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How to Use Your Zodiac Sign to Trump Anger

Each person deals with an array of emotions each and every day. Some days are rollercoasters of emotions and we are able to go from feeling happy to sad in the blink of an eye.

But there is one specific feeling a lot of people struggle with the most. They don’t know how to deal with it and eventually they explode.

This feeling is called anger, and we’re all quite familiar with it. Anger is a powerful 提神剂, but if not expressed in a healthy manner, the consequences can be dire.

Now, not everyone is the same, and we all deal with our anger differently, but at least we can use the stars as our guide in how to handle anger in a good way.

1. Aries

因为 白羊座 is a very energetic sign, they express their anger fiercelyquickly.

Aries is a cardinal sign, so they don’t tend to hold grudges for long. They will, however, 热情 express their anger. So if you’re fighting with an Aries, basically just wait it out.

And if you are an Aries, you should use this boost of energy to do something. 运动 might be a good idea or try expressing your anger 创造性地 in order to overcome your anger.

2. Taurus

Tauruses are very secure and steady. It takes a lot to get them angry and this usually happens because they’ve been accumulating anger.

At first, they’ll be calm and maybe a bit 被动的, but if you bring them to their breaking point, be sure to take cover. Their symbol is a bull after all!

Since they are so steady and secure, the best way for them to deal with anger is to take a step back, take a break and think about the next course of action.

This is the reason why they manage to be so patient and always have a good solution for everything. But beware, they may forgive but they certainly won’t forget!

3. Gemini

双子座 is a very 多嘴多舌 sign, and when they’re angry they’ll let you know.

It might be in a very playful manner but rest assured, they are 非常 serious about it. You can expect funnysarcastic responses, but they do believe in openly talking about your feelings.

Talking helps them deal with their anger.

Some Geminis like arguing for 乐趣, so I wouldn’t take it to heart when they start bickering with you.

Since they’re a mutable sign, after arguing and debating for a while, they might even forget why they were angry in the first place!

4. Cancer

Cancers aren’t a very angry sign, but they are overtly 情绪化敏感的.

They don’t exactly know how to deal with anger so they cocoon themselves in their shells.

When angry, they enjoy being in familiar places and being with the people they love.

This is how they keep their anger controlled because they don’t exactly know how to express it in a calm way.

Cancers need to learn to 传达 their feelings of anger in a healthy way.

5. Leo

Leos are very prideful signs but they are also a fixed fire sign.

This is an interesting combination because their pride doesn’t really let them squabble, unlike us common folk, while the fire in them keeps burning after you’re finished arguing with them.

But this pride can also be a good thing. It doesn’t let them fight, while still resolving the problem.

They like to take the high road in order to keep their dignity intact.

6. Virgo

处女座 is a very 顺理成章 sign. They won’t exactly argue with you, but they will pull you into a mean debate and you definitely won’t be ready for it.

他们 to be right, and lucky for them they always are!

Their logic and resolve help them look for solutions to the problem, and when they’re angry you can multiply this by 10. 

This is what helps them 过程 their anger in the best way, 思想 things through and making plans to fix things. All of their favorite pastimes combined!

7. Libra

天秤座 will do anything to keep the peace since they are the least confrontational of all the Zodiac signs.

And this often means that they will try to run away from their anger, or at the very least ignore 它。

They need to learn how to confront their anger, and one way to do this is to talk things through.

Libras are actually very skilled mediators, so what they tell their friends, they should learn to tell themselves as well.

They are good at finding a middle ground so that the solution makes 每个人 开心

8. Scorpio

Anger is a very intense emotion for Scorpios, since they feel 一切 intensely. But they are still a water sign, so they quietly approach these intense feelings.

They tend to contain this anger until they can’t anymore. Scorpios are very calculated as well, so if you’ve wronged them, expect a 非常 有创意的 复仇 on their part.

But once they find a healthy way to control their emotions, they will be disciplined and they will try to use this anger for growth, instead of revenge.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittariuses love to preach and casually drop wisdom. So even when they do get angry, they get their point across and they move on.

They might try to crack a joke and make a serious situation lighter than it is.

But don’t expect them to dwell on it for long, it’s very much a ‘one and done’ situation with them and anger.

10. Capricorn

Similar to Virgo, Capricorns are logical signs. If the argument doesn’t seem logical to them, they won’t engage with it at all.

Being angry and bickering all the time doesn’t seem productive to Capricorns so they simply 不要 do that.

They like to keep going, so they push through anger by working hard and being successful.

11. Aquarius

Aquarians are all very unique people. So it makes sense that the way they argue is 非常 unique too.

They will talk your ear off about how they felt when you ‘wronged’ them. But don’t take this to heart, they just want you to understand their point of view.

Though, they might want to try that very same thing as well. You know, understand someone else’s point of view.

12. Pisces 

双鱼座 just don’t stay angry for long. They’re very adaptable so their anger practically evaporates.

They are sensitive though, and they love playing the victims in arguments, instead of owning up to their actions. They need to realize that they can in fact wrong and wrong things. 

This may be uneasy for some of you, but it’s important to honor all feelings and actually 感觉 them instead of ignoring them.