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Angel Number 355 Meaning: Being Happy Is Easier Than You Think !

Angel Number 355 Meaning: Being Happy Is Easier Than You Think !

Angel number 355 meaning – Life can be quite difficult to make sense of. We all have our own visions of what ewe would like our lives to look like, and yet very rarely do we manage to build/create the kind we would like.

No matter how hard we try, things tend to turn out a lot different that what we wanted to achieve, and so after a while, after enough years have passed, we realize that things haven’t turned out at all the way we have expected them to.

Our situation is by no means tragic, but it is far from what we fantasized our adulthood would be like, when we were children.

And so a feeling of disappointment descends upon us, when it dawns upon us how stark the contrast is between what we have expected and wanted to become, adn what we are.

Our lives, instead of being exciting adventures, have become mundane, repetative and often boring, and so we start struggling and desperately seeking a way out of this ennui and boredom, but unable to find a way out we quickly give up resistance and settle into our fate.

If this describes you, then at least you can find a little bit of comfort in knowing that you are not alone in this feeling, and that milions of other people share it as well. It has become so pervasive, that we have even come up with a term in poplar psychology to explain it.

We call it mid life, or quarter life or existential crisis. Still, unfortunately, knowing how to name a problem is not the same as solving it, and only pointing at a painful sore does not make it go away or heal.

However, you are far more fortunate than the average ordinary sufferer from this problem, because unlike them have already received your cure, all you have to do now, is to start applying it.

In other words, the very fact you are rading this article is a sign/symbolizes that you have already receive angel number 355 in your life.

All it takes for you to do now, is to interpret it and use it’s wisdom and its advice for your benefit. Luckily, you will have our help in doing so.

And here, in this text, we will explain to you exactly what this number is, and we will help you fully understand what it’s meaning is, as well as how it relates to your life and to your future.

The meaning of angel number 355


Angel numbers are special message sent to us by the universe, and by our (spiritual) guardian angels who watch and protect us on our journey through this ephemeral life of ours.

Who send it to us whenever they feel like we are in a crisis of sorts or facing a problem that we cannot deal with on our own.

It is a sort of assistance, a help, meant to guide us out of our difficult predicament.

And that is why you have started seeing angel number 355 recently. Because your (spiritual) guardian angels have felt that you need their wisdom and their help, they have heard your prayers and are answering them.

In that sense, angel number 355 is message that if you are to overcome this hard period of your journey, you need to be ready to undertake some serious changes in your lifestyle.

Because the chief culprit for your stagnation isn’t anything external, but rather, it is your own dangerous and obstrucionistic habits of behaviour and thinking which are holding you back.

If you want to find out what this are, we suggest you keep reading the rest of the text.

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The message of angel number 355


The first and the most damaging habit of yours, is your tendency to give in to your own negative thinking. You are someone who is generally very self critical, and although being self critical and aware can be a virtue, you pratice this virtue to such an excess that it has become the very opposite (vice).

So if you want to move forward in life, you have to change your mind set, and start adopting a more positive outlook. You need to overcome that cripling self doubt of yours, and work more on your self assurance and self confidence.

Don’t let those negative inner voices of yours get the best of you. Learn to control them and stop allowing your inner sabboteur to hold you back.

You are a wonderful and amazing person, but until you start appreciating it yourself, you wont begin making progress.

And only once you do so, will you begin lo live a happier and more satisfying life.

The hidden message of angel number 355


However, in order to achieve success, you can’t just sit back, relax, and let destiny take it’s course. Nothing will happen unless you are willing to put in a lot of hard work into it.

And if you want to see things change for you, you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone as well.

For example, if you want to advance in your career, you have to take on more risk at work. Shirking additional responsibilities and lazying around will get you nowhere.

And your superiors will take notice of you only once you begin taking extra steps to prove yourself to them, by accepting more difficult/ challenging projects and tasks.

This will mean that you will have to expose yourself to more stress than you are normally used to, but there is no other option to take if you want to earn the recognition and the promotion you want.

Because the path to success is never easy, and it is often a very thorny road to follow. But if you chose it, you can be sure that in the end, it will most definitely pay off for you, and you will get where you want to be in life.

What should you do if you keep seeing angel number 355 ?


By sending you angel numebr 355 the universe also wants to remind you not to neglect your family and your relations. Your loved ones are probably the most important people in your life, and you should never be too busy or to preoccupied to spend some time for them.

They are after all your greatest source of support and reliance, and they are the ones who will always be there for you when you need them. And such a resource should be taken for granted or given up.

