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Fire Divination: How To Interpret Candle Flames

Fire Divination: How To Interpret Candle Flames

Fire is an element with many abilities. It has the power to create life, keep things aliveend lives.

It also has 许多 意义functions. It can be used in ceremonies and rituals.

It holds many 精神含义 and if you’re someone who is interested in the spiritual world, knowing how to interpret candle flames is very useful!

The way a candle burnsits flame flickers can tell you a lot about the spiritual world, the energy around you, the way your ritual will go and many other spiritual phenomena.

Knowing how to read candle flames will provide you with insight into the past, present and future!

Pay attention to the color, movement and the smoke of the flame in order to utilize it for insight and personal growth!

What Is Fire Divination?

People throughout history have been reading candle flames in order to better understand the spiritual world. 

It has many different purposes and functions. You can use it for 个人成长, 仪式冥想. Anything around you can have an influence on the way the candle burns.

If you pay enough attention to the candle flame, you’ll get an insight into what to do next.

You need to observe the flame’s movement, 颜色烟气 that comes out!

The Color

The color of the flame is the first thing you look at! 黄色, 白色, orange are the most common ones, and learning their meanings will help you to better understand the universe.


黄色 represents a clear mind. It’s also associated with 情报, 创作思想. If you’re starting a new job or a new school, it’s a good sign if you see this color!


白色 also represents a certain 清晰度, it means that wherever you’re headed, you’re moving in the right direction. It’s a color that symbolizes 纯度,"...... 精神Goddess.


蓝色 is the color of 灵性 and it means that you’re in tune with your higher self. It symbolizes 冷静, 洞察力知识. If you see this flame you might want to take some time off!


橙色 标志着 生活, vigor积极性. It also promotes 雄心壮志 and pushes you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. 它规定 stimulation好能量!


红色 常常象征着 危险, but it can also mean that you need to push through whatever you need to complete in your life!


绿色 is associated with 自然 and nature promotes 增长. If you see a green candle flame, be ready for some changes in your life because it will bring on 新的开始!

The Movement

The next thing you need to watch out for is the movement of the flame!

Steady Flame

If the flame is fairly still and it doesn’t change much, then that means that important changes are coming.

Flickering Flame

If it constantly flickers, then it means that some difficulties are on their way. ǞǞǞ flickering flame can also indicate the presence of a spirit or any strong energy.

Dancing Flame

If the candle flame is ‘舞蹈‘ then it means that your goals and intentions are powerful but they have difficulty materializing. It means that 成功 is still possible, but you need to work on it a lot!

High Flame

如果 flame is very high it indicates 激情能源, maybe even 精神觉醒. It also means that your intentions are being heard!

Low Flame

And if the flame is low, then that means your intentions are weakyou need to recharge your energy!

Split Flame

The flame of the fire can also split and that usually means that there is something in the way of your intentions. You’ll need to cleanse yourselfyour surroundings if you want to continue.

The Smoke of the Flame

The smoke that comes out of the fire also has meaningful insights.

Clean-Burning Candle

If there is little to no smoke coming from the candle, then you should know you’re on the right path.

Lots of Smoke

If there is a lot of smoke coming from the candle, then it means that there are 困难 on the way or that there is bad energy 在你周围。

White Smoke

If the flame emits white smoke then that means you’re in the presence of a benevolent spirit and any wish or intention you have set will be granted.

Black Smoke

当您看到 black smoke coming out, you should know that there are bad energies around youyou need to do a cleanse immediately. 

Moves Away from You

如果 smoke moves away from you then it means that something is running away from you, especially if you’re doing spells. However, with 愈合manipulation spells it means that everything is going smoothly.

Moves Toward You

如果 smoke moves toward you it means you’re attracting what you’re seeking and it’s working. However, if you’re working with curses and such, it means that you won’t escape the responsibility of the pain you inflicted.

The Way the Candle Burns

Another interesting thing to look out for is how the candle burnswhat the wax looks like!

The Fire Creates a Crater

This usually happens with larger candles and you might just think about it that way. It’s annoying in your regular life, but it certainly is annoying in magick too.

It means that your energy is too low to complete the spell or that that energy was blocked by something.

Burns Quickly into a Puddle

It’s not uncommon for a candle to burn quickly but it can also be a sign that passionate energies are behind your work.

You can use the puddle of wax to practice some wax divination. Approach it with an 开放的心态 和一个 开胸 and look for any shapes that might convey a message.

No Drips

If your candle doesn’t make a mess while burning then it means the spell was executed well. Everything will go according to plan.

Wax Dripping on One Side

如果你的 candle drips only on one side then it means that something isn’t right. Wax on the right side means emotional imbalance and wax on the left means your thoughts are blocking the spell.

All in All

通过 fire divination, you’ll be able to gain clarity, and insightconnect with your highest self.

Pay attention to the things listed in this article and try to interpret the messages that your candles and sending to you. 

Light ’em up and take a moment to observe the fire. It probably has something important to say!