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Cleansing Your Life – How To Recognize False Friends?

Cleansing Your Life – How To Recognize False Friends?

People are often too focused on their romantic relationships, career, and personal growth.

They value friendships, but they don’t think about them too much. They often don’t see false friends around them.

Real Friends Can Completely Change Your Life

Many people have friends just because it’s expected of them to have friends.

They have friends so they can have someone to spend time with.

They have friends because they have known someone for too long and now it’s just normal for them to be around someone.

So many individuals keep forgetting that friendships should be rewarding and fulfilling.

Friendships are about sharing every emotion. Friendships are about love, support, and trust.

We should all take a moment to remind ourselves that friendships shouldn’t be an obligation or a habit.

Since people don’t think about the significance of friendships, they also don’t know how to recognize false friends.

This article will help you to recognize them. You will understand that some people don’t deserve your love, time, or energy.

1. There Is No Support, Compassion, or Trust

When you feel like your friend is just someone who is in your life without a particular reason, it’s time to analyze your relationships.

When you feel like your friend is not supporting you, you might be dealing with a false friend.

When you feel like your friend doesn’t feel the need to comfort you or help you, it’s important to take a step back.

Additionally, when you don’t feel safe sharing some things with your friend, maybe your friend is not your friend.

It’s okay to experience misunderstandings sometimes. Nobody is perfect and sometimes we’re all bad friends or partners.

But, when you know that you never feel good, relaxed, or understood around your friends, maybe it’s better to distance yourself.

2. You’re Being Used

Helping a friend, partner, or family member is normal and desired. It’s rewarding and recommended to help people around you.

But, when you have that feeling in your gut that someone is just suing you for something, you’re probably dealing with a false friend.

Maybe the reason they’ve started a friendship with you is to take advantage of you.

Maybe they didn’t know they could use you, but now that they know it’s possible to do so, they’re sticking around.

When you know that you’re doing a lot for friends, while they do nothing for you, you’re being used.

When you can’t find anything nice in their behavior toward you, while you’re making grand things for them, you’re being used.

In some situations, people can’t do a lot for us, but they can be good friends. If your friend is not doing anything good for you, and they can’t even be good and loyal friends, you should re-evaluate your connection.

3. Your Confidence And Mood Are Negatively Affected

When you feel drained, insecure, and weak after spending time with a friend of yours, you’re probably dealing with a bad friend.

Friends should uplift you. Even when they’re harsh with you and tell you the truth you need to know, you still feel complete.

Friends should boost your confidence and spirit. You should feel wealthy and lucky when having great friends.

But, when you feel negative and insecure while you’re with a certain friend or after a meeting with them, you have to know that you’re dealing with a false friend.

It’s important to stand up for yourself. It’s important to choose people who make you feel good about yourself.

False friends aren’t always the worst people in the world. Sometimes there is simply no connection, but for some reason, they keep pretending.

4. You Have Evidence They’re Not Good Friends

There are some things you can feel or guess, but there are some things that are just straightforward.

When your friend is lying to you, insulting you, or talking behind your back, that’s solid proof they’re not your true friend.

When your friend is always criticizing you or competing with you, you’re dealing with a false, selfish friend.

In many cases, people are great when you’re alone, but they tend to insult you or joke about you in the presence of others.

Every other situation where it’s clear that your friend keeps putting you down and betraying you should be taken seriously.

Maybe there is a reason why your friend is acting this way, but you shouldn’t care too much about it.

It’s okay to have a talk after some minor mistakes because you feel like you two are good friends in general.

It’s okay to forgive some small things if you know that your friend was struggling at the time.

But, when your friend keeps doing something wrong, you have to walk away from them.

Your friend should be your supporter and helper. Your friend should be someone who protects you and admires you.

You don’t need false people who just keep you around to humiliate you whenever they can.

5. Your Friend Doesn’t Care About You

All the reasons above should make you question your friendships with someone, but sometimes it’s enough to see that your friend doesn’t care about you.

In some situations, your friend keeps making some mistakes and treats you poorly, but when you confront them, they don’t care.

It seems like they want to part ways with you. It seems like they do it on purpose.

In other situations, your friend seems like a good person and they’re not making any mistakes that can hurt you, but they’re also not making any effort to stay in your life.

The point is – when people show you or even tell you that they don’t care, you have to walk away.

When you find yourself in a situation where you’re stressed and upset your friend doesn’t care at all, you need to remove that person from your life.


There are so many things people can do to show their true emotions. You just have to pay attention.

You have to be honest and realistic. You have to respect yourself enough to put an end to some situations.

False friends will ruin your life if you don’t get rid of them. So, don’t be weak and do what needs to be done.