So take care that you cultivate and nurture those bonds you share with your kin. Don’t let them fall apart, and don’t throw them away because of petty annoyances and grudges. Rather, if there are issue in your relationship with them, work to fix them.

Family is the one thing for which  no sacrifice is too big, and once it is gone from our life, nothing can replace it’s loss.

The symbolism of angel number 355


The period ahead of you will be a wonderful and very prosperous one. There will be many new opportunities available to you, which if you take advantage of will bring you much benefit.

But you musn’t hesitate to use them out of fear or insecurity. Rather you must grab them as fast as they appear. Otherwise they will pass you by.

And after all, you have no reason to fear failure regardless of how difficult a challenge you face is or will be, because angel number 355 is a sure guarantee that no matter what you undertake to do in this time frame, it will most certainly have a very positive outcome.

The meaning of angel number 355 in numerology


Angel numebr 355 in numerology, is considered to be a very important and powerful number, capable of influencing the life of whatever person is lucky enough to receive it.

Since, however, it is a highly complex and layered one, here is this chapter we will have to delve a little deeper into it, in order to find out exactly what it’s significance is and how it relates regarding your life and your future.

Let’s start…

1. When we look at angel number 355, the first number we see is angel number 3.

Angel number 3, in numerology, is usually taken to symbolize personal growth, self expression and creativity. It means that as an individual you are entering a phase in your personal development during which you will flourish and evolve into a better human being overall.

This will be a time when you will reach the pinnacle of your intellectual potency, and your mental faculties will be sharper then ever.

And with this more pronounced intelligence new doors will open up for and as a more competent and interesting individual, you will attract both new people and new job opportunities, that previously seemed out of reach.

The forthcoming period will also be a perfect moment for you to take on some kind of an artistic pursuit, and practice more your creative side. Your creative potential will arrive at it’s maximum and therefore this is the righ time for you to start honing it.

2. The next number we have is angel number 5.

Angel number 5, on the other hand, (in numerology) usually symbolizes stability and inner (spiritual) harmony.

It signifies that you are finally coming to terms with who you are, and growing out of your old neurosees and anxieties which used to torment you and kept you back from achieving everything you are capable of.

You will have inner (spiritual) peace,  all of that old rancour and bitterness will melt away, and you will be a new man/woman, totally reborn.

Combined together, these numbers give us angel number 355, and it represents a real watershed moment in your journey, a real turning point after which many things will radically change for you, and you will progress into a more exciting and far more eventful chapter in your life.

The spiritual meaning of angel number 355


You should also make room in your daily schedule, to wind down a little bit, every once in a while. Life can be exhausting, and although having a strong work ethic is commendable, you must take care of your health as well.

Working overly hard can be damaging, and if you don’t balance it our with enough free/leisure time, you will overexhaust yourself and burn out.

And remember, life isn’t just about work, you need to enjoy it too, sometimes. So use the leisure you have to read, watch movies or whatever else  will help you recharge your batteries and keep you going. In short, always make sure that you have your rest.

The meaning of angel number 355 in love


When it comes to romance, you tend to be somewhat overly sensitive. You take too seriously everything that oyur partner adoes or says, and ascribe to much importance too it.

Ofcourse, you ought ot take your lover seriously, but not everything they do or every word they utter should be so carefully scrutinized.

If they aren’t as affectionate on a certain day as they usually are, or have said something in an unusually rough and harsh manner, it does not mean that their love for you is waning. They might just be having a hard day or some kind of a problem that they have on their mind.

And instead of taking it personally, if you feel like there is something wrong, you should try to talk to them about it, and work through it.

There is no reason for you to be insecure about their love, because their love for you is firm and strong, and it isn’t going anywhere. So relax and enjoy it.

On the other hand, if you are still single and looking for that special someone to fulfill your romantic fantasies, then rest assured that this will soon happen for you. Angel number 355 is a sure sign that you will soon meet mr. /mrs. right, and your single days will once and for all be over.

The meaning of angel number 355 in break up

Lately, however, you and your lover have encountered a bit of a rough patch in your (love) relationship, and for whatever cause you had a very intense argument, which eventually resulted in you two breaking up.

But nothwithstanding the harshness of the blow you have suffered, teheshock you have endured because of this unfortunate event, incredibly enough there is still hope for you.

The appearance of angel number 355 singifies that very soon in your near future, you and your partner will come together again, and overcome this break up of yours. You will reconcile and reunite, and your relationship will emerge out this trial even stronger than it was before.

