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与天蝎座最相配的 4 个星座

4 Signs of the Zodiac That Are the Most Compatible With Scorpio

Each zodiac sign represents a certain accumulator of wisdom in the zodiac. This means that if any two signs fall in love, there is a possibility that their relationship will succeed.

One of the most important characteristics of any relationship is mutual decision-making. If two signs, even completely different, have a clear goal, nothing can stand in their way. 

In addition, the physical connection is important for the relationship, because compatibility depends on it too much. For the relationship between the two signs to succeed, a blend of logic and intuition is required. This creates a more dynamic relationship between the two signs.

Scorpio – With the Element of Water

Scorpio is a very loyal sign that does not like revealing secrets and formalities. Scorpio loves polemics, discussion, research, and risk. As already said, Scorpio is a sign that has an element of water, which is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluton.

Scorpio rules the eighth house of the Zodiac, which signifies sex, birth, death, mystery, reincarnation, and other peoples’ money. 

They are known as introverts and deep characters, that skilfully hide their feelings from the eyes of the world. Scorpios are very passionate, attractive, and have no limits in love, so they demand those characteristics from their partner.

Pluton is one of the planets that rule Scorpio and gives them so much energy and passion. This is the main reason why they are considered the most passionate sign of the Zodiac. 

It is considered that Scorpio is a sign of regeneration and in the time of his rule is a Day of the Dead. It is also considered on that day to exchange life and death, and resurrection again. Their life is a constant struggle.

They prefer 持续行动 and a large amount of 能源. The main characteristic of Scorpios is that they do not forget and do not forgive, so beware of Scorpios. 

In business, they are always 重点关注. They want success and power. They never leave anything to chance. Scorpios are concentrated on achieving their goals. So, they are always in front of others in business. They are so focused on making money and they would do anything to achieve it. 

Even Scorpio can love passionately, but honestly, his love can be unstable. Scorpio is considered a very jealous sign. But there is a possibility to turn that jealousy into 温柔.

He loves a strong and passionate person, and he does not forgive deception. Scorpio will give you all of him, but he expects the same from you.

Positive and Negative Traits of Scorpio

正面的 characteristic traits of Scorpio are loyalty, passion, strong intuition, good memory, sensuality, hustle, courage, wisdom, curiosity, determination, and good assessment of people. Because of these positive qualities, Scorpio builds his unshakable, strong character and attitude. 

Negative characteristic traits of Scorpio are jealousy, distrust, intolerance, possessiveness, mystery, fatalism, suspiciousness, aggressiveness, and tendency to change a mood. These negative qualities are the main reason for the changeable character, that sometimes can be toxic. 

Scorpio in Love

Scorpios are very 感性的激情 with their partners. Their sexual appetite is large, so you can think or feel that you are dealing with an extremely emotional person.

If you think all that love and fire comes from love for you, it can be your big mistake. Scorpio may love you, but he is not even aware that he has fallen in love with his reflection in your eyes

In fact, Scorpio does not have to love you, but he likes what he is when he is with you. This characteristic will be crucial when he falls in love again and realizes that he has loved only himself. 

4 Zodiac Signs That Scorpio Is Compatible With

Scorpio is a zodiac sign that always plays all or nothing. He wants a passionate connection with a partner. That includes very good chemistry between Scorpio and their partner.

When Scorpio starts a relationship with one of the four signs of the Zodiac, he seriously falls in love. Because of that, Scorpio can also open up emotionally.

The four signs of the Zodiac that are the most important with Scorpio are 癌症, 处女座, 摩羯座,以及 双鱼座.

Scorpio & Cancer

Cancer, like Scorpio, is a water sign that means that emotions are the most important for the relationship between them. Both partners are dedicated to each other and therefore make a very deep connection when they decide to be together.

The Scorpio-Cancer combination has great 潜在的 to survive as a couple.

Because they understand each other, their communication is straightforward. They will not scare each other with abnormal emotions. Instead, it will bring them even closer to each other.

Both signs are terrified of being hurt by someone. So, they will try to create a safe space in the relationship where they will be honest with each other.

Scorpio must be aware that in this relationship he cannot be too harsh with his tongue, because the emotional Cancer will withdraw and this relationship will quickly come to an end.

Scorpio & Virgo

Virgos are known for wanting a partner who will make them feel special and appreciated. Scorpios can afford it. When these two signs are combined, they are focused on each other.

Their relationship becomes an 重要的 item in their lives. Even though they are completely different, they actually complement each other perfectly. 

Virgos are critical, responsible, and reserved. Scorpios are possessive, faithful, and emotional. Virgos help Scorpios to stay on the ground a little more than wander off into the clouds.

On the other side, Scorpios encourage Virgos to be more adventurous toward life. To sum up, these opposites attract 相互。 

This relationship is first of all 友好的, and only then loving. Virgo is the one who does not want compromise and that makes Scorpio crazy. If they manage to agree on a compromise, this relationship will be very stable.

Scorpio & Capricorn

The emotional bond between Scorpio and Capricorn will develop slowly. Both of them may not be completely open to each other at first. Certain differences between them may worry them, but they will not cause any major problems.

The combination of the practical side that Capricorn has, and the emotional intuition that Scorpio has, can make this relationship very high quality.

That will be possible if both of them harmonize their energies in the right way. Scorpio is emotional and Capricorn is too serious. Capricorn’s seriousness can often confuse Scorpio, so then Scorpio can be suspicious.

In time when Scorpio realizes that this is simply the personality of Capricorn, Scorpio will accept that. Perseverance is what characterizes both signs. They can easily understand each other. Capricorn is not a sign that will give cause for jealousy, so Scorpio can be calm because of that. 

The stubbornness of both signs can cause problems, but the 理性思维 of Capricorn will easily calm an emotional and passionate Scorpio. Loyalty to each other will be the key to this relationship. In this way, Scorpio can learn how to control sudden emotional reactions. 

Scorpio & Pisces

Scorpio and Pisces belong to the water signs of the Zodiac. The key word for both signs is 感情. This fact indicates that love, tenderness, and romance can be born between them.

The first time they meet, there can appear an emotional and intuitive connection. Both of them feel like they have found their soulmate.

The protective and compassionate instinct is very pronounced in both signs. So, security in this relationship is very clear. Scorpio is emotional, but also more persistent and stronger than easily injured Pisces.

If someone hurts a Scorpio, Scorpio will not be silent. Scorpio will retaliate with a double measure. When someone hurts Pisces, Pisces will retreat

Scorpio can help Pisces to be stronger and more determined. On the other side, Pisces will calm Scorpio’s passion and make Scorpio calmer.