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4 Reasons Why Life Isn’t Just About Money

4 Reasons Why Life Isn’t Just About Money

Generations and generations still live in the belief that we need money for beautiful and great things. If it is not there, it is very easy to give up our dreams, desires, and visions.

What a slap!

Unfortunately, we have been taught that we need money to afford something. They launched their vision of some small money factory that every single person must have.

For this reason, we have forgotten that the real cause of estate and lack is in us, and our views, relationships, beliefs, and attitudes.

1. Money doesn’t Open All Doors

We have been taught that it is the bill that opens all doors. Those who did not have money could not afford their children’s expensive education and a comfortable life.

They also encouraged their children to give up fantasies and to pursue their talents, dreams, and visions. They encouraged children to get a safe job and safe money, to live and work, for other people’s dreams.

The money comes as a result of the investment. What a lot of people don’t understand and can’t accept is that we don’t need money to go after our dreams and a comfortable, financially carefree life.

We are used to going backward on the principle of having money first, then you will invest and possibly if you are lucky, earn and return the investment.

The same as a BMW is a beautifully shaped sheet metal, money is a piece of beautifully shaped paper. For some unknown reason, we are taught to go the opposite way.

In addition, we are taught to express a respect for money, to bow to it, to condemn and to curse it.

For this reason, seeing money as something that gives us and takes happiness, we forget that real happiness is in our mind and spirit. Not in a piece of paper we call a bill.

2. We Don’t Need Money – We Need Mental and Spiritual “Muscles”

If you use your mental and spiritual muscles and work to strengthen them to an enviable level, your life can change greatly.

So, learn to fantasize. Create your own idea that can’t be rejected and that solves someone else’s problems. It would be a new way of solution, and it would change the opinion that all is in the money.

People have rejected their power and therefore are unhappy. When you return it to your hands quickly become creative creators. And then the money comes as a consequence of the exchange.

But first of all, you need a great idea that can’t be rejected. An idea worth gold. 

Therefore, harness your mental and spiritual muscles. Learn to use them and manage them to acquire abundance and blessings of scenting life.

3. The Creativity and Idea Are Much More Valuable

If we really needed money, we would be born with it. A lot of people perceive themselves as infirm beings without potential. 

They think they need just money to make their wishes and dreams come true and they are unable to be without it. As already said, if this was true, we would be born with the money.

But on the other side, we were born with something else, more valuable, and much more precious than money. We were born with three important mental-spiritual muscles.

What we forgot is to use them to achieve our desires and dreams. These are perception, imagination, and free will.

Perception is actually our view of the world. So, learn to look at the world in a way that benefits you. Not the one who takes away from you. 

In any situation, any event and experience, we always have that power, to choose our view of something.

If your own view takes off joy, proactivity, and curiosity, and puts you in fear and helplessness, learn to change it. It is all about you and it is yours.

Imagination is something that is in all of us. So, we all have this ability but we don’t use it. It means if we worry that we are responsible and conscientious beings.

It is considered that discarding the imagination is the same as if you reject the solution. Every idea and solution comes through the imagination. To be more precise, the ideas are the solutions you seek in any situation.

Free is something priceless. At all times, you can choose the least three things: what will you think about, how you will feel, and what choice you will bring.

Then, why don’t we use our free will to its full capacity?

The only logical answer is that for free will need to take responsibility. And therefore, for all that will follow after the decision and the choices we make.

4. You Can’t Make Your Life Story With Money

Your life story is a combination of your experiences of love, happiness, and friendships. The story of your life belongs only to you. 

What happened in the past, your family relationships, your love relationships will always be a part of you, and no matter if you are a different person today than before.

That is something you can’t achieve with money. It is all about you, your personality, and your inner world. 

Life stories and memories are something we have in our hearts and minds, and no one can steal them from us. No amount of money can buy the memories and experiences we have lived throughout our lives.

So, keep as many of them as possible and keep them because they are worth a lot indeed. Only a life full of love, happiness, and joy can fill you as a person.

Do you know why many rich people feel empty? Because they used their money the wrong way.

Instead of doing something for the community as well, they use money selfishly and for their own pleasures, but that is not something that fulfills humans.

Then, invest your energy and time in activities that you care about and that you will be able to do something for others, without having to earn or charge for your work.

In conclusion, we all would like to have a lot of money so that we can afford a decent life, but do not forget the feelings and things that are worth much more than money, and they are completely free.