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The 11 Aura Colors and Their Interesting Meanings

The 11 Aura Colors and Their Interesting Meanings

Auras are electromagnetic fields that surround all living beings. They are emitted from our energetic system, which has everything to do with 脉轮!

Auras are affected by our moods情感, and they change colors based on these factors.

Aura colors are mostly blends of a couple of colors, with one being more prevalent than the others. While your aura may change, you will usually have one constant color that never changes!

Let’s dive into the world of auras, their colors and what they mean!

How Can I See My Aura Color?

Now that you’ve figured out what auras are, you may be wondering how you can see yours.

Unless you’re someone who can see auras immediately, you’ll need to do a bit of work. The easiest way to do this is probably by taking an aura quiz!

Another way to find out your aura color is by going to an aura reading and getting your aura photographed!

If you’re interested in doing this by yourself then the best method would be 练习!

Softly gaze at the object you’re trying to read. If you’re trying to read your own aura then put your palms together, unfocus your eyes and pull your palms apart.

Concentrate on the colors around your hands. With practice, you’ll be able to spot colors in no time!

Aura Colors and Their Meanings

如果 you’re trying to read other people’s auras, just know that it might get a bit weird since you’ll be staring at them quite a bit!

But without further ado, let’s get into aura colors and their meanings:

1. Red Aura

红色 is a controversial color since it holds 不同的含义. It all depends on the shade of red you see!

If you see brighter shades of red then that indicates 激情, 能源high confidence, but if you see darker shades of red then it can indicate 愤怒, 侵略危险!

The color red is also associated with the 根轮, so if you see shades of red then that means that your root chakra is not blocked, hence you’re very well connected to the physical worldnature!

2. Orange Aura

撌乩 orange aura usually indicates that you’re an amazing friend! Interactions with you bring people 快乐幸福. You are able to quickly form friendshipsrelate to others.

ǞǞǞ color orange is associated with the 骶轮, which is related to creativity and adventure.

If your orange aura is kind of dull and dark, then it may indicate that you’re having trouble with your relationships.

3. Yellow Aura

黄色 is already associated with 快乐幸福! So if anyone has ever told you that you light up a room, you probably have a yellow aura!

If you have a yellow aura then it means a lot of people are attracted to you, like moths to a flame!

ǞǞǞ color yellow is associated with the solar plexus which is connected to your 快乐信心. If your yellow is dulldirty then it probably means you’re doubting yourself.

4. Green Aura

ǞǞǞ color green is associated with the 心轮, which to no one’s surprise, deals with the matters of the heart. If you have a green aura, chances are you give lots of love and support to others!

您是 great listener 和一个 shoulder to cry on. You’re very openready to help!

If your green is kind of muddy though, you might be experiencing 妒忌!

5. Pink Aura

If you see pink in your aura then that means that you are very sentimental关怀. Like green, pink is also associated with the 心轮 and it means that the chakra is well and not blocked.

If you have a pink aura, you’re probably very romantic有创意的! You are a natural healerpeople seem to be drawn to you!

Be careful and notice when it’s time to set boundaries and make yourself a priority!

6. Blue Aura

蓝色 is the color that represents 智慧知识 and is also connected with the 喉轮 responsible for 通讯.

You’ll know your chakra is not blocked if your aura is bright blue! If your aura is true blue then that means you have an 外发强大的 人格

Lastly, if your aura is baby blue then it means you’re easy-going宁静!

7. Purple Aura

Purple auras are strong since they are associated with the 第三眼轮. It represents intuition and psychic abilities.

如果你有 紫色 in your aura then it means you’re probably a ㆝才, 有创意的original!  You’re someone who has big dreams and you’re great to be around!

8. Indigo Aura

A person with an indigo aura is most likely very 敏感的感同身受. They easily absorb the feelings of others, but this isn’t always a gift, since they need to learn to take care of themselves.

Apart from this, they have a very calming presencethey often help others!

9. White Aura

白色 is a fairly uncommon aura color. You might have guessed it but the color white is associated with 纯度神性. People with this rare aura are very innocent, peaceful and they don’t judge!

White is associated with the 冠轮 and thus connects us with the 精神世界. If you see white in your aura then it means you’re strongly connected to your spiritual gifts!

10. Black Aura

有一个 black aura represents a certain type of loss.你的 energy is blockedcompletely absent and you’re in great emotional精神痛苦.

But fret not! Aura colors change, and although it may take you some time to heal, 瑜伽, 冥想a healthy lifestyle may turn your life around!

ǞǞǞ color black can also represent evil, so if you see someone with a black aura it may be a good idea to steer clear of them!

11. Rainbow Aura

有一个 rainbow aura doesn’t mean you have all the aura colors, it just means you have more than two!

many aura colors at once means you’re well-balanced and all your chakras are working in perfect harmony!

Rainbow auras can also indicate that you’re 改变shifting into a new period in your life!

The Takeaway

Auras are very changeable and most people usually display one or two colors.

Taking the time to 观察了解 your aura will help you in your day-to-day life and with tackling your daily responsibilities!