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Behavior of the Zodiac Signs During a Breakup – 4 Signs Become Passive-Aggressive

Behavior of the Zodiac Signs During a Breakup – 4 Signs Become Passive-Aggressive

With the help of zodiac signs, astrologers can recognize when someone is not happy and fulfilled in love. So they consider that it is time for a change if you are in that or a similar situation. It is not easy and a good feeling when love is slowly extinguishing.

Each man has his own system by which he struggles with the situation. Some people bite their nails or pull their hair out of their heads. On the other side, there are people that put on the smile on their faces, while their soul falls apart.

It all depends on the zodiac sign.

Signs During a Breakup

We all find it difficult to end a long and serious love relationship in which we placed all our hopes. Leavers often have it as hard as those left behind. 

Every change in the life of the zodiac sign requires a certain amount of time for adaptation, including a breakup. Different zodiac signs behave differently when that period is interrupted. 

Some signs feel it in advance, so they get over it while they are still in a relationship. On the other hand, many signs are more difficult to recover from a breakup and take some time.

Also, some signs retreat and suffer in silence, but never show it. Some of the signs become passive-aggressive and they blame others for their situation.


This is a very shy zodiac sign that will hardly find a partner that he is happy with. After a breakup of that relationship, he will retreat into seclusion and think about everything.

Capricorn will try to maintain control of the situation and think about rational solutions to the problems. When he recovers, he is ready for new challenges. 


After a breakup, Aquarians will focus on achieving their goals, which they temporarily put aside for love. They will devote a lot of time to their 职业生涯. But after some time, they start to analyze the failed relationship and everything that went wrong.


Pisces are to explore and look for 新冒险, instead of envying and suffering for their partners. But after all, Pisces is perhaps the sign that will be the hardest to get over a breakup. 


When he falls in love, he wants to share all aspects of his life with his partners, even trifles. But if the partner starts excluding him from some aspects, it can be a sign that the relationship is not sustainable anymore, and there is a probability that Aries will end the relationship.

Aries will never show how much he really suffers. But one relationship and one breakup will not make them no longer believe in love. He rises like a Phoenix from the ashes, more prepared than before.


Taurus is not a type that will waste time in superficial relationships. He is often in long and emotional relationships. He will think carefully before he decides to break up. If there is still anything that can keep the relationship, he will stay.

But when he finally decides to break up, that is over. He will rush into a new relationship in which he will try to correct everything he has done wrong before.


Gemini is one of the zodiac signs that become 被动攻击. This sign also becomes disoriented and distracted, and focused on everything except the relationship that is collapsing. Another ugly habit of Gemini is to blame others for his situation.


Cancer becomes meticulous during a breakup. Sometimes he will talk openly about it, but often he will be 被动攻击 because he is afraid of facing the truth. 


First of all, Leo also becomes 被动攻击, and then he ignores all the problems during a breakup. Leo shows his brutality because he is unhappy. He also shows signs of insecurity.


They try to devote themselves to anything and everything to take their minds off their problems. In that way, they become 多疑 and create the most terrifying scenarios in their head.


Libra is a sign that is known for a loving harmonious relationship. After a breakup, quarrels are out of the question, and stormy reactions too. Libras will soon begin to flirt with someone else. Their loneliness and period of suffering will not last too long. 


Scorpios usually ignore the problems of breakups and act like everything is fine. Because of their 多情的大自然, all those problems will come to light very soon.


After a breakup, he is not satisfied in any aspect. He becomes 被动攻击 and he often makes unnecessary outbursts of emotion. However, Sagittarians will easily survive a breakup, even though at first sight they will fall into a depression.