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How to Identify Your Soulmate: 11 Signs They’re the One

How to Identify Your Soulmate: 11 Signs They’re the One

Some view soulmates as predestined lovers.

Others view them as people who have been in love throughout many lifetimes and are striving to meet again in every new one.

The grounded among us see the concept simply as two people who are fit for each other.

If they find one another attractive and share important values, they’re soulmates. Nothing more, nothing less.

Whichever of these theories you ascribe to, you must wonder whether you’ve already found your own soulmate.

Look for These 11 Signs That You and Your Sweetheart Are Indeed Soulmates


1. You’re friends above all

2. Mutual empathy

3. Mutual respect

4. Nobody’s playing games

5. Shared life goals

6. You make each other better

7. You both want it to work

8. You have healthy boundaries

9. No toxic chemistry

10. You feel safe

11. Your friends and family like them

Love Starts With Friendship

You may not have begun engaging with your partner as a friend, but love needs friendship to work long-term.

The novelty and sappy romantic dates can only take you so far.

If you and your partner have a genuine connection beyond your romantic feelings, it might just be the real deal.

Your soulmate is someone whose company you truly enjoy.

You make each other laugh and partake in shared activities, even unrelated to romance.

You Feel for Each Other

You know you truly care for someone when you can feel what they feel.

When they’re sad, you’re sad for them. When they’re sick, you’d rather be sick in their stead. When they fail, you’re there for 舒适度.

And vice versa.

Mutual empathy means there is a profound connection between you. You feel and experience things as a single soul.

There’s Mutual Respect

To be honest, love means very little without respect. I’d venture to say love demands respect.

If you really care for each other deeply, then you care for each other’s dignity.

You’re kind and soft-spoken to one another.

Genuine respect comes in handy in disagreements, because you won’t lash out and hurt the person you respect.

You’ll explain yourself and take your time to process your feelings.

Neither of You Plays Emotional Games

There are no emotional games because there’s no need for them.

You don’t have to compete in who’s going to text first when you both freely and openly communicate with each other.

frequent reassurance from both of you so that you never have to wonder how they feel about you.

You Share Core Goals and Values


It’s natural to strive for different things in hobbies and careers.

然而、 family values, lifestyle and spiritual goals should be aligned if a relationship is to last.

If one partner wants to travel the world and the other wants a picket fence and children – the hurt is unavoidable.

If you and your sweetheart aim for the same lifestyle overall and you agree on your values, it’s smooth sailing ahead of you.

You Force Each Other to Evolve

We change and evolve as long as we live.

Our insight, spiritual ways, talents all change over time. We 成熟的 and begin to see things differently.

Keeping up with each other on this path to transformation is a great sign. They might be your soulmate.

处于 willing to grow together and love each other all the same even after you’ve changed is exactly what soulmates are all about.

There’s Will to Make It Last

Issues arise in every relationship. There are bound to be situations where you won’t be able to see eye to eye.

But both partners must understand they’re fighting the issue and not each other.

If you’re both strong in the face of 论点 and see them as just another part of your evolution, you’re likely soulmates.

Both of You Have Strong Boundaries (And Nobody Crosses Them)

We usually can’t be aware of someone’s boundaries until they make them very clear.

Sure, we follow common decency when engaging with other people, but we may have different triggers.

What you consider to be normal could seriously upset your partner.

If you both recognize and respect each others’ boundaries, you’re in for the long ride.

There’s Chemistry, But It Isn’t Exhausting and Toxic


Chemistry is the fuel for romance. 

A person can be perfectly handsome and pretty, but if they don’t make us feel that something, we probably won’t look at them twice.

But, as you’ve likely experienced for yourself, chemistry can be a double-edged sword.

It can make you so drawn to someone you become Daltonic when it comes to 红旗.

Your soulmate, on the contrary, will attract you in all the best ways.

You will adore them, but still keep a cool head on your shoulders.

You Feel Held With Them

Remember when Bebe Rexha said, “I feel alone in your arms”?

Your soulmate will make you feel safe even when they’re not immediately with you.

They pour security into the relationship and allow you to let go.

You don’t have to pursue them or wonder if they love you. Their words and actions let you know.

Your Friends and Family Approve

This one can be tricky because not everyone has a smooth relationship with their family.

However, we can generally say our family and friends wish us only the best.

If they love your partner and think they’re a good person, it’s a very good sign you’ve found the one.