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DIY Grimoire: Create Your Own Spellbook

DIY Grimoire: Create Your Own Spellbook

A grimoire is a witch’s best friend. It’s one of the most important tools in your practice.

To put it plainly, it’s a book that contains spells. It holds all of your magical records and practices!

It traditionally contains spells, rituals, recipes, diagrams and more! You may choose to buy one pre-made, but being a witch is all about individuality!

So tune in because today we are making our very own Grimoire!

1. Decide on the Format of Your Grimoire

Depending on your preference you may choose to make a physical grimoiredigital grimoire.

Choose wisely because there are definitely both pros and cons for each one!

Physical Grimoire

For this grimoire, you’d need any format that includes 画笔纸张. It can be a basic journal or a binder where you can add pages to it.

You can buy a regular one from the bookshop or order a fancy ornate one online. Whatever suits you!

The physical grimoire allows you to handwrite your spells and make it your own!


  • 既然你是 handwriting everything, the grimoire will contain more of your energy
  • You can write anywhere as long as you take it with you
  • You won’t accidentally delete it


  • It will take you longer to complete
  • 这是 more difficult to make changes and get around in it
  • If you’re not artistic then you may not want to complete it
  • If you don’t like your handwriting you won’t go back to your previous work

Digital Grimoire

A digital grimoire is perfect for a witch on the go! It’s a folder on your computer or Google Drive that contains documents with your practices!


  • You can write it fastereven print the rituals and spells
  • 你可以 easily share it with others
  • 这是 easy to navigate
  • You can easily edit变化 things in it


  • Devoid of personality
  • Easy to delete and/or hack
  • Can be 铺天盖地 if you save too many things

2. Pick Your Journal

Once you have decided on the format, decide how it’s aesthetically going to look!

If you’re doing a physical grimoire you can choose from many types of journals out there: notebooks with blank, lined or grid pages, sketchbooks, leather-bound journals, binders, etc.

And if you’re choosing a digital grimoire, well… good for you I guess?

Decide if you want to decorate it with your own personal style, I vote yes since you’ll use it more if you love it! If you have a boring grimoire, you won’t be drawn to it.

Think about the size as well, you don’t want to be dragging around a huge book wherever you go! If you’re someone who travels a lot, a digital grimoire might be a better option!

3. Consecrate It

Before you start documenting your practice, you’ll want to consecrate your grimoire. It’s one of the most important tools in your craft and it needs to be filled with purpose.

你可以 write a blessing or intention on the first page, perform a ritual to consecrate itcast a spell to protect it!

Spending time with your grimoire will eventually make it more sacred, but doing these things at the very beginning will give it that special something!

4. What to Put In Your Grimoire

Once you have decided on its 目的 you can start writing in it! Write as much as you can, daily would be ideal, but since we all have other responsibilities, try writing weekly!

On your path, you will find many spells, ritualspotions. Write them all down and after trying them out, write your impressions!

Your grimoire is a reflection of you and your own experiences, so write in it whatever you want!

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to use your grimoire, no one can tell you otherwise.

Also, sharing it with other people is up to you, if you feel like your grimoire should be yours and yours alone, then keep it that way!

你可以 search for ideas in various placestalk with other fellow practitioners about the rituals and spells they use, but don’t feel bad about your own.

Here are some additional ideas of what to put in your grimoire:

This list can go on and on, but you still need to 个性化 it. Any information that you find out along the way that is useful to you, use itwrite it down.

Happy Casting!

A grimoire is a 强大的personal tool in any witch’s arsenal. You need to make it your own and there’s never a wrong way to do it!

The only wrong thing is to never start your grimoire! Get yourself a journal or sit at your computer and get to writing and creating!

Cast, practice and write as often as you can and always go back to your old writings!