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What Are The 7 Best Crystals for Taurus?

What Are The 7 Best Crystals for Taurus?

金牛座 is the second sign of the Zodiac and it’s associated with earth. Taureans are usually very reliable people, down-to-earth and they their routines.

Their symbol is the bull, so it’s no surprise that they’re stubborn and determined. This association also causes them to be hot-headed sometimes and they don’t really listen to anyone.

Even though this stubbornness is not always a good thing, Tauruses benefit from it greatly.

They manage to stay calm in stressful situations and they are natural leaders.

But everyone needs a boost sometimes, and these 7 crystals will help Taurus stay grounded and secure!

Taurus Birthstone


Emerald is the main birthstone of the sign Taurus. With its beautiful green hues, this stone was worn by many great leaders, including Cleopatra!

It’s associated with 繁荣财富, while also having healing properties. It is said to stimulate the 心轮, which opens them up to new friendships and relationships.

Tauruses need this since they often get stuck with their routines and their same old, same old.

Best Crystals for Taurus

There are many crystals out there, but not every crystal compliments your Zodiac sign.

Below, you can find crystals that 赞美 Taurus. These crystals have healing properties, assist in strengthening your mentality and bringing abundance and success!


红玉髓 is a stone that will give Taureans 强度信心 to get through their day. It also provides motivation and courage to achieve success.

It will give them the strength and energy they need to achieve their goals faster.

This stone stimulates the 根轮, meaning that it is a great stone to use when you need grounding.

Carnelian is a great stone for boosting confidence and it works amazingly for any sign, but especially on Taurus since they often need a confidence boost.


Rhodonite is the best stone for healing trauma 情绪困扰. Like emerald, rhodonite is associated with the heart chakra and it provides emotional healing.

Rhodonite also helps with connecting with your true self and your emotions. It brings out all of the good stuff in the wearer.

This stone can also help make your creative juices flow and relax you into enjoying life from a different point of view.


This is another stone that will open up the heart chakra of a Taurus, simultaneously helping them connect to other people’s emotions.

But apart from being a great heart-opener, Malachite also helps Taurus express themselves better.

It will aid them in communicating clearly and openly, without holding themselves back.

Malachite protects the wearer from negative energies and cleanses the body and mind.


With its pink hues, rose quartz awakens peace and tenderness inside the wearer, while also providing the strength and security that Tauruses need.

It influences the environment around you, creating calm surroundings that attract abundance and prosperity.

Rose Quartz also aids in clearing the mind of a Taurus. It wards off negative thoughts and feelings and helps them concentrate on the things that are important to them.


天青石 quickly gets rid of stress and brings peace. It will bring harmony to a Taurus, on a spiritual and physical level.

Since they are so 顽固的, they often get stuck on things and accumulate lots of stress. Lapis Lazuli helps them release from this cursed cycle.

This stone also brings attention to 自我意识, which Tauruses sometimes need since they rarely think about themselves!


This stone promotes happiness, cleansing and balancing energy. It inspires love and loyalty, while also empowering survival instincts and bravery.

Garnet grounds and simultaneously inspires Taureans to go out there and achieve anything they set their mind to!


黄水晶 is a well-known cleanser and regenerator, and because it carries the energy of the Sun, this is a very useful stone to have.

It matches well with Taurus because it radiates protection and good energy.

When a Taurus needs a little pick-me-up from overworking themselves, this stone is exactly what they need!



All of these crystals will help a Taurus be their best self!

You can use these crystals in a myriad of ways, but the most effective ones are wearing your crystals打坐 with them.

If you don’t want to wear them as jewelry, you can always carry your chosen crystal in your pocket, wallet or bag. You can even keep your crystals in your room somewhere!

All in all, being around a Taurus is never dull, and while it’s exciting, it can also be a bit much.

These crystals will help heal their soul and balance that 激动人心的 energy of theirs.