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5 Signs That You Know How to Preserve Common Sense in Any Situation

5 Signs That You Know How to Preserve Common Sense in Any Situation

Common sense is based on good judgment, but this is not necessarily directly related to intellect.

It is about knowing how to do a smart thing in a wide range of situations, which requires life experience as well as many other things. 

In so many ways, common sense is the only thing that prevents us from doing wrong and stupid things while doing our daily obligations, making it an important life skill.

Common Sense

Common sense is as totalizing as any other framework and form of thought. By the most spiritual people, it is considered that no religion is more dogmatic, no science is more ambitious, and no philosophy is more general than common sense.

Its tonalities are different, as are the arguments it refers to, but like art or ideology, common sense is shown as a form of thinking that is able to overcome illusion and achieve the truth.

Unlike the intellect, common sense takes into account social factors that contribute to doing and saying the right things.

So, these are 5 signs that common sense is guiding you in life as well.

1. You Don’t Accept Everything and You Don’t Fall for Scams

The scams are numerous. From blackmail scams, charity scams, lottery scams, love scams, mental scams…the list seems endless. In fact, today’s scams can be incredibly complex and tricky. 

Scammers use clever psychological tricks to manipulate us before we get a chance to step back and use our common sense, vision, and intuition.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find out that a scam is near you. But on the other side, people who maintain and nurture their strong minds and spirituality can “smell” a scam

The only reason for their ability to smell the scams is that their strong spirituality helps them to see things more deeply. They also have the ability to see what is kept hidden.

So, if you are one of those individuals who ” smell” scams for a mile, it is possible that you have strongly expressed common sense. 

2. You Don’t Take Everyone’s Word for It

If you don’t take everyone’s word for it, it doesn’t mean that you are distrustful. Also, this does not mean that you are cautious, skeptical, or paranoid.

It just means that you know that it takes a lot of time to draw accurate conclusions and make some decisions. When we blindly believe everything people tell us, it makes us naive and artless. 

Common sense just tells us that even if most people in the world are good, not everyone will have your best interests at heart.

3. You Don’t Take Suspicious and Useless Risks

Impulsivity has been shown to be associated with several adverse outcomes in everyday life, including psychosocial functioning. There is an important psychological difference between calculated risks and futile ones

So, if you have enough common sense, there is a great chance that you will not put yourself in unnecessary danger. In addition, you are very calculated and know how to be sane.

4. You Have a Lot of Life Experiences

The good thing is, especially when it comes to developing common sense, that we can learn more when things go wrong than when everything goes according to plan.

So many people believe that wisdom increases with experience and overcoming difficulties. Actually, when we allow ourselves to face these threats, then we can allow the information we get as wisdom to advance.

This wisdom can then give information about how we choose to live. In fact, it allows us to be embodied people, and to live with full awareness of our limitations, fears, and threats.

5. You Prefer to Explore on Your Own

Don’t jump to a quick conclusion. You need to learn that the best way to deal with things is to stay open-minded and see what happens. 

It will protect you from wrong decisions and other things that can cloud your judgment. So, all of this will help you to stand in the way of common sense.