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Angel Number 899 Meaning: Keep Going, You Are Closer To Success Than You Think !

Angel Number 899 Meaning: Keep Going, You Are Closer To Success Than You Think !

Angel number 899 meaning – Life is quite difficult to predict, and although when we are children we allow all kinds of fantasies and imaginings to take possesion of our infantile intelligence, these are very quickly made redundant and revealed as unrealistic when we enter the practical task of adult living.

It is in our grown up years that we realize the world is not made to fit our meassure, and it is not only there to accomodate us and our wishes.

If we want to exist in it, we have to be willing to adjust our expectations and reduce our hopes in accordance with the what the material circumstances permit.

And so little by little, as we go through our journey, we make compromises, we give up our childhood dreams and fantasies, in order to get ahead in life.

But, as we shed these, we give up tiny pieces of ourselves as well, and after a while we end up becoming the person we never expected to turn into, and we end up living in a way we never wanted to.

If this desribes you, then you can at least take comfort in knowing that you are not alone in this. Milions of other people around this planet of ours, feel exactly the same way you do.

They feel disappointed, lost, bored and empty, and this state of mind has become so pervasive and common, that popular psychology has even come up with names to explain it.

So we call it mid life, quarter life and even existential crisis, but nothwitstanding the different terminology the emotion behind is the same.

Still, knowing how to name a malaise, is not the same as curing it and if one does not kow what regimen to follow in order to overcome it, the disease tends to get worse and worse.

However, you are far more fortunate in this regard than your fellow sufferers, becase unlike them you have had the luck of receiving an angel number while going through this difficult crisis of yours.

In other words, you have began seeing angel number 899 recently all around you, which is a sure sign that the universe has heard your plea and has sent you this wonderful message containing the advice and the wisdom that will help you finally ovecome your stagnation and break through your status quo.

As well as to give you hope for the future, and let you know that very soon great changes and improvement are about to happen in your life.

Now, all you need to do is to delve beneath this message and understand it’s meaning, which is exactly what we will assist you in doin, thorugh htis article of ours.

Here, in this text, we shall help you understand what the meaning and significance behind angel number 899 exactly is, and how it relates to you and your future.

The meaning of angel number 899


Seeing angel number 899 is wonderful and positive portent, which symbolizes that you will have many new chances and many new opportunities coming your way, and if you take proper advantage of them, you will most definitely accomplish a lot of success and a lot of personal growth.

But, in order to make full use of these, you first have to remove all of those hinderances in your life, whether they be internal or external, that are  preventing you from moving forward.

As long as these obstacles exist, you will never be able to truly advance as an individual, and exploit fully those benefits which fate is about to bestow upon you.

Among these hinderances, especially dangerous are the ones relating to your own self doubt and lack of confidence in yourself.

You see, you have a very strong tendency to second guess yourself, you like to be nitpicky about everything you do, and no matter how perfectly you might perform a certain task or do a certain thing, you always find a way to judge and critize your actions and yourself.

And although self awareness is a good trait to have, your brand of self judgement has long ago began to turn excessive and destructive to your own  confidence and self esteem.

Therefore, the only way for you to push further in life, as well as progress, is to first confront and defeat these inner demons. You have to fix your inner narrator, release yourself from this overbearing negativity and build a more positive and optimistic point of view.

Because as long as you allow your own mind to work against you, and to demotivate you, you will never get farther than point A in life. Only once you imbue your thinking with more positivity and optimism will you start attracting more positive outcomes.

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The message of angel number 899


Success, however, does not come on it’s own, and if you want to achieve something of note, you have to be ready to work hard, as well as be willing to take risks.

In order to achieve something, you have to, on occassion, step out of your comfort zone, instead of always paying it safe. Only those who are able and courageous enough to take a gamble now and again, ever get past the point of mediocrity, and accomplish great things.

So, for example, if you want to get some kind of a promotion in your career, you cannot just sit around and wait for it to happen on it’s own. First, you must find a way through which you can attract the notice of your superiors, and show them that you are deserving.

And the only way for you to do that, is to be the most engaged you can at your work place. To always be the first one to raise your hand when there is a new project or task  being dealt out, and not avoid or shirk any additional responsibilities.

Because, only by following that kind of a method will you be able to finally earn the recongition and prove your worth to oyur bossess, as well earn the promotion and the pay rise you want.

The same, ofcourse, applies to every other sphere of your life. Without engagement, hard work, and courage to put yourself in the line of fire, to undergo and undertake difficult challenges and tasks , there will never be any sort of success or advancement.

The hidden message of angel number 899


Happiness in life, however, is not possible without some sort of a balance in it. And especially important is having balance between work and leisure.

Leisure and rest is a must, if one is to be an effective and achieving individual, because only by having time during the day to recupperate from your exhausting efforts will you ever be capable of maintaing your stamina and enduring this marathon of life in the long run.

Therefore, always make sure you have room in your daily schedule for some kind of relaxation, through which you can recover your strength, whatever this passtime might be.

Otherwise, you will quickly burn out and become exhausted.

