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7 Ways to Keep Faith During Difficult Times

7 Ways to Keep Faith During Difficult Times

Challenges are a part of life, inevitable like change.

But, sometimes, it’s hard to keep the faith when the going gets tough.

How do you find God with the world’s weight on your shoulders?

How do you embrace His Love when fear and doubt cripple you?

Faith does not eliminate challenges. It may not even prevent them. But faith gives you the strength and endurance you need to rise above and overcome adversity once and for all.

Here are 7 ways to keep the faith during trying times.

1. The Power of Prayer

Life gets hectic and we often forget to pray. It happens to everyone.

Though, we often come up with silly excuses – like not having enough time! But the truth is, you can have the most eventful day ever and still find five to ten minutes for prayer.

In fact, just five to ten minutes of prayer will make everything else easier.

Why? Because it calms the mind. It soothes the heart. It invigorates the spirit.

And, most importantly, it helps you find strength (and comfort) during hard times.

It’s how you connect to God and nourish that divine connection.

And, more often than not, it’s how you find guidance to overcome challenges.

“God is only a prayer away.”

2. Face Your Challenges With Purpose


Do you feel like every challenge and obstacle you face is unfair?

You try your best to do good, to be good, yet still endure hardship.

Well, the challenges you face aren’t necessarily bad. Not inherently, at least. Every challenge helps you discover your strengths and weaknesses – and helps you grow.

That’s why it’s necessary to go through hardship with an iron will and purpose.

Try to peer beyond the veil – beyond the current struggles.

Find strength and motivation in the growth you stand to gain by pushing forward.

3. Hope Is Stronger Than Fear

Fear can be crippling. It’s this all-consuming, seemingly unconquerable entity.

Yet, fear is a house of glass. One stone – and it all comes crashing down.

In other words, fear is an illusion. Which means that hope is stronger.

Hope is believing in yourself, in God, and trusting His Plan. It’s about focusing on favorable outcomes with self-confidence and having the inspiration to take action.

All of that can be achieved with hope.

Hope is a solution-compelled energy that helps you problem-solve your way out of tricky situations and overcome challenges. And, more so, it helps you stay positive-minded.

So, cling to hope and let it be your shield when fear and doubt come knocking.

4. Look To the People Around You

No matter what you’re going through right now – you’re not alone.

Yes, God is always with you. But it’s not just God. It’s the people around you.

Your friends and family can provide support during challenging times.

So, don’t hesitate to turn to them and ask for help. Maybe you need love. Or maybe you need guidance. Either way, the people who love you can always lend a helping hand.

5. Embrace Kindness With All Your Heart

The world can be unfair, cruel, confusing, and evil.

When the odds are stacked against you, it’s important to embrace kindness.

Sure, it can be harder to find it, but your heart never lessens its glow. It’s just the clouds in the way. You can send them on their way with one little act of kindness and compassion.

But you may not feel up to it, especially if facing challenges.

But that’s exactly why you should do it even more!

Kindness dispels negative energy and attracts positive vibrations.

It inspires hope both within and around you.

6. Reflect Gratitude

No matter how bad things get, there’s always a silver lining.

You lose a job. Rough, sure. But that opens up an infinite amount of opportunities.

It’s all about staying positive-minded. And the best way to do that? Gratitude.

Gratitude is a spiritual shield. It reminds you of the good things in your life. And don’t trick yourself into believing that there aren’t any good things. Take a moment to think.

Count your blessings, from the food in your fridge to the ones who love you.

This increases your resilience and helps you reduce stress and anxiety.

It’s a one-way ticket to a life of happiness and optimism.

And, most importantly, faith.

7. Faith is Strength for Tough Times

Faith is meant to serve us during hard times and challenges.

It’s the one source of true strength you can always tap into.

Few things are as spiritually potent as faith when facing hardship.

It guides you through the uncertainty, paving the way forward.

It keeps you believing that there are better days ahead. And there are.

So, cling to faith when doubt clouds your mind and when you feel alone.

Remember its purpose so that you may always regain it.