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7 Types of Spiritual Guides – Find Out Who Yours Are

7 Types of Spiritual Guides – Find Out Who Yours Are

Nowadays, spiritual guides are thought to be primarily animals or angelic beings. But, this is only a fraction of the possibilities that exist. Spirit guides can take infinitely many different forms

A spirit guide can only be a gust of wind that gives you goosebumps, just as it can be a divine being you will encounter during your journey. 

It is possible to have more than one spiritual guide, and so many people often have more than one.

Spiritual Guides

Spirit guides, like many other elements of spirituality, have recently been heavily exploited, commercialized, and sullied, both on social media and in real life.

But despite diminishing their value, spiritual guides are a common experience for all people

They are often thought of as the spirits that guide us, but in some experiences, they are entities that guide our souls toward clarity, freedom, and happiness.

So, you just started your journey of connecting with your spirit guide? This is a great opportunity to discover different types of guides, both physical and disembodied. 

Here are 7 kinds of spiritual guides. 

1. Half-Human – Half-Animal

Many spirit guides appear to be half-human and half-animal. These include mermaids, minotaur, fairies, sphinxes, and many more. Also, many deities also appear in this form as spiritual guides.

2. Animals – Totems

Animals are well-known spiritual guides and they have become very popular in recent years, probably because they are available to us in everyday life.

In some ancient cultures, animals represented a sacred feature of their tribe or lineage

Nowadays, they represent someone’s inner desires and needs, and they are used more for the purpose of the individual than for the purpose of the group.

3. Light Beings

It is considered that light beings are known as guardian angels, and so many people choose them to be their spirit guides.

Light beings especially help when we are experiencing difficult periods in life, such as death, loss, and grief.

Light beings got their name because they appear in the form of light. They are bright or full of light.

4. Ancestors

Ancestral guides are entities that are related to us. It could be a family member who has recently passed away, for example, grandfather, grandmother, aunt…It could also be a long-deceased person you may never have met.

So, you can connect with your ancestors. They can appear to you as shadow beings who may look very familiar to you.

The messages that our ancestors convey to us can be truly wonderful and change our lives. 

Also, they can teach us that, while we feel alone and isolated in our current family, we are part of something much bigger. 

5. Plants

The world and everything that is on it consists of flickering, living energy. This also includes plants. 

One of the most famous ways to get in touch with the spirits of nature is a psychoactive drink. This drink is created from a plant that is not so common. 

That plant is called the “plant of the spirit” and it is common for everyone who uses it to feel that the plants are taking them into areas of inner and outer existence.

It is the same when it comes to many other psychoactive and non-psychoactive plants. 

Plants can be symbolic, like in pagan traditions where certain plants are attributed certain properties. 

It is also possible that the consumption of a plant stimulates mental, physical, and emotional expansion.

6. Gods and Goddesses

Gods and Goddesses were worshipped, feared, and written about from the beginning of time. They have spread in every culture, every tradition, and faith throughout the world.

The most common Gods and Goddesses acting as spiritual guides are Athena, Apollo, Quan Yin…

7. Ascended Masters

Ascended masters are beings who have lived on Earth and become enlightened and awakened or they have transcended the circle of reincarnation.

Because of this, they represent the supreme teachers and the path to the divine. It is said that ascended masters, like all spirit guides, teach all people who call them to achieve a great wholeness and harmony of life.

Spiritual guides are as different as human beings. There is a high possibility that you will recognize different types of guides throughout your life, depending on your needs.

Whether you want to connect with your guide through meditation, song, dance, trance state, rituals, psychoactive travel, or simply through observation, it is good to know that help is always by your side.

Finally, ask your spiritual guide for help or advice.