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8 Moon Phases That You Can Use to Realize Your Desires

8 Moon Phases That You Can Use to Realize Your Desires

In astrology, the Moon rules our inner world, and part of us that no one else sees. The Moon lives and breathes in the shadow of night, so it protects our secrets, emotions, and our imaginary world.

The Moon travels through the ups and downs of the lunar cycle, so in that way, the Moon radiates different types of energy, affecting your life. That is the reason why it is important to find out what Moon phases really mean.

If you follow the Moon phases, you will be able to use its full potential to improve your life. First of all, it would be good to find out about the phase of the new and full Moon.

The reason for this is that the new Moon begins a completely new lunar cycle. On the other side, the full Moon represents the point of culmination and emotional climax.

Moon phases have different meanings that you can use to attract positive events into your life. 

Here are 8 Moon phases and their meanings. 

1. The New Moon

The new Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are on the same side of the Earth. Since the Sun doesn’t face the Moon, from our perspective on Earth, it seems like the dark side of the Moon is facing us.

In astrological terms, this would be the moment when the Sun and Moon form a conjunction.

You should use this time to reboot intensively. Think of the new Moon as your new beginning. Try to imagine how you are filling yourself with the energy of the new Moon.

Mentally reject all unwanted and negative thoughts. Make a wish, set an intention, or make a decision to start something new. All the new Moon wants you to do is start over.

2. The Rising Crescent Moon

As the Sun begins to approach the new Moon, it becomes illuminated again. A crescent Moon appears, which reveals a thin part of light just before it passes into the first quarter of the Moon.

The crescent Moon represents intention, hope, and desire. This is the time when you should breathe life into your intentions, taking the first steps toward your goals.

After charging with the energy of the new Moon, you can feel more motivated and ready to accept your desires. So then, you should be very excited about the new journey ahead of you.

3. The First Quarter of the Moon

The phase of the first quarter of the Moon occurs a week after the new Moon phase. This is a period when the Moon completes a quarter of its Monthly lunar phase cycle.

In this period of Moon phases, you may begin to feel resistance in the form of obstacles. The themes surrounding this phase of the Moon are challenges, decisions, and actions

The time of setting your intentions is over, so now you need to be inspired to work harder. No matter how hard it can be, you just need to remember the intention you set during the last new Moon.

In addition, you have to make decisions with that in your mind. 

4. Almost a Full Moon

This phase of the Moon is just one phase away from becoming a full Moon. It is easy to see during the day because it is mostly illuminated. 

The themes that surround this phase of the Moon are customization, review, and taking control. Maybe you begin to notice the mistakes you have been making.

So, this Moon phase could help you to find out if you need to rethink your work.  The fact that the full Moon is around the corner gives you the energy to take your goals more seriously.

5. The Full Moon

The full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth. The Sun is right across from the Moo, so light illuminates it completely.

The Sun and Moon are opposed to each other, so they are also in opposite zodiac signs. This brings tensions while you struggle to find a balance between two extremes. 

Emotions can overwhelm you in this period. However, the full Moon is also a moment of revelation, reward, and change. The results of your hard work are revealed.

6. The Descending Almost Full Moon

After the full Moon, now the Moon begins to become less illuminated again, so it’s decreasing toward the last quarter. 

The themes that surround the descending crescent are gratitude, generosity, and enthusiasm. You should feel the benefits of your hard work. Maybe you even want to pass on to others the wisdom you learned during this lunar journey.

7. The Last Quarter of the Moon

The last quarter of the Moon is the reverse process from the first quarter. After full, the Moon decreases and becomes smaller. Now it looks like half a slice of lemon.

The themes that surround this phase of the Moon are liberation, letting go, and forgiveness. Maybe you are ready to let go of all of the weight you have been carrying. 

In this phase of the Moon, you will be freed of anger and regret. You should put away everything that seems difficult and pointless to you.

8. The Descending Crescent Moon

This phase of the lunar cycle, also known as the balsamic Moon, reveals the last part of the light just before the new Moon’s darkness.

This is your chance to surrender, rest, and recover. You can feel a little bit empty because you went through the cycle and things have come and gone.

Now we are preparing for the new cycle.