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7 Ways to Tell He’s Into You After the First Date

7 Ways to Tell He’s Into You After the First Date

So, the first date went well. Or did it? Cue the overthinking phase.

How can you tell if he likes you or not after just one date?

Men can be so infuriatingly cryptic. But they’re not as mysterious as they think.

Here’s how you can tell he’s into you during (and after) the first date.

1 - He Didn’t Try to Kiss You

Sounds counter-intuitive, right?

If he liked you, he’d kiss you, right? Wrong.

When a guy really, really, really likes you – he’ll play it safe.

He doesn’t want to rush things or push his luck and ruin a good thing.

And, frankly, he’s a little afraid of you.

Sure, he might ooze 信心 and be a little cocky, but he’ll want to take his time if he likes you. He’ll be more than happy to bide his time and get to know you better first.

And some guys are just 害羞犹豫不决 to make the first move.

So, if he didn’t seal the date with a kiss – it likely means he’s into you.

And if he doesn’t care how things go, he might leap in for a kiss just to get that dopamine hit, claim his so-called ‘victory’, and ghost you after the first date. Let’s try to avoid that.

But this doesn’t mean that a kiss on the first date is 始终 a red flag.

But it’s definitely something to take into account.

2 - There’s Little to No Overthinking

Men are simple. If he likes you, he’ll tell you or show you.

And that’s great because there shouldn’t be any lingering confusion after the date.

If he left you questioning his intentions, it’s likely he’s not sure about you.

Maybe he’s still testing the waters – or maybe he’s not interested.

是的、 romance is a risk, but when a guy likes you, you just know.

It’s really as simple as that. You feel it. And there’s no two ways about it.

And don’t worry about it if he’s not bombarding you with texts right away.

He doesn’t want to overwhelm you. He’ll try to strike a 平衡.

But his attention toward you will be 一致的 – and his effort unquestionable.

3 - Is He Shy or Confident?

The difference between a shy and a confident man is day and night.

And that’s the first distinction you need to make. The sooner, the better.

There likely won’t be any overthinking with a 有信心, self-assured guy.

He’ll state his intentions clearly and push it as far as you’re willing to indulge.

But if he’s shy? That makes things a little trickier.

His lack of confidence will make you feel 不明确.

But, little by little, he’ll find it in him to break out of his shell.

He’ll schedule dates and be present. And if you’re still not sure – ask him!

Men deal with a ton of rejection. He’ll love it if you take the 倡议.

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4 - He’s Not Just Skimming the Surface

You tell him you’ve got a sister. And he doesn’t just nod his head and say “Mhm.”

No, he shows genuine interest instead. He peels the layers back.

He asks follow-up questions, wanting to 真的 get to know you better.

You tell him your hobbies and passions and he digs even deeper.

He smiles while you speak and maintains 眼神交流. He’s invested. He hangs on your every word. And it feels like he could listen to you forever – but really listen to you.

And, most importantly, he remembers little details about you, like your favorite color.

Just make sure you don’t talk his head off.

Men often hold their emotions inside. Help him open up and make himself 脆弱的.

5 - He Stops What He’s Doing to Answer You

So, if a guy is into you after the first date, he’ll respond quickly.

But keep in mind he’ll try not to look desperate, meaning he won’t always respond right away (even though he can), and he may match your reply time (or even outdo you).

But if he’s watching a movie or playing a game and texting you – it’s a pretty clear sign he’s into you. Just don’t get used to it too much. It’s the 蜜月期,毕竟。

Everything’s new and exciting, and you just can’t get enough of each other.

But that initial passion inevitably dwindles and fluctuates over time.

So, let’s keep our expectations realistic to avoid 过度思考失望.

Enjoy the dating phase and make the most of it.

6 - He’ll Make Time for You

When a guy’s attracted to you, he makes time for you. Prioritizes it, in fact.

He’s willing to go above and beyond just to schedule another date and see you.

So, he won’t make excuses not to go out with you.

The only excuses he’ll find are excuses to be with you.

Scheduling another date should be a piece of cake.

Even if he’s 神经 around you, he’s still going to try his best to be around you.

If you text him all the time and he’s interested in you – he’ll reply as soon as he can.

7 - You Spent More Time Together Than Planned

You felt it, too. You just didn’t want the date to end.

You’d come up with a hundred excuses to hang out more if you could.

And he would, too. But he’s doing his best not to be pushy.

But when a date lasts longer than expected – it’s a clear sign he’s interested.

He could’ve cut it short if he wanted to.

But when there’s 化学, you just don’t want the night to end.

So, if you planned for coffee, and ended up having lunch, too – oh, he likes you.

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