What should you do if you keep seeing angel number 899 ?


Angel number 899 is also there to remind you that you should not neglect your social life either. Without a close circle of friends, no amount of professional or other kind of success can ever make up for the absence of close personal connection in our life with other people.

There has to be some kind of an emotional bond that we share with others, for us not to feel abandoned and lonely and miserable in our existence.

So, in that sense, you ought to focus on building up your social circle more, because it is only through a strong collection of friendships and relationships that you can ever have a firm foundation for a happy and satisfying life.

Even if you believe that your social life is well build enough, it is never a bad idea to broaden it even more, for the more friends you have the wider your and richer your experiences in life will be, and the less likelihood is there for you to sink into ennui and boredom

The symbolism of angel number 899


You also have to be more selective about the sort of influences you suround yourself with. Having negative people or negative things in your vicinity, will very quickly rub off on you and change your mood for the worse.

The more time you spend readin or watching depressing content, the more you too will be depressed, and the more you hand out with toxic individuals who underime and disrespect you, the more you wil lunderime and disrespect yourself.

So, therefore you should practice more emotional hygene, and be careful what kind of energy you allow into your orbit. Respect yourself and respect your well being, and accept only those things that bring you joy and make you feel positive emotions.

It is the only method thorugh which you will preserve your happiness.

The meaning of angel number 899 in numerology


Angel number 899 is, in numerology, considered to be a very important and significant number, capable of changing and influencing the life of whatever person is lucky enough to receive it.

Since, however, it is a highly complex and layered one, it does require us to delve deeper into it if are to understand it’s true meaning for your and your life. Which is exactly what we shall do in the following chapter.

So, let’s begin…

When we look at angel number 899, the first number we see is number 8.

This number 8, is in numerology, usually taken to symbolize success, joy and good fortune. By receiving it’s presence a new period has opened up in your journey, which will mark the start of a complete turnaround in your circumstances/affairs.

All of your old problems will be resolved, and new possibilities for personal progress and advancement will become available to you. Nothing will seem off limits, and you are going to reach new heights of prosperity and happiness.

Life will be sweet, and the bitter experiences of your past will sink into oblivion.

The next number we have is angel number 9, which unlike number 8 promises not material, but spiritual change which will begin to affect your existence in the near future.

It is a sign of great and upcoming spiritual and intellectual transformation that you will experience, and which will leave you a different and better person at the end of it. (in numerology this number symbolizes personal growth)

Whatever used to hinder you (whatever anxities and fears) will now vanish, and you shall be a freer, maturer, and more confident individual over all. And all of the things that used to seem insourmountable and unachievable, will become realizable to the new you.

Combined together, these numbers give us angel number 899, and it is a sign that you are facing a new beginning in your joureny, one that will completely restart you both in the worldy and the spiritual sense, and you will enter into a happier and more prosperous phase of living.

The spiritual meaning of angel number 899


However, life is not just about accumulating financial wealth, or societal prestige. it is not only about chasing gain or wordly acclaim. True fulfillment can come to us only when we are pleased with ourselves. In short, it comes from within.

What is the use of all the trinkets and all of the money you might get, if you cannot stand to see your reflection in the mirror. If you are a nasty, vicious and completely spiritually shallow person devoid of any intellect.

So, in order to like your life, you first have to like yourself, and in order to do that , you have to shape yourself into someone worthy of your own admiration.

Threfore, you ought  always find to time for personal cultivation and and mental nourishment. You ough to devote at least a little bit of your daily leisurely hours for some kind of mentally/intellectually stimulating activties.

Whether it is reading, watching interesting documentaries, or engaging in some sort of creative hobby. Whatever will help you raise yourself to a higher level spiritually.

You musn’t neglect this aspect of yourself, mental practice and cultivation is just as important as physical health and fitness are, and only by investing in this will you progress into a better human being, with enough emotional and metal intellectual resources to make your life satisfying and fulfilling.

The meaning of angel number 899 in love


Your (love) relationship with your Love) partner has not been always easy, and although generally you too have had quite a succesful journey together, there have been some turbulences and serious trials that you have had to face.

Most of them have stemmed from your own inability or difficulty in adjusting to each others personalities and ways of communicating, which are to a degree significantly disimilar.

So if you want your relations to improve, you will have to make some changes when it comes to the way you relate and converse. You have to be willing to less inflexible in your demands towards your (love) partner, don’t always expect them to show you their love for oyu the wy you think they should.

Perhaps your (love) partner is a bit too inhibited, and you should give them a pass if they are not as emotional and expressive as you are, or perhaps they are too open in their (love) affections, whichi is also fine and you ought not to judge them for it.

You should always strive to approach them and communicate with them with an open heart and an understanding attitude. if they show to you their irrascible side, give them a pass, be patient with them. Not every bad move on their part shozuld be punished or should lead to an argument.

In conclusion, if you try to follow this advice, and if you try to be as tolerant and patient with one another as you can be, rest assured that all of the tensions that exist between you two will be gone, and you will enjoy a far more stable and happier (love) life together.

