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7 Signs That You Are Cursed (And How to Lift It)

7 Signs That You Are Cursed (And How to Lift It)

Horror movies have taught us to imagine curses as monstrous demons looming everywhere we go.

They grow bigger and more aggressive by day until the curse reaches its boiling point and terror ensues.

Though, in reality, curses are subtle. That’s the very point of casting a curse.

By the time you realize you’re suffering from bad fortune, it’s already done its due.

In the worst-case scenario, you never realize it and accept bad luck as something that just is.

Curses Aren’t Cast Over a Cauldron

If you think you’re safe from curses because they take any form of effort to be cast, you’re sadly wrong.

We tend to imagine the caster having to surround themselves with candles, learn incantations and acquire ingredients.

In order to cast a curse, you don’t need the Eye of Newt or dirt from an abandoned graveyard.

You merely need intention.

Manifestation Goes Both Ways

People in various spiritual communities accept manifestation almost as a fact.

The idea of the Universe recognizing the shift in our energy and making it so things go our way is 古代.

It’s at the core of every prayer, every ritualistic dance and every burning of sage.

Our intentions and thoughts have the power to bring about change.

Whoever said that the change only entails the good?

Watch Out For These 7 Signs That You’ve Been Cursed

1. Bad sleep and/or frequent nightmares

2. Frequent misfortunes

3. Feeling emotionally drained

4. Toxic relationship patterns

5. Efforts not paying off

6. Conflicts with family members

7. Bad habits

Keep in mind that most of these issues could also have explainablemedical causes

If they seem to have no apparent reason, then it could be a curse.

1. Bad Sleep And Night Terrors


Having trouble sleeping or outright suffering from insomnia could very well be for psychological reasons.

From past traumas, unresolved issues or even stress, all of these can cause us to temporarily lose sleep.

And if you’re, upon finally catching some rest, plagued by nightmares, it’s easy to fall into 感到绝望.

In case you’ve looked and failed to find a logical explanation behind these problems, consider the possibility of being cursed.

Sleep, besides food and water, is essential for life. If somebody wishes to cause you harm, they’re likely to target your ability to rest.

From there follows foul mood, lack of appetite and depleted energy during the day.

If the caster meant to take away your capacity to lead a fulfilled life, targeting your ability to sleep is a sure way to do it.

2. Misfortune Follows Wherever You Go

Though it may sound a little dramatic, it’s possible to feel literally like you can’t get away from bad fortune.

Your efforts never seem to pay off and you seem to constantly embarrass yourself.

Somehow, it’s you who’s always misunderstood, who’s the scapegoat, who suffers financial losses.

Or worse, you find yourself in situations in which you can actually be injured.

If none of these happen by your direct fault, they could be consequences of a curse.

Whoever cursed you wanted to take away your dignity and sense of self-worth.

3. Your Emotions Are Chaotic

Do you walk around unmotivated, with a perpetual lump stuck in your throat?

Do you constantly feel the need to cry over some obscure sadness?

Diagnosed or undiagnosed depression could be the result of a curse.

The castor intended to make you distance yourself from other people, to feel anxious and perpetually unhappy.

This negativity could in time cause your emotional state to worsen as you become unable to attract positivity into your life.

4. It Feels Like You’re Dating the Same Toxic Person Over And Over Again

Does it feel like you are constantly stuck in terrible relationships?

Just when you leave one abusive partner and swear that next time you’ll be careful, 任凭 you end up in a toxic affair all over again?

If you’ve tried to find a logical cause behind this pattern but failed, consider a curse.

is a major part of our lives.

Even if all else works out fine, the inability to have a healthy romantic relationship leaves most people unfulfilled.

The caster wanted you to feel like you’re not worthy of true love.

5. All Work, No Reward

Does it seem like your hard work never pays off?

You grind, you work on yourself, you try your hardest to get acknowledged and earn money – but you’re always back to zero.

You’re starting to feel like Sisyphus, pointlessly pushing a boulder up the hill only for it to roll back down.

If the curse is afoot, the caster meant for you to lose sight of your value and even stop expecting good things for yourself.

6. Your Own Family Isn’t a Safe Space Anymore

Occasional arguments are a normal part of any family.

Parents nag, siblings tease, and cousins are nosy.

Still, those are the very people we turn to for company and nourishment.

When it begins to feel like you and your family are stuck in conflict after conflict, for no true reason, it’s quite possible someone wishes you harm.

Maybe to all of you.

Making you feel like you have no one to turn to in your time of need was the caster’s evil intention.

7. You Became Your Own Worst Enemy

Bad habits can be a serious source of conflict between us and our loved ones.

Moreover, they can be detrimental to our quality of life and even our 健康.

A bad habit can be something as simple as too much gaming, and as serious as alcoholism or drug addiction.

And while we are all prone to developing unwanted habits here and there, if you find yourself giving in to them unreasonably often, you could be under a curse.

The caster wished for you to fall into a pattern of shame and guilt over allowing bad habits into your life.

Can You Lift a Curse?

There are a few options out there if you want help in removing a curse, or simply a confirmation that you have indeed been cursed.

Various shamans, psychics, priests and hodjas could be able to help. In remote villages, there are still old people who do simple rituals that remove curses and fears.

然而、 aren’t without power either.

Protect Your Energy

If you suspect you’ve been cursed, the first and foremost is to protect yourself.

Not against anything physical. If the caster wanted to face you directly they wouldn’t have cast a curse.

Sage your living space and wear a lucky charm.

Pray if you’re a believer, or try meditation and positive manifestation.

Strengthen your mindset and explore ways to invite 好的正能量 back into your life.

If you don’t feel like anything’s changed after a while, seek help.

Be Careful Around Certain People

Though there is no sure way to learn who the caster is, it’s possible you have your suspicions.

And even if not, try to be careful about who you let into your home and who you trust.

Surround yourself exclusively with the people you know and wish you the best.

Look For Cursed Objects In or Around Your Home

Casting a curse doesn’t require any objects, but it’s up to the caster whether they use them or not.

Using inanimate objects as mediums could potentially make the curse stronger.

Look for things that don’t belong in your space or have been tampered with.

Look around your garden. Burying objects or animals in the victim’s backyard is an old-school way to cast a curse.

Usually, simply destroying what you’ve found should be enough to lift it.

Stay Vigilant

Common advice from people who lift curses is not to give anything away for a time.

Though, of course, they can’t tell you for sure who the castor is, they’ll likely tell you that the person will come to ask for something of yours.

They could be asking to borrow money, your clothes or simply some milk.

You’ll be advised to refuse 他们。

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