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守护天使用来与我们沟通的 7 种动物

7 Animals Guardian Angels Use to Communicate With Us

Guardian angels are always near.

Their watchful eye is ever present around each one of us.

Though, with us being 身体 and them being 超物理 beings, we cannot communicate directly.

That is why we see certain numbers, encounter certain animals and dream certain dreams when the time is right.

Why Can’t We Just Speak to Guardian Angels?

好吧、 we are completely free to speak to them, in the form of a 祈祷者, song, 法事, or simply with our thoughts.

The issue is – they can’t speak back. All they can do is send signs.

的想法 metaphysical beings making direct contact with humans has been a point of fascination since the dawn of time.

All the Greek myths tell about it. The holy books of various spiritual paths tell about gods speaking to their chosen humans.

In relatively modern times, we can encounter this in fantasy fiction.

The most popular example can be found in the books of H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937). 

He often put his characters in the position to encounter divinity in person, and it always ended in tragedy.

Simply put, we aren’t equipped to directly face something that’s so far beyond our existence.

Animals As Divine Messengers


Almost any animal you can name off the top of your head is connected to some type of belief.

Humans have since the dawn of time assigned meanings and traits to all the animals they ever encountered.

The meanings themselves may vary from culture to culture. However, one thing is certain.

All across the globe, we always understood that animals have heightened spiritual senses compared to us.

Hence, through them, guardian angels could relay their messages more easily.

At the same time, it’s much more likely the message will reach us when it’s relayed with the help of another living being.

These 7 Animals May Have a Message For You

How Can You Tell If It’s Just an Animal or a Divine Messenger

Truth be told, you can’t tell for sure. Guardian angels, much like God, work in mysterious ways.

But there are signs you can look for.

比如说、 an animal that usually doesn’t come too close to you suddenly becomes a frequent visitor.

When a particularly skittish creature such as a butterfly or a bird comes near you, it could easily be the doing of your guardian angel.

If your pet starts behaving unusually (assuming it’s healthy, of course), a divine attempt to communicate could be afoot.

Remember to take your own circumstances into consideration when interpreting these messages.

Cats: Your Guardian Angel Wishes to Comfort You

animal guardian angel

Whether it’s your pet or a stray kitten you’ve met on your walk, being approached by a cat is a good sign.

Even in ancient Egypt, cats were connected to 生育率 and home. Besides, they’re inherently soft and comforting beings.

If you are going through something difficult, your guardian angel wishes you to know you’re not alone.

Especially if a cat brushes against you, purrs and ‘kneads’ you, it relays the warmest comfort.

Eye Contact

Cats will make eye contact with their humans, and it’s a commonly understood sign of trust.

However, if a strange or stray cat makes prolonged eye contact with you, it could be your guardian angel trying to establish communication.

Cat Dreams

Having cat-related dreams, especially reoccurring, means that your guardian angel wants to get your attention.

As a matter of fact, any reoccurring dream could be suggesting an important message, so make sure to look into it.

Dogs: Your Guardian Angel Offers Support


A dog is a universal symbol of unconditional love and loyalty.

Although in ancient literature dogs were often connected to the underworld, they’re an overwhelmingly 积极的 presence.

If dogs often approach you and let you pet them even if you’re a complete stranger, they could be sent by your guardian angel.

Much like in real life, in the angelic message, a dog represents loving support.

Your guardian angel might be suggesting you’re on a good path.


If a random dog off the street starts peacefully following you, it could be your guardian angel staying nearby to offer 保护.

At the same time, this could indicate there’s something you should watch out for.

So, be careful and pay attention to dogs’ behavior around you.

If they’re being unusually protective, it’s likely for a reason.

Owls: Your Guardian Angel Advises Wisdom


We all know owls to be a universal sign of wisdom.

Encountering an owl may suggest your guardian angel either offers wisdom or warns you to be wise.

Aside from this, your guardian could be suggesting you take on a different perspective or approach to your particular situation.


The majority of the time, we get to hear an owl hooting from its spot on a tree branch. Though, it’s not too often that we get to see it fly.

If you’ve been given a chance to see an owl’s quiet and majestic flight in person, consider yourself lucky. 

This could be your guardian angel offering empowerment.

Bears: Your Guardian Angel Lends You Strength

Unless you’re an active hiker or a forest ranger, you likely don’t get a chance to see a bear in its natural habitat very often. If at all.

Catching a glimpse of a bear at a forest’s edge may hold a loving message.

Guardian angel could be encouraging you to be strong, and even subtly advising you to 休息时间 and practice introspection.

It could mean that you should seek a deeper connection with nature, and even your guardian letting you know you’re safe and protected.

Rabbits: Your Guardian Angel Promises Abundance

Rabbits have been a go-to sign of fertility since the dawn of human civilization.

They represent the fertility of us humans and our earth. That’s the very reason why they’re a symbol of Easter, among other things. 

With a strong connection to the 丰度 of the spring season, rabbits carry a very promising message.

Rabbits are agile and quick, but they’re also extremely vulnerable.

Encountering a rabbit or dreaming of one could mean your guardian angel wants you to be aware of your own vulnerability.

Swallows: Your Guardian Angel Sends You Hope

Swallow is a very particular bird. 

They are migratory, but even when they’re staying put, they’re not commonly seen.

It is believed these birds have a strong connection to the spirit world. They’re revered for their sweet chirping voice and their unusual flight.

Through a swallow, your guardian angel could be giving you hope for the next chapter of your life, as well as guiding you toward new things.

Finding a Nest

If you manage to catch sight of a swallow building its unique nest, your guardian angel is letting you know that you’re safe and protected

Butterflies: Your Guardian Angel Supports Your Transformation

Butterflies are commonly seen, though very skittish and delicate creatures. 

If a butterfly chooses to land somewhere on you, consider yourself lucky and watch out for a divine message.

Butterfly as a messenger suggests many beautiful and positive things.

You may look forward to progression, transformation, beauty and joy.

Connection to the Soul

Many spiritual beliefs and superstitions are related to butterflies. 

Among others, these beautiful creatures are considered to be souls or spirits materialized.

A particularly fascinating belief is that a butterfly represents a vampire’s soul.

Either way, through a butterfly, your guardian angel could be offering support and guidance on your spiritual journey.