The meaning of angel number 899 in break up

In more recent times, unfortunately, you and your significant other have had a bit of a tense and trouble some period in your (love) relationship. No matter how hard you tried to avoid it, you just coulnd’t manage not to argue, over every little things.

Untill, the series of argumetns which you’ve had left a permanent damage and you two had no choice but to break up.

Fortunately, the wounds inflicted are not unhealable, and angel number 899 is a sure sign that you two will manage to fix this rift that occured between you, and you will very soon reconcile and reunite once more in loving embrace.

The meaning of angel number 899 in (spiritual) Twin flame


In our lonely atomized 21st century world everytihing has become easier than establishing a true and meaningful connection with another human being.

We have all become so engrossed with our own individual little lives, than whatever communal ties used to exist between us, have been torn apart by private selfishness.

The comradership/collectivism of centuries past have been replaced with the rat race of capitalistic competition, and all the love that used to bind people is fading away, Even parents and their children are turning ever more estranged from one another.

While the friends most of us have, are usually shallow and superificial persons, who, although they provide us with entertainment, very rarely can satisfy our more serious emotional wants.

Individuals of sufficient spiritual maturity, with whom one could create a real friendship have become rarity in this cold reality of ours, and only a few lucky ones among us ever get the chance of meeting such companions.

Fortunately, you are one of those lucky few, and receiving angel number 899 signifies that you will soon meet the sort of friend you have been missing and wishing for all of your life. It is a sign that you will soon meet your very own spiritual twin flame.

And as soon as you do, your relationship will immediately take root and blossom.

So be ready for and incredible new arrival into your life.

The meaning of angel number 899 in (spiritual) Twin flame separation

Lately, you and your (spiritual) twin flame have had quite a difficult and one could say unstable period in your life. Very intense arguments occured, and although you tried to make it work, you just could not manage to settle your differences and reestablish rapport.

In the end, no alternative was lef topen to oyu but to separate.

Yet, regardless of how depressing and disappointing this might have been for you, there is still no reason for you to give in to misery and sadness.

Because the arrival of angel number 899 symbolizes that all of this will soon pass, you and your (spiritual) twin flame will overcome this horrible crisis you have entered, and your relationship will emerge out of it  even stronger then before.

The meaning of angel number 899 in (spiritual) Twin flame reunion

Perhaps, however, your separation was  not caused by anything sudden or dramatic such as a fight, but was rather a result of a slow process of mutual distancing that occured gradually over time.

You two failed to keep in touch, you didn’t talk for an extended period, either cause your lives went their separate ways, or some other reason.

But, this will soon change, and angel number 899 is a sign that oyu two will soon get a chance and and opportunity at reconnecting again, and as soon you do your friendship will revive and you shall reunite.

The meaning of Twin flame message in angel number 899

There are though some things you two should be careful to avoid if you want your relationship to become more functional. You have to first and foremost, always show enough respect and consideration for one another.

Never allow yourself to disrespect your (spiritual) twin flame, or to do something hurtful or mean towards them.

Because very quickly such inconsideration will turn into resentment and will serve like poison to your relationship, corroding it and eventually killing it.

The spiritual meaning of angel number 899 in Twin flame

Angel number 899 signifies that you and your twin flame have a wonderful future ahead of you, that will be filled with many unique, enriching and joyous experiences.

And through it you shall your shall both grow into better people and develop into wiser and more mature individuals.

So cherish and nurture what you share, for it is a rare gift, that few others ever get the chance of enjoying.

The biblical meaning of angel number 899


Jeremiah 17:7But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.”

Many were the days when you felt abandoned and lost in life, like no matter how hard you worked and how much of yourself you sacrificed to succeed, you were always somehow overtaken by those with less talent and more dishonesty.

It seemed to you as if there was little justice in the world, and as if it took selling one’s own integrity to actually push ahead. Good and righteous people like yourself only got left behind and forgotten, while those who were deeply corrupt triumphed.

But, all this is only temporary, and in actual fact the victories of the vicious never last, and they all sooner or later get what’s coming to them. Sooner or later they are cut down by God.

Your luck, on the other hand, will soon change, and the appearance of angel number 899 is a definite sign that Providence has great plans for your future, and that you will very soon finally be recompensated for all of your efforts and your perseverance.

All of those that once seemed to be above you, will be beneath you, and God will make you His glorious chapmpion in this world.

( in it’s biblical meaning angel number 899 symbolizes prosperity, glory, and personal achievement)



As we have seen, angel number 899 in both it’s biblical and wordly meaning, signifies that your existence will soon be engulfed by a major revolution, which will leave no stone unturned, and will completely transform your life.

( in numerology angel number 899 also symbolizes new fresh starts and new beginnings)

You will encounter many new opportunities, that if you take advantage of, will bring you much prosperity and joy.

The only thing left for you to do, is to listen to and apply the advice of this wonderful number, implement the reforms that we have here suggested for your lifestyle, and you will at last be able to create for yourself the life you always wanted.

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