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Colorful Zodiac: What Is Your Sign’s Power Color?

Colorful Zodiac: What Is Your Sign’s Power Color?

A few days ago my friend met me for a dinner date and I could not help but notice how her purple dress made her look magnificent!

I asked her if she chose it just for fun and she explained how she looked into zodiac signs and their power colors. I had to explore it myself, so here are the best colors for each zodiac sign.

How Zodiac Signs Find Harmony In Color

Different colors evoke different kinds of feelings. For example, we all know that green color is calming to the eyes and red represents passion. However, if you tie colors to astrology, you will discover how different colors bring harmony to different zodiac signs.

Colors are all around us and using them for clothes, makeup, or interior design can bring a lot of harmony to our lives and enhance our strengths. So, let us examine which color is a power color for your sign.

1. Aries

Red is a perfect color for an Aries. It represents passion and movement which is what an Aries embodies.

If you do not like red clothes, you can include red accessories or ornate your home with red vases and pillows – it will be effective and have a positive impact on your energy.

2. Taurus

Green is a color that represents the connection to nature and stability. These are notions that a Taurus values above all.

A grounded and nurturing Taurus will shine in green outfits or interiors that represent natural hues.

3. Gemini

flowers-blossoming-springYellow represents adventure and brightness – a perfect choice for a Gemini. This sign loves open communication, cheerfulness, and movement. Yellow details will make Geminis appear harmonious and ready for fun!

Yellow shirts, yellow flowers in your home, or yellow purses – they will all shine even brighter in the presence of a Gemini.

4. Cancer

Silver hues look perfect on Cancers. Silver is a color of sensitivity and intuition which are key characteristics of a Cancer.

This sign also represents emotional depth and silver will reflect it perfectly. Silver jewelry or silver cars are a perfect choice for a Cancer.

5. Leo

Leo is a sign that loves luxury and boldness. Of course, the color that represents this is gold.

Gold will always make you stand out, so Leo’s love for being at the center of attention is perfectly fulfilled by gold details. Do not shy away from golden makeup or gold watches – they will look amazingly modest on you!

6. Virgo

Brown is a perfect color for Virgos. Reliability and practicality are what Virgo strives for – and what color represents these notions better than brown?

Brown furniture or clothes will make Virgos appear harmonious and connected to nature.

7. Libra

spiritual-meaning-pinkColor pink represents harmony and balance – everything that Libra loves! Pink is known as a color of beauty and it makes Libra’s love for elegance shine through.

It can look great incorporated in makeup or in home decor details that will make Libra’s home even more harmonious and beautiful.

8. Scorpio

Black is a color of mystery and Scorpios love it! Black also represents power which Scorpios love. Their transformative nature will love all-black outfits as they can blend into any time or place.

Black cars and black leather is a perfect choice for any Scorpio. However, it may sometimes appear too gloomy so try to add colorful accessories as Scorpios also represent passion.

9. Sagittarius

flowers-rosy-beautifulPurple will look perfect on a Sagittarius. From dresses to accessories, purple will make Sag’s optimistic and adventurous nature shine through. It is also a color of wisdom which perfectly suits a Sagittarius.

Try to use it in home decor as a statement piece – a huge purple flower or a purple carpet – you will love it!

10. Capricorn

Grey represents stability and discipline which are the main traits of a Capricorn. They will look great in a grey sweater or grey business suit.

Capricorns also love to appear professional and serious, so grey will reflect those traits perfectly. It can be a great choice for business meetings, outings, or after-work hangouts.

11. Aquarius

Blue is a perfect color for an Aquarius. It represents clarity and individuality and goes perfectly with Aquarius’s creative and humanitarian side. They will shine bright in blue outfits or using blue makeup.

Also, blue walls in their rooms will make them feel at peace and relaxed. A powerful blue car will also make an Aquarius harness positive energy on a day-to-day basis.

12. Pisces

Light green is a power color for Pisces. They love to feel dreamy and empathetic and this color represents those qualities. Also, light green feeds intuition and creativity which are very important to Pisces.

A light green scarf or earrings can make Pisces feel in tune with their energy.

So next time you go shopping for a new piece of jewelry or garment, remember your power color – you might get a lot of compliments for it!