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Every Zodiac Sign Has a Love Language – Here’s Yours

Every Zodiac Sign Has a Love Language – Here’s Yours

A 爱的语言 is a concept coined by Dr. Gary Chapman.

Every person expresses and receives love in their own unique way.

According to Chapman, the 5 love languages are:

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Acts of Service
  3. Gift Giving
  4. Quality Time
  5. Physical Touch

Still, it’s impossible to define love so easily. And it’s a sin to confine it.

But if you’re not sure what your love language is, astrology can help you make sense of it.

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1 • Aries

  • Aries Love Language: Words of Affirmation (Also: Physical Touch)

The ever-warm and compassionate Aries is all about the spokenwritten word.

A good morning text is enough to give them a dopamine shot to last the whole day.

Yes, you can tell an Aries you love and appreciate them – and they’ll be over the moon.

But it doesn’t need to be 直接的. Just remembering the little things goes a long way, like their favorite color. Asking how their day went. What they’re up to. And how they slept.

The gentle Aries loves , rambling conversations,也是如此。

An Aries will go out of their way to make you feel special. They leave no room for doubt. It’s easy to know where you stand in their life, but they need that energy reflected back.

2 • Taurus

  • Taurus Love Language: Physical Touch (Also: Gift Giving)

A Taurus is deeply attuned to their 感官.

在一个 稳定的, loving relationship, they express their love to you 身体上.

Sex is always on the table, sure. But a Taurus is also about snuggling under a blanket, holding you tightly while saying goodbye, giving you kisses, and holding your hand.

With a Taurus, you’ll be receiving gifts left and right.

3 • Gemini

  • Gemini Love Language: Quality Time (Also: Words of Affirmation)

A Gemini is a sucker for good, stimulating conversation – especially if it’s gossip.

Challenge them 智力上 and they’ll fall head over heels in love with you.

Never try to limit or confine them. A Gemini needs air to breathe, to explore – to 生活.

Respect their 自由 and be the wind in their sails.

Keep in mind that a Gemini is always going to need 新鲜的exciting experiences.

For a relationship with a Gemini to work, 自发 is a must.

4 • Cancer

  • Cancer Love Language: Acts of Service (Also: Quality Time)

A Cancer stays with you through thick and thin, always lending a helping hand.

他们的 培养, life-loving presence makes every burden a little easier to bear.

You can always count on a Cancer to give you a shoulder to lean on, to cry on.

作为 caregiver, they’ll do anything to make you happier – and succeed at it effortlessly.

But they expect (and 需要) 忠诚度奉献精神 in return to feel appreciated.

Show them you care, be there for them, and check up on them often.

It’s those who help others the most that usually suffer in silence.

5 • Leo

  • Leo Love Language: Physical Touch (Also: Gift Giving)

To say Leos love the spotlight would be an understatement. They 热望 它。

So, when they’re in love – they’re not just 恋爱. Their love is a spectacle.

Leos want that moviesque feeling of a 激情, 冒险的, fairytale 关系。

That’s why when they hold you, you feel like the center of the universe.

A Leo will always sweep you off your feet and make everything about you.

6 • Virgo

  • Virgo Love Language: Acts of Service (Also: Words of Affirmation)

You can always rely on a Virgo to keep you out of trouble.

Virgos often show affection through 原因. Simply put, they advise those they love and care about. Their advice is never misguided. You can trust a Virgo to point the right way.

A Virgo will do just about anything to make you feel loved, safe, and cherished.

And they’re 实用, too! Always on the move, staying proactive.

Sure, most Virgos struggle with 过度思考, but rarely with indecision or inaction.

They’ll remember everything about you – even the color of your favorite childhood toy.

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7 • Libra

  • Libra Love Language: Quality Time (Also: Physical Touch)

If there ever was a rule Libras live by, it’s to make memories.

Libras enjoy 注意, but it has to go both ways.

They’re always trying to capture that 完美 moment. Whether it’s a movie night or a spur-of-the-moment adventure, they’re open to anything, as long as stability remains.

Remember, Libras strive for 平衡. And they express their love in many ways.

But there’s never any ifs and buts or maybes about their feelings toward you.

8 • Scorpio

  • Scorpio Love Language: Physical Touch (Also: Quality Time)

Scorpios are 身体 – that’s pretty much crystal clear.

When a Scorpio falls for you, they’ll want to shower you with hugs, kisses, and affection.

They crave and rely on being 关闭亲切 with you whenever 可能。

So, being with a Scorpio pretty much amounts to a lot of excitement in the bedroom.

It’s where Scorpios thrive – but where they’re confined to.

Scorpios love 冒险 and they’ll want to experience them with you by their side.

9 • Sagittarius

  • Sagittarius Love Language: Quality Time (Also: Physical Touch)

To the Sagittarius, all the world’s a stage – a playground.

They chase sunsets, try new things, and experiment. And if they bring you along for the ride, you mean a lot to them. They want to share every wonderful moment with you.

One moment, it’s wine and jazz at their place. The next, you’re suddenly flying to Europe.

Sure, being with a Sagittarius can be unpredictable – but it’s always 激动人心的.

How 激烈地热情 they love is a ride in and of itself.

10 • Capricorn

  • Capricorn Love Language: Gift Giving (Also: Quality Time)

Capricorns are not really fans of saying how they feel – well, at least not at first.

But they love hard. Their love is 纯粹的, 真正的, and basically 永远.

And they’ll let you know they love you by picking the perfect gifts.

Their gift-giving isn’t limited to anniversaries; they love to surprise. The gifts they give often hold sentimental value. They’re 周到的. And they know how to keep a secret.

Capricorns always go out of their way to make you feel special.

But the most precious gift a Capricorn can give you is time – in abundance.

11 • Aquarius

  • Aquarius Love Language: Acts of Service (Also: Words of Affirmation)

Aquarians are all about the so-called 小事 在生活中。

An Aquarian knows well that a simple 善举 can change a person’s life.

In love, they express their affection in a 成熟的, emotionally intelligent 办法。

Deep down, they’re driven to change the world. And they’ll try to change you, too (for the better, of course), by making sure you feel treasured and appreciated every single day.

An Aquarian will fall head over heels for you if you share and believe in their purpose.

12 • Pisces

  • Pisces Love Language: Words of Affirmation (Also: Physical Touch)

The dreamy Pisces can never really lose their innocence.

They’re always 有希望的, always 浪漫的, and always 激情.

A Pisces will show you how they feel – rather than tell you. But they’re the ones that need affirmation. Because they’re afraid to ask. They withdraw to hide in their cute little shells.

So, make sure you remind them often just how much they mean to you.

And if you make a Pisces feel loved, you’ll get the whole package – a fairytale romance.

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