The meaning of angel number 355 in (spiritual) Twin flame


Most of us have someone to share our troubles and our burdens in life with. We all have our friends and families to help us through our personal problems, when we cannot deal with them on our own.

But sadly enough, even they have their limits, and there is a lot that we cannot share even with those who are closest to us.

Our friends and our family have their own lives, and regardless of how much empathy and understanding they might have for us, in the end we are largely left alone to fight our own battles, whether or not we have the strength to do so.

And so in our most trying and difficult moments, when we feel abandoned even by those we usually rely on to help us get through hardships in our life, when we feel like the whole world has turned a blind eye to our want, we start wishing we had someone who could provide us with the sort of support and epathy that not even our loved ones could.

A sort of confidante, who could always be relied on, a friend whose constancy and loyalty to us would be unwavering.

However, such people aren’t really the kind that waits around every corner, and only those few among us who are lucky enough ever get the chance of meeting the sort of companion.

Fortunately, you are one of those lucky few, and the arrival of angel numebr 355 in your life is a sign that you will soon meet exactly such an individual. It is a sign/symbol that you will soon meet your very own spiritual twin flame.

This individual, this (spiritual) twin flame, will be someone who will truly fulfill all of the roles and functions that your family and other friends where to busy to. They will be a permanent and loving presence in you life, and a real bedrock on which you will be able to lean on whenever things get tough for you.

And many will be the rewards of your friendship.

So be ready for an exciting new arrival on your life.

The meaning of angel number 355 in (spiritual) Twin flame separation

There was some turbulence and drama in your relationship with lately, which unfortunately did not end well. For whatever reason, all of this escalated to such a point that you had no way of resolving it, other than splitting up. And so you ended up separating.

But regardless of how dramatic and torturous this experience might have been for you, theere is still no reason for you to throw yourself into despair and lose hope.

Because the appearance of angel number 355 signifies that your relationship can and will be reestablished, and that soon you two will find common ground again and reunite.

The meaning of angel number 355 in (spiritual) Twin flame reunion

Perhaps, however, your separation was not a result of any kind of dramatic upheaval, but happened gradually over time. And not because of a fight or something similar like that. It was rather a result of a distance that emerged between you two, as result of you not keeping in touch with each other.

Your lives just went their own seperate ways, and your relationsip fell apart as a result of it.

Still, the very fact that it was gentle break up, means that you chances of reconnecting are even better that in the previous case, and angel number 355 signifies that as soon as you decide to reach out to each other again your friendship will revive and you old bodn of friendship will be renewed.

The meaning of (spiritual) Twin flame message in angel number 355

Frindships like this are a very rare privilege to have, and that Providence seldom bestows. It is a gift that only those few deserving ones ever get, and you are one of them.

But remember that this sort of blessing is only given once, and that if you lose it teh universe is not going to send you a replacement.

So be careful how you handle it, be careful to preserve this rare gem you have.

The spiritual meaning of angel number 355 in Twin flame

You and your (spiritual) Twin flame will have plenty of joyous and wonderful days together. Your future will be be a most happy one, and you will enjoy each other’s company and draw inspiration from one another, for a long time to come.

There will be moments naturally, when life will present it’s difficulties and obstacles to you, but as long as there is enough mutual respect and understanding in your friendship, you will be able to withstand and overcome all of them.

The biblical meaning of angel number 355


Psalm 40:17
“As for me, I am poor and needy, but the Lord takes thought for me. You are my help and my deliverer; do not delay, O my God!”

Many and difficult were the tribulations that you had to overcome during your personal journey, and it often seemed like an ungrateful one, one that required constant sacrfices, but never provided enough reward for them.

Still, you kep going, and you never gave up, no matter how dreary or unfair life could be at times.

but rest assured, taht all of this struggle of yours is soon about to come to an end, and you will soon get you just due. Because angel number 355 is a sure sign that God’s mercy and love will finally extend itself over you, and that you are soon about to enter a period of great happiness and success.

(in it’s biblical meaning angel number 355 symbolizes prosperity, good fortune and achievement)

The time is coming when you will reap the harvest that you have sown, and it will be most fruitful one. So rejoice, and be grateful to your heavenly Father, who has never forgoten, even in those moments of oyur doubt and impatience, when you cursed the injustice of life under your breath.

He will not hold your weakness against you, for He is merciful, but He will rewards you for your strength.



As we have seen, angel number 355 in both it’s biblical and wordly meaning, signifies that good times are head, and that you will have a myriad of opportunities and chances for advancement in your future.

(in numerology angel number 366 symbolizes new beginnings)

Things will be good for you, and you will flower and flourish in almost every single way

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