenment.

Even though Buddhism promotes using wisdom and compassion as a form of protection, having a couple of spirits and deities on your side isn’t too shabby as well!

6. Japanese culture

Japan, we have a rich tradition of beliefs in protective spirits and deities whose roles are to protect individuals, communities and nature.

These protective beings are deeply connected to Shintoism, the traditional religion of Japan.

One of the most prominent types of these spiritual protectors are kami which are believed to be ‘spirits.’

It is said that there are 8 million kami in Japan and these are deities believed to inhabit nature, 物件 and sometimes even .

Many kami are considered as guardian angels since they protect their domains and those who honor and respect them.

Guardian Angels in Native American Cultures

Many Indigenous 文化 believe in 烈酒祖辈 that guide them through life like guardian 天使.

They are appreciated and called upon when an individual is in need of guidance.

The spiritual tradition may vary from tribe to tribe. There is no clear-cut belief in guardian angels but there are spirit guides, animal guides祖灵.

7. Spirit Guides

Some Native American traditions believe in 灵导. They are here to follow individuals throughout their lives and offer guidance, protection智慧.

These spirits can manifest themselves in many forms and are believed to communicate with the individual through dreams, visionsintuitive insights.

So the next time you have a weird dream, I suggest you take it seriously, it might be your spirit guides contacting you!

8. Animal Guides

Many tribes believe that animal spirits图腾 are guides and protectors of individuals and families.

These animal spirits are believed to possess qualities such as guidance, strength保护. For example, we have the totem of the buffalo, eagle and wolf representing different aspects of life.

9. Ancestral Spirits

Ancestors play a big part in Native American spirituality. They believe that relatives who have passed on still continue to protect and watch over them.

In order to get in touch with your deceased relatives to seek guidance保护, you may do specific rituals仪式.

The connection between the living and the dead is very important in Native American culture since it strengthens the sense of belonging to the community.

The Universal Concept of Guardian Angels

As we can see, the belief and trust in something supernatural protecting us stretches all over the world.

This belief does vary from culture to culture, but it shows us a common thread between them all.

Benevolent guides and protectors are with us at all times!